Valentine's Day Essential Oils Gift Guide

Add some oily goodness to your Valentine’s Day with our Young Living Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Our team came up tips and tricks to treat yourself and everyone in your life to a scent-sational (see what we did there?) holiday. If you’d like to take an even deeper dive, we just hosted a Facebook class complete with even more DIY recipes and videos. Like our page to check it out!    

Fun Fact: Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. Let’s make some good ones this year!

Fun Fact: Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. Let’s make some good ones this year!

Treat your Partner: Massage + DIY Colognes

The gift of touch is especially sweet on Valentine’s. To spice things up on the big day, check out our handpicked V-day massage must-haves. Your sweetheart will thank you.

Vitassage: Enhance the Experience

Just turn it on for relaxing, essential oil-infused vibrations.

Just turn it on for relaxing, essential oil-infused vibrations.

This cool gadget offers a effortless way to give your sweetheart (or yourself) a relaxing massage. You can add up to 3 2-ml bottles of your favorite oils. Try something like lavender for relaxing experience or create a romantic mood with his and her oils.

  • His Oils: Frankincense, Shutran, Valor

  • Her Oils: Joy, Nutmeg, Clary Sage

Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living has also created massage oils that make treating someone you love to a foot or back rub almost effortless. Each bottle comes with a convenient pump, lasts longer than the pure oil bottles and can be used with oils to help them absorb into the body. Today, we’re focusing on Valentine’s musts. Check out the video on Facebook for the rundown of each massage oil Young Living has to offer.

Massage Oils for Valentine’s Day

  • Relaxation: Treat your loved one to a soothing massage before bed or after a long week.

  • Sensation: Set the mood with this floral blend. Sensation includes love oils like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Geranium.

    Pro Tip: If you still want to try your hand at DIY massage oils, reach for V-6 Oil.

DIY Cologne

Good smells make us happy! Infuse this Valentine’s with confidence and beauty with these easy DIY colognes. We suggest using a roll-on bottle and adding 100 proof vodka to top off your recipes.

Ditch expensive department store colognes with DIY goodness!

Ditch expensive department store colognes with DIY goodness!


Treat Yourself: Valentine’s Essential Oils + DIY Bath Soak

Sometimes V-day is all about showing yourself some love. Check out our list of great oils to wear on this emotion-focused (and sometimes nerve-inducing) holiday. Then you can pick your favorite and try your hand at our easy DIY Bath Soak!

Great Essential Oils for Valentine’s


Whether you’re feeling nervous, stressed or romantic, there’s a Valentine’s-worthy oil for that.

  • If Valentine’s Day plans have you feeling nervous, reach for Valor or Highest Potential to help calm nerves in an unsure situation.

  • If you’re ready to set the mood, reach for Ylang Ylang or Joy, these “Love Oils” will do the trick!

  • If your to-do list includes one too many class parties, reach for Peace & Calming or Lavender to bring on the calm.

DIY Bath Soak


  • Glass Jar

  • 2 Cups Plain Epsom Salts

  • Add 8 drops of your favorite essential oils

To Do: Shake to mix. Easy!

Pro Tip: Put an empty oil bottle in your bath salt jar to get every last drop of goodness.

Treat Your Family: Kid-Friendly Roll-Ons

Roll-ons are super convenient, especially for moms on the go! Put out hints to your partner and kids that this is the oily treat you desire! You can also share the love and gift these small, but mighty bottles to someone special.

  • Valor: Great before heading out to support self-esteem, courage, strength, positive outlook and good attitude

  • Stress Away: Great before and after school for peace

  • Rutavala: Sleep oil (roll-on exclusive), don’t use unless you have 8 hours! If the smell is too strong, roll on feet.

  • Tranquil: Great for “me” time before bed

Do your Valentine’s Day plans involve oils? Let us know!

December Promo: Oils for a Joyous Holiday

The December promo is right in line with our current self-care series. Mood-boosting blends like Gathering, Joy and White Angelica are soothing ingredients for a joyous holiday. And at the 400 PV level, you can also earn multitasking Frankincense and a great holiday read on Young Living founder, D. Gary Young. The promo is rounded out with festive Pine and delicious Lemongrass Vitality. The bottom line: buy Young Living products for friends and family to earn some of your Young Living favorites. That sounds like a happy holiday to us!

Mood-boosting oils star in this holiday-perfect promo.

Mood-boosting oils star in this holiday-perfect promo.


Retail Value: $255.20

15-ml Frankincense

D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils book

5-ml Gathering™

5-ml White Angelica™

5-ml Joy™

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Pine

5-ml Lemongrass Vitality™


Retail Value: $130.91

5-ml Gathering™

5-ml White Angelica™

5-ml Joy™

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Pine

5-ml Lemongrass Vitality™


Retail Value: $90.78

5-ml White Angelica™

5-ml Joy™

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Pine

5-ml Lemongrass Vitality™


Retail Value: $52.95

5-ml Joy™

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Pine

5-ml Lemongrass Vitality™


Retail Value: $8.22

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive: 5-ml Lemongrass Vitality™

Shark Week + Essential Oils: Yes, Please!

At the close of Shark Week 2018, we thought that Suzanne Rodolfich's Shark Week-themed posts were too good not to share on our blog! Enjoy:) 

Shark Skin? No, Thanks! Best Essential Oils for Skin Care 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Did you know that shark skin actually looks and feels like little interlocking teeth? Um, no thank you!

Young Living offers SO many options for your skin! Here are a just a few top skin oils:

Top Essential Oils for Skin

  • Frankincense—helps create youthful appearance 
  • Tea Tree—cleanses skin
  • Geranium—helps provide healthy, clear, glowing skin
  • Cypress—smooths skin
  • Copiaba—reduces redness
  • Sandalwood—soothes, tightens, cleanses
  • Blue Tansy—soothes, reduces redness, provides antioxidant
  • Kunzea—provides antioxidant benefits (check out the pics of how the Kunzea plant affects a barbed wire fence)

DIY Skin Care Recipes

My Toner Recipe

  • Witch Hazel  
  • Equal parts Frankincense (glow), Lavender (soothe), Lemon, (brighten), Copiaba

My Skin Cream Recipe

I originally created this as a diaper cream, but now I use it for all sorts of skin issues.

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Equal parts Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lavender

My Facial Serum Recipe

  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Myrrh,
  • 1 drop Rose

Lots of options, right? I love that we can take care of our skin with non-toxic products that meet our skin’s unique needs!

Do you sleep like a shark? Best Oils for Sleep Support

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So apparently there’s lots of controversy about how and if and when sharks sleep:

  • They seem to be very active at night
  • Most species have to remain in motion, so for years scientists thought sharks didn’t sleep
  • However, now scientists think they enter periods of rest where they slow down, but their eyes are open, and it’s not a true deep sleep

Did I describe any of you with those facts? Maybe your kids?

I think many of us seek out essential oils because we need sleep support—that was my reason 5 years ago!

But just like there are lots of things we don’t know about sharks’ sleeping habits, there are so many variables with our own sleeping habits that finding an Essential Oils combo for sleep support can be trial and error.

Best Oils for Sleep Support

  • Lavender: Most people start with Lavender—this doesn’t work for me or Jonna 
  • Frankincense: this is a fav in our house and a Lavender + Frankincense combo can be powerful
  • Stress Away
  • Peace and Calming

If you really want to sleep like the dead, then consider these heavy hitters:

  • Valor
  • Valerian
  • Rutavala
  • DreamCatcher

And then there are a few that kids especially find calming:

  • Gentle Baby
  • Roman Chamomile 
  • SleepyIze

And finally, you may want to consider WHY you aren’t sleeping: Are you worried? Is your child needing a little extra security? Sometimes if we can support our emotions, we can sleep better.

Suzanne's Picks

So—what do WE use for sleep support in our house?

The Kids

  • Jonna (6)—Frankincense, Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Zanna (5)—Frankincense,  Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Mila (3)—Palo Santo and White Angelica
  • Vin (1)—Lavender or Peace and Calming

The Adults

  • Me—Valor or Rutavala (the kids would use the Rutavala, too, but that’s liquid gold and I’m a little stingy with it )
  • The hubs—whatever I’m diffusing 

And despite this lengthy post, there are still more options—I feel like I am leaving so many good ones out!

Maybe you can help me out—what are your family’s favorite oils for sleep support?

Skip the Blue Shark Blues: Essential Oils for Mood Support

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

This is the blue shark—according to my friends Google and Wikipedia, they are sort of sluggish and lethargic in their movements. 

Top Oils for Mood Boosting

If you’re feeling the same way, maybe a little down, a little blue, here are some oily tips to try:

  • A drop of Frankincense Vitality daily under the tongue (this is a my go-to mood lifter)
  • Frankincense + Lemon in the diffuser
  •  A few drops of Joy in your hands and inhale
  • Ylang Ylang + Orange in the diffuser
  • Super B an energy and mood lifter all in one—do you know how much our body NEEDS B vitamins? They are vital! I made this a part of my daily routine after I had Vin.
  • NingXia Red—daily, daily, daily! In addition to about a hundred other things, it supports healthy energy levels and regulates blood sugar (anybody else get HANGRY?)

Raise your hand if you had fun with Essential Oil SHARK WEEK! Share any skin, sleep or mood support tips below. Bonus points for Shark-themed ideas:) 

November Promo: Happier Holidays to You!

The Holidays are upon us! This lovely time of year is all about traditions, and our sense of smell is closely linked to lasting memory. A whiff of freshly cut pine or spicy cinnamon can take you back to the the joy and comfort of the season.

This year, help build your family’s traditions with rich, essential oil-powered scents. Earn holiday favorites like Frankincense, Pine and Christmas Spirit with a quick order or – better yet – Essential Rewards purchase made between November 1-30.

And, don’t miss the beautiful stick diffuser Christmas Tree Ornament with your 300 PV purchase!  

Earn clean, rejuvenating scents Eucalyptus Radiata & Tea Tree with this month’s order.

Earn clean, rejuvenating scents Eucalyptus Radiata & Tea Tree with this month’s order.

300 PV

Retail Value: $210.44

  • 15-ml Frankincense
  • 15-ml Pine
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tree
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

250 PV

Retail Value $113.73

  • 15-ml Pine
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tree
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

190 PV

Retail Value $72.04

  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tre
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

100 PV

Retail Value $13.42

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Christmas Spirit


Oily Hacks for Mamas

Today, Natalie Mechell, first time-contributor and busy mom of two, shares some practical Oily Hacks for mamas. As she puts it, “Because we can always use a little more convenience and a lot more time.” We couldn’t agree more!

These little tricks have made naps and bedtimes go a little smoother, walking out the door before a busy day easier, and dealing with the seasonal-ick not quite so daunting.

So what do I do to make things easier, simpler? Here are a few of my …

Oily Hacks for Mamas

These roll-on oily hacks are easy to make and even easier to apply! Perfect for the busy oily mama. 

These roll-on oily hacks are easy to make and even easier to apply! Perfect for the busy oily mama. 

Immune Support

We use Thieves and Oregano Daily! This helps my family maintain healthy immune systems and protect us during the seasonal yuck we all dread come Back to School days! Here’s how to create a quick and easy immune-supporting rollerball for each of these mama must-have oils:


What You Need

  • 5 ml or 15 ml bottle of Thieves Vitality
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Roller fitment

What You Do

  1. Dilute: When our Thieves bottle is about half full, I fill it back up with fractionated coconut oil for dilution. You can play with ratios to find the dilution that is best for your family!
  2. Top: Click a roller fitment into the top of your bottle.
  3. Roll: We roll on our spine, bottoms of feet, wrists, and – for us – wherever we can swipe really!


What You Need

  • 5 ml or 15 ml bottle of Oregano Vitality
  • Fractionated coconut oil  
  • Roller fitment

What You Do

  1. Dilute: I pump fractionated coconut oil when our Oregano bottle is a little less than half way and then fill to the top. I dilute Oregano more because it can be quite uncomfortable when not diluted properly.
  2. Top: Install roller fitment.
  3. Roll: Apply on spine daily.

Sweet Dreams Support  

We love lavender! My daughter and I are big fans of this calming oil, especially when comes to our sleep routines. Here’s a quick DIY recipe for my favorite sleep blend, turned into, you guessed it: a convenient roll-on.

What You Need

  • 25 drops of Lavender
  • 25 drops of Stress Away
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Roller fitment
  • Empty oil bottle
  • Essential oil funnel

What You Do

  1. Combine: Use funnel to help you neatly add oils to empty oil bottle.                                  Pro Tip: Use an empty Lavender or Stress Away bottle for the best results.
  2. Dilute: Fill bottle with fractionated coconut oil.
  3. Top: Place a roller fitment on top.
  4. Roll: We roll this on the sides of our neck before naps and bedtime daily! (Daddy uses Lavender and Cedarwood.)

Of course this is what we use for our sleepy times, but you might love Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, or R.C.

Student Support

I use this tip to encourage my son (who is 3 years old) to not only smell great, but stay focused and tuned in to his fun-filled learning day!

What You Need

  • Bottle of KidScents Geneyus
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Roller fitment

What You Do

  1. Dilute: take an almost full bottle of Geneyus and fill with fractionated coconut oil. I barely dilute.
  2. Top: Place roller fitment on top.
  3. Roll: Roll on wrists and sides of neck before heading out the door.

Mama Support

Last but not certainly least, mama has her "perfume" I like to call it. I use a little Joy, Stress Away, and Grapefruit to give me a signature scent that keeps me bright for days.

What You Need

  • 7 drops Joy
  • 25 drops Stress Away
  • 15 drops Grapefruit
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Roller fitment
  • Empty oil bottle
  • Essential oil funnel

What You Do

  1. Combine: Add drops to your empty bottle carefully, using your funnel.
  2. Dilute: Top off with fractionated coconut oil to dilute a little.
  3. Top: Pop in a roller fitment and voila!
  4. Roll: Apply wherever you would commercial perfume: neck, wrists, chest, even the back of your knees.

Of course you can change drops to your preference, but I love to smell the Stress Away!

Easy, Right?

These practical tips have helped mornings, naps and bedtimes go a little more smoothly without compromising time with too many steps.

What would you mix in a bottle and keep on hand for daily use?

Toddler Oils

Whenever anybody asks how I manage to keep healthy toddlers, my sanity, and a clean home; I always answer...lots of patience and my Young Living oils.  

Having two All-Boy littles, 3 and 1, it gets messy and tiring. Thankfully, I have a few YL oils that have become staples in our daily routine.

Our Daily Toddler Go-Tos

From that first Good Morning Mommy to Good Night kisses, oils are applied, diffused, or being asked for. Some mornings everybody gets a little Peace & Calming because someone is grouchy, but every night consists of Frankincense down the spine and Palo Santo on the bottom of feet. Diffusing on the daily is Purification, if we need a little immune boost Thieves gets alternated in.

KidScents: Mommy Survival in a Bottle

KidScents faves TummyGize, SniffleEase and Owie are my mommy survival secret weapons. Toddler Moms: Don't leave home without them! (Katelyn Terry,  mommy and Tree of Life team member). 

KidScents faves TummyGize, SniffleEase and Owie are my mommy survival secret weapons. Toddler Moms: Don't leave home without them! (Katelyn Terry,  mommy and Tree of Life team member). 

TummyGize, SniffleEase, and Owie are all that I need for anything that "hurts" and all the things that Mommy can fix. I love KidScents oils for my little guys because, convenience. They are gentle and already diluted, ready to use.

Plus, each KidScents oil contains Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. This skin-loving ingredient, a specific fraction of coconut/palm oil fatty acids, offers noticeable silkiness, exhibits excellent anti-oxidant properties and pampers sensitive skin.

A Closer Look


TummyGize is a relaxing blend that supports the digestive system.

How-To: Apply directly to little tummies. 

Quick Tip: An on-the-go must-have, TummyGize is great for long car trips and after meals to support normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.


  • Caprylic/capric glycerides
  • Mentha spicata (Spearmint) leaf extract
  • Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil
  • Citrusreticulata (Tangerine) peel Oil
  • Foeniculumvulgare (Fennel) Oil
  • Pimpinella anisum (Anise) seed oil
  • Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root oil
  • Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) seed oil


I reach for SniffleEase to support my kids’ respiratory system.

How-To: Apply to the chest and/or bottom of the feet.

Quick Tip: Use daily to maintain a healthy respiratory system.


  • Caprylic/capric glycerides
  • Eucalyptus bicostata (Eucalyptus blue) oil
  • Bursera graveolens (Palo santo) wood oil
  • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil
  • Hyptis suaveolens (Dorado azul) seed oil
  • Cinnamomum camphora (Ravintsara) leaf oil
  • Myrtus communis (Myrtle) oil
  • Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil
  • Origanum majorana (Marjoram) leaf oil
  • Pinus sylvestris (Pine) leaf oil
  • Eucalyptus citriodora oil
  • Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) leaf/nut/stem oil
  • Eucalyptus radiata leaf oil
  • Picea mariana (Black spruce) leaf oil
  • Mentha piperita† (Peppermint) oil


I use Owie™ to improve the appearance of my kids’ skin.

How-To: Apply topically right where they ask for it.

Quick Tip: It’s a great idea to add Owie to your on-the-go first aid kit for park outings and other adventures.


  • Caprylic/capric glycerides
  • Abiesbalsamea (Idaho balsam fir) needle oil
  • Melaleuca alternifoliav(Tea tree) leaf oil
  • Helichrysum italicum flower oil
  • Canarium luzonicum (Elemi) gum oil
  • Cistus ladaniferus (Cistus) oil
  • Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki) oil
  • Eugenia caryophyllus (Clove) bud oil

Being a toddler mom is no joke, but I love how these oils make things a little bit easier!

Have any other oily toddler tips? Share in the comments!

May Promo MVPs: Ravintsara & Valor

Every month, we like to give extra insight on any unusual and exciting promo freebies, and today we’re doing just that with Ravintsara and Valor. If you’ve already earned them, (woo hoo!) we hope this quick look helps you enjoy your new oils, and, if you’re still planning your May purchase, here are a few reasons why you’ll love what you earn.

Ravintsara & Valor aren't just May Promo MVPs, they are daily MVPs. 

Ravintsara & Valor aren't just May Promo MVPs, they are daily MVPs. 

Ravintsara (earned at the 250 PV level)

Ravintsara is a little like Lavender. If you know and love the “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils, this is exciting news. This gentle oil has many applications.

A quick glance:

Source: Ravintsara is steam distilled from leaves and branches of Cinnamomum camphora in Madagascar.

Supports: As we alluded to, Ravinstara is an oily MVP. It helps support the respiratory system, immune system, skin, adrenal glands and helps provide spiritual grounding.

Use It:

  • Aromatically: Diffuse for 30 minutes at a time for up to three hours daily. Great for respiratory support and focus during meditation.  
  • Topically: Apply directly to area of concern, you can dilute with your favorite carrier oil.

Valor (earned at a new level, 340 PV!)

Valor is an all-time fave Young Living blend...and it was out of stock for over a year. So, we’re all pretty excited about the May promo over here.

A quick glance:


Let’s look at the oils that make Valor a Young Living bestseller.

  • Black Spruce offers emotional support.
  • Camphor (a member of the rosewood family) provides skin support and creates a feeling of peace.
  • Blue Tansy supports the liver and lymphatic system.
  • Frankincense may help promote a positive attitude.
  • Geranium comforts with its aroma and pampers skin.

Supports: With a name like Valor, it’s no wonder this blend is beloved for its empowering, confidence-supporting aroma. On the other hand, it’s also a calming blend, like another all-time fave, Peace & Calming. Beyond mood, Valor can also support the spine, muscles, bones, skin, and the nervous system.


  • Aromatically:
    • Diffuse in the morning to kickstart your day
    • Wear as a perfume for a midday pick-me-up
  •  Topically: Apply to bottom of feet (6 drops per foot)

What’s your favorite oil blend? Let us know in the comments!


Newborn & Baby Oils

Welcome to our Family + Essential Oils series. We plan to cover every age and stage: Oils for Toddlers, Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Family Vacation. Someone we left out? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to our plan!

This is actually our second week, so if you missed our Postpartum post, take the time to catch up (we’ll wait:). Oh, and while you’re at it, check out the Top 10 Oils for Pregnancy – it happens to be one of our all-time top 10 posts.

Ok, now that we’ve talked mamas-to-be and new mamas, we’re ready to share some general guidelines and tips for using oils with your baby.

Essential Tips for Your Oily Baby

Ready for baby's first oil? Try out these oily newborn tips. 

Ready for baby's first oil? Try out these oily newborn tips. 

Ingestion Tips

Gotcha! No tips here. Young Living suggests waiting until after babyhood to try any of our vitality line with your child. We agree! The oils are powerful and highly concentrated for such little bodies.

Topical Tips

Young Living’s official recommendation for littles 0-1 is a 1:8 oil to carrier ratio. We say that’s a good starting point, but remember that every baby is different. Test dilution with your little one.

And if you are going to try a new oil on your child it’s a good idea to use just a drop or two on a small patch first, like the forearm. After a successful patch test (a few minutes with no reaction), you can apply as needed!

Pro Tip: Apply the essential oils first, followed by your favorite dilution oil.  

Aromatic Tips

Again, think “start gently” when it comes to aromatically sharing oils with your baby. You can create a bond with baby by simply wearing an oil while skin to skin. And, just like the topical patch test, you will want to diffuse an oil for a short time at first to ensure your child has no sensitivity.

First Oily Days

In their Oils for the Nursery post, Young Living lists a few oils to use with caution with your baby.

  • Idaho Tansy
  • Clary Sage
  • Hyssop
  • Wintergreen
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint

While watching for these oils is a good idea, it’s an even better idea to try out some of our favorites to support your little one’s health.

  • Ear Support: Melrose & Roman Chamomile, apply 1-2 drops behind and around ears
  • Diapering Support:
  •  Respiratory Support: Lavender or Peace & Calming, apply to chest, bottom of feet and diffuse intermittently during nap. Also, try diffusing Lavender & SniffleEase during the night or nap.
  • Sleep support: Lavender & Cedarwood,1-2 drops on chest and bottom of feet.
  • Mood Support: Frankincense & Joy, 1-2 drops over the heart
  • Digestive Support: DiGize/TummyGize, apply over the chest and belly 15 - 20 minutes before feedings. You can also apply after feeding, if needed.
  • Gut Health: Fennel, apply 1-2 drops over the colon area, rub clockwise

And that’s it, baby! Again, let us know if there are any ages or family members you’d like to see included in our series and we’ll get a writer on it!


Postpartum Oils

As a mom to FOUR littles 5 and under (5, 3, 2, and 6 months), I have had the opportunity to have two non-oily pregnancies and two oily pregnancies, and WOW at the difference! Actually, one of my favorite ways to use oils is post-pregnancy – because I need ALL the help I can get.

Essential Oils for those super sweet (and intense) newborn days. 

Essential Oils for those super sweet (and intense) newborn days. 

Emotional Support

Hormone support is more important than ever postpartum. Young Living offers many essential oils that can help you maintain a healthy endocrine system.

Frankincense Vitality is my personal favorite. I take it daily as a dietary supplement. On days that I forget, I can definitely see a difference in my mood. Its aroma is calming to me, and when I feel overwhelmed or things get chaotic, it helps keep me grounded.

White Angelica is the other essential oil I use for emotional support after delivery. I apply it to my wrists and wear it as a perfume. It has so many amazing oils in it that support the endocrine system such as bergamot and geranium.


It is so important to take care of yourselves, mamas. I know how easy it is to take care of everyone else first, but try to make a little time for yourselves—even if it’s just five minutes after you (finally) get all the kids in bed.

ClaraDerm Spray: I can’t say enough about it. I tell every pregnant woman I meet about it. Really, don’t have a baby without it. It’s a spray of fractionated coconut oil and lots of oils for skin support: lavender, myrrh, frankincense, tea tree, Roman chamomile, and helichrysum. I used it to prep my skin prior to birth, but I also used it to soothe my skin after I delivered. What’s so great is that mamas who have C-sections AND vaginal births can use it to sooth their skin postpartum.

Super B Tablets: Did you know Super B contains all 8 B vitamins and nutmeg essential oil? And did you know how important those vitamins are for energy? My upline actually shared the awesomeness of Super B with me after my last pregnancy when I mentioned that I needed some help maintaining energy levels. Even better—it also helps with mood support!


We hear so much about the importance of skin-to-skin contact after our babies are born. I love to diffuse oils during skin-to-skin and to apply them topically to my chest.

Joy: During those first nursing sessions, I like to apply Joy topically to my chest. This blend includes citrus oils like lemon and tangerine that have such bright, happy smells, but it also has flowery oils like Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Rose. It is just such an uplifting aroma and can invite feelings of togetherness, which makes it a perfect addition to those first few bonding sessions. My husband even uses Joy during his skin-to-skin time with the babies.

Gentle Baby: Momfession time—Gentle Baby is not my favorite smell. Blasphemous, I know. However, it can be really soothing and calming to both moms and babies, so I choose to diffuse this one during skin-to-skin time.

Newborn Care

First, let me say that newborn skin is so…new. I would always suggest diluting oils with a carrier oil (my favorite is YL’s V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil because I find it light and not as greasy as other carrier oils) if you choose to use essential oils on your babies topically. A general guideline for dilution in newborns is 1-2 drops per 10ml of carrier oil.

I used Frankincense and Valor on both my oily babies: drop of frankincense to the top of their heads for grounding and a drop of Valor on their spine to promote and support healthy proper spinal alignment.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the oils that have helped me navigate life postpartum.  What oils or oily products are on you must-have list?

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Young Living March Promo: Fresh & Free!

What's not to love about Fresh and Free? This promo is full of refreshing freebies for spring, including one of our most beloved essential oils: Frankincense. Seriously, we use it for everything from skin support to mediation focus. Love. It. Other goodies include lovely Lavender, Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, woodsy Blue Cypress and zesty Lime Vitality. Check out the full details below!

Order your favorite products to earn your favorite products? Sounds like a good way to kick off spring. 

Order your favorite products to earn your favorite products? Sounds like a good way to kick off spring. 

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Poll Time: What's your favorite oil to diffuse for Spring? 

Switch & Ditch: Personal Care Edition

Did anyone already switch to all-natural cleaning products (like this one!) and ditch your chemical-heavy cleaning cohorts? Let us know! A clean sweep never felt or smelled so good.

This week, we are continuing our switch and ditch theme, but now: it’s getting personal. Personal care products, that is.

As far as personal wellness goals go, treating your skin to natural products should be right there on your resolution list along with healthy diet and exercise. And Young Living has plenty of all-natural, essential-oil infused goodies. Ready for some switch and ditch tips? We thought so.  

Switch & Ditch: Personal Care Edition

Make your 2017 resolution a reality with a few of our favorites like the  ART skincare system , Young Living's super popular face cream, foaming face wash and toner. 

Make your 2017 resolution a reality with a few of our favorites like the ART skincare system, Young Living's super popular face cream, foaming face wash and toner. 

Oral Care

Let’s start with something you do everyday: brush your teeth. Time to ditch toothpaste with artificial sweeteners and toxic chemicals and switch to natural toothpaste that will freshen your breath and gently wash away staining.

The Thieves lines makes this easy. Try one of three Thieves lines toothpastes along with Thieves Dental Floss and Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash.

Hand Care

Make sure washing or cleaning your hands actually washes and cleanses without artificial fragrances or toxins.

I’m in love with the Thieves Foaming hand soap. It smells wonderful and is a great way to introduce guests to Thieves goodness. For on-the-go cleansing, Thieves Waterless Hand Cleanser is on my must-travel list.

Face Care

Whether you are focusing on cleansing, restoring, moisturizing or refining, Young Living has products and oils to try. Some of my favorite anti-aging oils include:

  • Rose - high-frequency oil great for moisturizing and refining skin
  • Patchouli - favorite oil for daily moisturizing
  • Lavender - skin MVP, a must for cleansing, moisturizing and refining
  • Frankincense - sacred oil that restores and moisturizes skin  
  • Myrrh - another must-have for moisturizing  

Start slow and experiment. We suggest adding a beauty oil to your order each month. Everyone is different, so everyone will have different favorites. Once you find your favorites, here are a few tips to get the most out of your beauty regime (and save some money).

Make a Homemade Cream

Make your own body and face cream and infuse with your favorite essential oils. That way you get a daily dose of oils, while stretching your supply.


  • 1 cup shea butter
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ½ cup liquid oil (like almond, grapeseed, jojoba or avocado oil)
  • 5-10 drops of essential oils of choice


  1. Melt shea butter and coconut oil on stovetop
  2. Let cool completely
  3. Add liquid oil and essential oils for choice
  4. Whip to decadent texture

Homemade Serums

Another way to stretch your beauty oils and save time in your routine: create your own serums. Add your favorite oils and apply after your cream morning and night. To make, you will need to gather a few supplies like 1-oz glass bottles, roller ball fitments and funnels.


  • 1-oz. favorite carrier oil (again: think liquid food oils like almond, grapeseed or avocado)
  • 1-2 drops each of your favorite anti-aging oils


Combine ingredients in a small, amber glass bottle. Yup, it’s that easy!

Hair Care

Tame your locks with natural care products. This one is especially important, considering when you rinse off shampoo it flows down the rest of your body. Young Living has some great daily shampoos (like yummy Lavender Mint) to nourish and cleanse hair.

You can also add oils to your hair care routine. When styling, I add a drop of Ylang Ylang to my hair for a gorgeous floral scent and curl-boosting moisture. Other great hair oils include:

  • Geranium - rehydrates hair, try adding to your conditioner
  • Lavender - nourishes and may thicken hair
  • Rosemary - allows nutrients to penetrate hair and scalp
  • Tea Tree - soothes your scalp

Body Care

Body Wash

Like hair care products, body wash is exposed to large parts of your body. Making your own body wash was never easier with Young Living’s bath and shower gel base. Just add 5-10 drops of your favorite oil. Any of our favorite hair and skin oils would work, or you can try an uplifting blend like Joy.


And finally, we’ll end with another daily personal care product: Deodorant. Young Living offers great aluminum-free options that smell great! (Like this one). You can also experiment using an oil as a deodorant. Purification is a great, cleansing and aromatically fresh option to try!

Switch, Ditch & Save

Ready to ditch commercially produced personal care products? Easy. Switch to buying your natural shampoo, hand soap and floss with Young Living’s autoship program, Essential Rewards. We love it because we get to buy the products we love while earning freebies and points toward even more products we love. We think you will, too!

Any questions? Ask away in the comments.

Young Living November Promotion: Bountiful Reasons to be Thankful

We are in the middle of a Fall Favorites series. Last week, we covered Christmas Spirit and this week we're excited to share ... (drumroll) ... that you can earn this diffuser-friendly oil for free with your qualifying November order!

And, of course, that's not all. Other seasonal (and year-round) favorites are available: Sacred Frankincense, Myrrh, Frankincense, 20 Essential Rewards Points and Peppermint Vitality. This promo is a wonderful way to prep for the coming Holiday season and New Year! 

Lots of reasons to be thankful for a wonderful November promo: 5-ml Sacred Frankincense, 5-ml Myrrh, 15-ml Frankincense, and 5-ml Christmas Spirit™; Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 20 Essential Rewards points and Peppermint Vitality to be exact. 

Lots of reasons to be thankful for a wonderful November promo: 5-ml Sacred Frankincense, 5-ml Myrrh, 15-ml Frankincense, and 5-ml Christmas Spirit™; Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 20 Essential Rewards points and Peppermint Vitality to be exact. 

300 PV (Retail Value: $233.16)

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive

  • 20 Essential Rewards points
  • Peppermint Vitality™ 

250 PV (Retail Value: $143.36)

  • 15-ml Frankincense
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive

  • 20 Essential Rewards points 
  • Peppermint Vitality™ 

190 PV (Retail Value: $46.65)

  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive

  • 20 Essential Rewards points 
  • Peppermint Vitality™ 

NEW 100 PV (Retail Value: $13.16)

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: Peppermint Vitality

Don't Miss Out!

I bet you noticed the phrase "Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive" quite a few times in this post. Don't miss out on the new reward tier or other exclusive offers. Learn more about Young Living's Essential Rewards autoship program. And as always, if you have questions, ask! We are ready to help! 

Oil of the Week: Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)

Another week, another oil!  But first a challenge:

Oil of the Week Challenge

Choose an oil in your starter kit, use it and only it (if possible), for the entire week. Get to know that oil: diffuse it, inhale it, apply it, enjoy it. Know it so well that if it did not have a label, you would know it by smell. For some oils, that’s simple. For others, not so simple. Which oil will you try? 

Oily Standby: Frankincense

Young Living farms this oil from the Frankincense trees in Salalah, Oman. It is steam distilled from the gum/resin after making cuts in the tree by hand.

Young Living farms this oil from the Frankincense trees in Salalah, Oman. It is steam distilled from the gum/resin after making cuts in the tree by hand.

Frankincense has a rich, deep, warm, sweet scent. It gives me a grounded, “cleansing breath” type feeling. I inhale deeply and exhale slowly, allowing its fragrance and frequency to wash over me.

Frankincense is my “go to” oil. I wear it daily. I use it often, and I use a lot. If I need a particular oil to perform in a particular way and I’m not getting the results I want, I always add frankincense! It acts as an enhancer and equalizer. What does that mean in my world? It just “kicks” everything up a notch! How? Let’s start with a little science behind this oil.

Oily Science: Frankincense Frequency

Frankincense has the highest frequency of any oil in your starter kit. Why is that important? “Measurements on the human body found that a healthy person has a frequency of 62-68MHz. When a person’s frequency dips to around 58MHz cold symptoms can manifest.”* As your body frequency lowers, problems can arise.

I want to feel my best. I want my body performing at the highest level possible. Every day. Keeping my frequency level high allows me wellness, and wellness is what I want from my oils! Maintenance and prevention are key. Frankincense is part of my daily regimen, not only when I am not at my best, but preventatively.

Oily Spirituality: Frankincense & Spiritual Grounding

I would be remiss not to mention the spiritual aspect of this oil. Frankincense is referenced in the Bible over 52 times. Historically, it is a holy oil in the Middle East.  “As an ingredient in the holy incense, it was used anciently during sacrificial ceremonies to help improve communication with the Creator.”**

Oily Sense: Frankincense Day-to-Day

What can frankincense do? In my opinion, just about anything! In fact, I think it can be beneficial in EVERY body system! When I apply it, I don’t always know where it is going in my body, or what it is doing, but I do know I’m getting a boost of health and wellness by raising my body frequency.

Young Living thinks frankincense is vital for health and wellness, too. You will find frankincense as an ingredient in over 55 oils and/or products in the catalog; facial products, oil blends, soaps, body washes, sprays, supplements, oral care products, children’s products and more!

For all you list-y people out there, here are a few reasons to reach for Frankincense. It is an oil that:

  • Promotes healthy looking skin/hair/nails        
  • Promotes healthy respiratory function
  • Supports mood by uplifting and encouraging positive energy        
  • Supports the immune system        
  • Promotes healthy nervous system
  • Promotes mental health

Let’s get practical. Here are a few ways you can try applying frankincense today:

  • Behind your ears or on your neck as a perfume    
  • In your diffuser on a cloudy day
  • Over your heart and on your temples before meditation
  • On your chest before bed
  • On any unsightly or compromised skin area
  • In your daily moisturizer, or with coconut oil as a moisturizer
  • On a pregnant belly
  • On the feet of the elderly
  • In a diffuser at a hospital
  • On the crown of the head for anointing
  • On the breast area combined with Orange essential oil
  • On your feet for immune support
  • On your brain stem when concentrating
  • In your bath (mixed with Epsom salt) for relaxation and grounding
  • On the spine for immune support

Start Your Frankincense Challenge Today!

I’m so grateful that Young Living chose frankincense as one of the Premium Starter Kit oils! Do you have an issue that you want to overcome? Perhaps, like me, you want to prevent unwanted issues. Open that bottle of frankincense. Inhale deeply, apply it, wear it, diffuse it. Restore and maintain your wellness with the frequency of frankincense!

Contact me (Cynthia) at or check out my team's site! I'd love to talk more about how to make Frankincense a daily part of your life. 

*    Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart

**    Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley


Young Living April Promo (and MORE!): Spring into Savings

The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Our kids can finally play outside. And that's not even all we're excited about this fine April. We've got 3, yes, 3 fun things to share with you today. First up, the April promo.

April Rewards

Prep for Spring Break the Young Living way by earning the Just for Kids collection with your qualifying order. And don't forget: To earn these great promotions, you must be enrolled in Young Living's optional and free auto ship program, Essential Rewards. Check out our Essential Reward 101 guide to get started!

300 PV Retail Value: $253.61 

250 PV Retail Value: $138.80

190 PV Retail Value: $99.66 

Spring Catalog 

The next big thing adding a spring to our step? The Young Living Spring Catalog! From Spring Cleaning to Mother's Day ideas, this fresh collection includes renewed favorites and brand new products. Start shopping

So many tempting options in Young Living's first ever Spring Catalog! 

So many tempting options in Young Living's first ever Spring Catalog! 

Spring Back Promotion

Another Young Living first! Renew relationships with your downline with this fantastic reactivation promotion. Check out the details below! Offer good April 1-30 for US members. 

  • Reactivation order must be at least 100 PV.
  • Only former, currently inactive members who have not placed an order since at least March 2015 qualify for the free 5-ml Frankincense.
  • To find out who has gone inactive in your downline, call Member Services or Leadership and request an inactive downline report at 1.800.371.3515.
  • The inactive account has to have been completely inactive since at least March 2015.
  • Members who placed an order in March 2015, are able to participate in this promotion after March 2016 commissions have finalized. Which is around April 20th, 2016.
  • The inactive member must pay with his or her own form of payment.
  • The reactivation order can’t be an ER order.

Get in Touch! 

Have any questions about Young Living's Spring Catalog or Promos? We'd love to help! Contact us today! 

Love is in the Air: Our Top Young Living Picks

The Tree of Life team is head-over-heels for Young Living Essential Oils and products. We are devoted to daily wellness and the only thing we love more than our favorite oil is sharing our real-life tips with you. Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy the list, and, as always, if you have any questions, please contact us! We'd love that, too. 

What's Not to Love? The Tree of Life Team's Top Young Living Picks  

Lavender: Beloved Multitasker 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

"I never knew that one bottle of oil could do so much! It speeds skin recovery, supports a great night sleep, creates a relaxing environment and also tastes good in my tea. Lavender oil from Young Living is the oil I would choose if I could only choose one. I wouldn't want to be stranded without it." -- Jennifer Lopes

The one oil I never thought I'd love is LAVENDER❣
I've always preferred a woodsy/earthy scent. I came to love Lavender gradually after learning about the many therapeutic benefits and how they targeted most of my specific concerns. It's helped me with my skin, seasonal respiratory wellness and relaxation when my mind is going off in several directions. 
I use it to make room & linen sprays, bath salts, as deodorant, on the dog, on dryer balls & it's in my body butter. -- Shari Williamson

Joy: Worthy of Jumping for  

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy! I truly don't know how I made it so long without it. It is my go-to when life becomes a struggle, when I get a poor night's rest, when I have to do things I would rather not, when I get behind, I could go on and on. It makes life sweeter (literally).  Bonus, I can get some for free this month with the February promo!  -- Michelle McKool YL SILVER #1456692

Frankincense: Impossible to Live Without 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

I LOVE FRANKINCENSE! This is the "oil of life" that I do not think I could live without! This oil has brought the most comfort, relief and healing balance. I use this oil head to toe everyday: Adding a drop or two to my face cream morning and night (always taking time to inhale the goodness), and also several drops to my body lotion after showers. I apply it with hempseed oil to my abdomen and lungs several times/day, with other oils before Far Infrared Sauna, and throughout the day if I need extra relief for any number of things. I take and inhale, and thank God for this oil and it's amazing properties and how it has blessed my life! -- Christina Vossler

NingXia Red: Dreamy Antioxidant 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

This beautiful bottle of liquid antioxidant goodness transformed the way my family defines the term healthy! Some days it is an ounce or two in the morning to jumpstart the day. Other days it could be six to eight ounces throughout the day to nourish those unhealthy cells. On a hot summer afternoon, it could be a pouch of frozen nutrition as we float in the pool. There is no wrong way to enjoy NingXia Red! As I drink it, I picture my blood cells having a party as they absorb this incredible super food! -- CYNTHIA LENGEFELD, YL SILVER #1339187

Power Meal: Swoon-Worthy Protein 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

I love to 'drink' my breakfast and I've been doing it for 22 years now. Smoothies made with fruit, greens, flax ,and chia is ALWAYS made SO much better with Power Meal as my dairy-free protein! -- JOYCE SWANSON, YL SILVER #303178 

Thieves: One Word, Amazing  

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

This oil is a must-have. It smells amazing. I have it running in my diffuser all the time. The kids get it on the bottom of their feet everyday. I love it on my toothbrush or use it as a mouth wash. It's benefits are amazing. We stay healthy, which is good because I don't have time for sick people. -- DENA JONES (PERFECT ALIGNMENT CHIROPRACTIC), YL SILVER #1410697

Valor & PanAway: Muscle-Supporting Power Couple 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Valor and PanAway have been my most important oils to help support muscle fatigue and minor pain. Don't know what I would do without them. -- Holly Barker 

Inner Defense: Hello Beautiful...Immune Support

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Inner Defense is a staple in my house this time of year! I love how it promotes a healthy respiratory system and supports our immune systems. -- Michelle Thielemann Krischke 

Peppermint: Always Cool 

Cool addition to daily life! 

Cool addition to daily life! 

I must say that for my family we go through a lot of peppermint. With a soon to be 3 yr old and my Husband, we need to stock 8 bottles! We love the cooling effect when we are working outside in theTexas heat and the great muscle and ligament support it provides before working out or after doing heavy lifting. Additionally, my daughter asks for peppermint vitality in her tea and her chocolate brownies! I use it daily, one drop in my coffee! -- Sunday Taylor 

Find Your Favorite

Want to find your perfect oil match? Contact Tree of Life today to start your lifelong relationship with these amazing oils and products. 

Essential Oils: Gifts Fit for a King

Matthew 2:11 “As they [the wise men] came into the house and saw the child with Mary his mother, they bowed down and worshiped him. They opened their treasure boxes and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” 

They opened their treasure boxes. As I contemplate that phrase, I am reminded that essential oils are treasures. Honestly, I don’t always treat them as such. I keep oils in my kitchen, in my bathroom, in my purse – everywhere I am! I treat them almost casually because they are as much a part of my life as breathing! Scripture has a “funny” way of reminding me, of bringing me back to what is important.  

Essential Oils: Gifts Fit for a King


The wise men traveled for months to find a “king” they had read about. When they found him, with the help of the Lord and a star, they bowed down and worshiped him.  Then, they opened their treasure boxes and gave him gifts!

They offered the Treasure of Heaven gifts from their treasure boxes. Gifts they had prepared in advance. Gifts they had carried for miles. Precious gifts. Gifts fit for a king: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Essential oils for a child? Yes. Essential oils for a poor family in a foreign country? Yes. Essential oils for a king? Yes.  

Why Frankincense & Myrrh?


Why? Did Mary and Joseph know they were treasures? Why were they treasures?   What was their purpose? Did they know what to do with them?

Plants and oils were part of everyday life in Bible times, much like they are in mine today! So, what made these two oils, frankincense and myrrh, more precious than others? Thanks to history and science, we have learned much about these two plants and essential oils. Let’s take a look at them!

Frankincense: The Right Frequency  

Frankincense has one of the highest frequencies in the essential oil world. Your body has frequencies as well. When the frequencies of your body come in contact with the frequencies of frankincense oil wonderful things happen!

Historically, frankincense was used for:

  • anointing
  • aromatherapy
  • spiritual enhancement
  • healing and wellness

I admit, I do not do much anointing on a daily basis, but I do use my oils for the other purposes listed.

Much research has been done in my home on the use of frankincense and promoting skin care. I do not have to go further than my bathroom mirror to see the amazing skin benefits of frankincense.  

I have also personally found that adding frankincense to other oils I use truly “kicks it up a notch.” Perhaps the high frequency gives my body what it is needs to keep doing what it is designed to do!  

Whatever the scientific reason, I know our home will never be without our frankincense!  We use it for spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health.

I have used it to support my:

  • skin
  • respiratory system
  • immune system
  • sleep

Frankincense is a day-to-day treasure for issues that arise in our home!

Myrrh: A Multitasking Treasure

Let’s move on to the treasure of myrrh oil. Yes, I love my frankincense, but myrrh is a treasure in our home, too. Although myrrh’s frequency is not as high as frankincense, it was one of the most desired oils in Bible times.

Historically, it was used to prevent infection, to aid in healing of the skin, and, of course, to promote spiritual awareness. Perhaps the skin on Mary’s belly was not as smooth as it had been. Perhaps as her baby grew, he might fall and scrape his knee.  Perhaps this young family would use their myrrh in worship.

Since Mary had just given birth, she would certainly find many uses for her newly acquired treasure of myrrh, both for herself and her family. It is an oil that can promote:

  • dental health
  • skin health
  • respiratory health
  • immune system

Join My Team to Find Out More About the Gift of Frankincense & Myrrh 


Although scripture doesn’t specifically answer the question of “why,” my mind runs rampant with reasons young Mary and Joseph would find many uses for the treasures of frankincense and myrrh given to them by the wise men!

I am also fairly confident they did not attend an oil class or research the uses on the internet, but since our western culture is not as versed in essential oils, I would be honored to help you explore how to incorporate frankincense and myrrh oil into your everyday life.

Join my incredible Silver (#1339187) team here to begin your Young Living journey toward better health, wellness and abundance! For any questions, please contact me at

Whether or not you travel a long distance, as you open your Christmas boxes to view your own new treasures, I hope you are reminded of the True Treasure found by the wise men long ago.  May be your home be filled with the blessing of love and laughter!

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Get Your Slique (Tea) On

I was out of town for a couple of weeks and when I returned my box was here. You know the one. The one that, even if I already have every single item in it, is always my favorite box. But this box was different. This box did have something new. It had my Slique Tea.

"I don't know what took me so long..."

I don't know why I waited so long to try this cozy cup of deliciousness! 

I don't know why I waited so long to try this cozy cup of deliciousness! 

I don’t know what took me so long to order it, I thought about it a dozen times. It just kept getting pushed off for something ‘better.’ Well, I am here to tell you, no more. I really like this stuff. I drank my first little bag of it with a tsp of honey. And I won’t stop there. I plan to try different sweeteners like agave, or maybe even maple syrup, just to shake it up a bit. The sky is the limit.

I keep thinking, why did I wait so long? I like the Slique oil, I like everything in it. I like the Slique Bars, again, yum! So why did I wait? Well to confess, I don’t really like tea (gasp). I know, I know. To be from the south and not like tea, what is wrong with me? I dunno, I just never have. So, now I do, but only if it is my Slique Tea.  Hmmm, now let’s pray I get my slique on.

Stay Warm & Slique with Slique Tea!

Here’s what’s in each cup of exotic deliciousness:

Jade oolong tea, inulin, ocotea leaf (Ocotea quixos), Ecuadorian cacao powder, vanilla essential oil, frankincense powder (Boswellia sacra), and natural stevia extract. Translation: Yummy and healthy.

How does that help you get your Slique on?

First: Flavonoids.

This dietary compound helps you maintain certain normal, healthy body functions.

Next up: Polyphenols.

Or, my guilt-free secret to weight management. Just add a healthy diet and regular exercise to reach your own goals.

Finally: Frankincense.

As in 100% pure therapeutic grade Frankincense powder, or exactly the quality you’d expect from a Young Living product. This essential oil is my go-to for spiritual refocus, which goes perfectly with a cozy cup of tea.

Questions? Get in Touch! 

Stay warm and Slique this winter with your very own cup of Slique tea. Questions? Drop us a line! The Tree of Life team is excited to help you and your family start your journey to health!  

If you have any questions, please contact me at or join my team here! 

Major Discount: Save Now on the Young Living Primium Starter Kit

Calling ALL existing Young Living Members and ALL those who've been on the fence about joining! NOW is the time! 

New and existing members: The best time to buy a Premium Starter Kit is NOW through August 14th!

New and existing members: The best time to buy a Premium Starter Kit is NOW through August 14th!

From July 13 through August 14, we’re offering a major discount of 10 percent off Premium Starter Kits for existing members and a $10 discount for all new members! Better still, there is no limit for existing members—so order as many as you’d like! Please note that this offer does not include Aria or NingXia Red versions of the Premium Starter Kits.

10 oils + 1 bonus oil = The BEST way to start your Young Living journey.

10 oils + 1 bonus oil = The BEST way to start your Young Living journey.

Be sure to visit Virtual Office to take advantage of amazing offer! If you have any questions or are new to Young Living please contact me or one of our Tree of Life Contributors. 

Essential Oils and Travel: Preparing Your Own Oily Travel Kit

Over the past several years our family has spent time on mission trips out of the country, primarily in Haiti and most recently Ecuador and Uganda. These trips require quite a bit of planning, and, most importantly, quite a bit of oily preparation! 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

In May, my older daughter spent time in Ecuador while my younger daughter and husband spent time in Africa. On our trips to Haiti we traveled as a family, sharing oils while away. The May trips were different! Each person needed his/her own “oily travel kit.” Since I prepared three of these kits, I thought I would share what my oily travel kit includes.

Travel-Worn Bottles = Healthy Bodies 

Beware! These are pictures of actual oil bottles that have traveled out of the country several times. They are NOT pictures of pretty little oil bottles! As much as I LOVE getting pretty, new oil bottles in the mail, I have conceded that ugly oil bottles are a byproduct of healthy bodies.

Keep in mind that these are merely the basic oils our family needs on trips. We also take additional oils used for specific purposes that are part of our daily oily routine such as Progessence Plus Serum, Shutran, Clary Sage, Endoflex, Sacred Frankincense, and others.

Plane Travel & Essential Oils

Carrying On Essential Oils

Although most of our essential oils are in our checked luggage, we make sure we have a few oils with us on the plane. Who knows when the checked luggage will really arrive?!?

Airline travel with oils is relatively simple. Your airline-authorized quart-size liquids bag can accommodate MANY 5mL or 15mL bottles of essential oil. We have never had any airline representative question our inclusion of essential oil in our liquids bag. Our liquids bag always includes peppermint, Thieves, and lavender essential oils as well as a bottle of Thieves spray and a few Thieves lozenges

Top Three Essential Oils for Every Plane Ride

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

1. Peppermint

Inhaling peppermint instantly calms my stomach when air turbulence unexpectedly strikes. 

2. Lavender

Lavender can aid in relaxation for those 17-hour international flights! 

3. Thieves

Once we have boarded the plane, we immediately reach for Thieves for immune support. Since we travel with flip flops or Crocs for easy security checks, it is important to slather those feet with Thieves and put socks on for the plane ride. Thieves spray comes in handy to spray in our throat or on our hands for extra protection. 

My Essential Oil Travel Kit

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

Oils in our checked luggage (aka our Oily Travel Kits) include:

  • Valor
  • DiGize
  • R.C. or Raven
  • PanAway
  • Immupower
  • Oregano
  • Purification
  • Frankincense
  • v-6
  • Extra Thieves, lavender, peppermint and lozenges.
  • We always travel with NingXia Red packets and NingXia Nitro, too.

This might seem like a lot, but we want to be prepared for anything! I make sure we have empty capsules to make our own immune-supporting concoctions of oregano, Immupower and frankincense. We all have those days when we are not feeling our best. 

Top Travel Tips:

  • R.C. stands for respiratory/congestion which keeps our respiratory systems in tip-top shape.
  • DiGize works well for all things digestion related that can (does) occur when traveling out of the country.

We are THAT Family: Healthy, Happy Travelers

We rely heavily on our oils. So much so, that we are known on every trip as THAT family! Usually as the week begins, we quietly go about using Purification to help repel insects, Thieves for immune support, lavender to promote good sleep, daily NingXia packets and Nitro, peppermint for head discomfort, etc. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

Usually by the end of each trip, almost everyone else has noticed that our family is energetic, rested, and well. Predictably, they begin asking questions. That’s all it takes for me to share oily goodness and share the oil love with the rest of the team members! I have team members from all over the United States whom I met on international trips. It is always a blessing to bless others.

In May, my older daughter was known as the “alchemist” on her trip to Ecuador as she shared oils with her team members, and my younger daughter left most of her oils in Africa to bless the mission families who serve in Uganda.  

Time to Start Your Journey!

I am all about education and all about oils, so post a comment or question, and I’ll be happy to help!  When you are ready to start your oily journey, you can join the Tree of Life team by joining me at Oil Together Now, here. I’d love to share oily goodness with you, too!

Oily Travelers, What’s in Your Kit? Share in the Comments! 

New Young Living Premium Starter Kit

After 20 Years We Are Just Getting Started...
— Travis Ogden, Young Living's chief operating officer, opening last week’s New Premium Starter Kit introductory meeting and special unveiling in Ft. Worth, TX.
Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Lindsey Barger (Young Living Executive Leader), Sabra Bland (Young Living Senior Star) and I (Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader) had the opportunity to attend the New Kit unveiling and we are excited to share all about:

  • the NEW Starter Kit
  • the new Love It? Share It! program
  • EO Magazine
  • AND your chance to win your very own bottle of R.C.

New Kit, New Look

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

First off, the new packaging is gorgeous! Young Living’s sleek new marketing – think Apple – matches our position as an essential oils world leader. I love the quote on the front of the box: "It's not a slogan—it's our calling."

A Peek Inside

When you open the box, you’ll see 10 oils on top. This part of the box is removable and has a display stand on the back, perfect for when you are sharing with friends, teaching a class or displaying them at a booth.

Underneath the oils, you’ll find:

  • 1 Stress Away (your 11th bonus oil)
  • 2 samples of Ningxia Red
  • 10 oil sample packets
  • 1 AromaGlide
  • 10 sample size oil bottles
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Cards
  • Member enrollment form

New Kit, New Labels

I also love the new labels. The front of the bottle contains a see-through window, and an oil level line on the back so you can easily see how much oil is left in the bottle. The label also includes a barcode for shipping purposes.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New Kit, New Oils

The starter kit contains 3 new oils:

  • R.C.
  • DiGize
  • Copaiba

These replaced Joy, Citrus Fresh and Tee Tree.

Premium Starter Kit Oils                                            

Here are the 11 oils in the new starter kit. 

Stress Away

This blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.


Known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils, Lavender is powerful and versatile. Its refreshing scent brings a sense of peace and harmony.


Peppermint's fresh, energizing aroma is highly regarded for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.


This species (Boswellia carterii) includes the naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. Diffuse Frankincense during meditation for grounding and purpose. Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and is excellent to use for massage after activity.


Cold pressed from the rinds of fresh, ripe lemons, Lemon has a pleasant and cheerful aroma. It can lift spirits, soothe troubled or oily complexions, and aid in digestive wellness and weight management. It is also great for cleansing and removing sticky residue. Use it to flavor food or your favorite recipe.


Unlike any other essential oil, copaiba is tapped directly from the tree, rather than being distilled. It is a powerful essential oil from South America that has traditionally been used to aid digestion and support the body's natural response to injury or irritation. Copaiba contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene (55 percent) of any known essential oil.


Thieves essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals to use while robbing the dead and dying. Young Living’s one-of-a-kind Thieves blend, crafted in the spirit of that legendary combination, can be found in all of our Thieves products. When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function. It also includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.


A blend containing wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint essential oil, PanAway is often used for massage. Rub PanAway essential oil blend on muscles to help alleviate stressed muscles or other physical discomforts.


An invigorating blend that includes three varieties of eucalyptus, R.C. is comforting when applied to chest, neck and throat.


This blend combines citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, and myrtle. Purification gained popularity for its ability to neutralize odors, soothe insect bites, and its crisp, refreshing aroma that helps calm, uplift, and refresh the mind. It is also an excellent choice to soothe skin.


Combining powerful essential oils traditionally used for digestive support, this proprietary blend contains ginger, anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli, lemongrass, and juniper essential oils. Use DiGize with every meal, to support a daily wellness regimen.

New Kit, New Flex Oils

In addition to these 11 oils, Young Living has selected 5 "Flex Oils." These oils may be substituted in the event of sourcing constraints or supply considerations. This way the starter kit will always be available for purchase.

Here are the 5 Flex Oils:

Tee Tree

One of the gentlest essential oils available, it possesses powerful properties that are essential for the skin. It helps to moisturize and beautify the appearance of the skin.


AromaEase has a clean, nurturing scent that is calming and relaxing. It utilizes the powerful constituents found in ginger, cardamom, peppermint, fennel, and spearmint essential oils to help soothe occasional stress.


Lemongrass has a fresh, citrus-herb aroma traditionally used to support normal digestion. It is one of the most versatile essential oils. It can promote proper function of ligaments and tendons as well as proper lymph flow.

Citrus Fresh

Its sweet, fruity combination of orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and spearmint make Citrus Fresh the perfect uplifting aroma. It supports the immune system and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy. It is also a great addition to your favorite beverage.


Orange is high in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system for overall well-being. Its sunny, sweet, and fruity aroma lifts the spirits while calming the body and mind. It is also a wonderful way to enhance the flavor of many foods and drinks.

New Kit, New Love it? Share it! Program

The Love it? Share it! program is a great new addition to the kit. There are three simple steps to get ready, get S.E.T. and go with Young Living.

  1. S-tart: Sign up as a wholesale member with a premium starter kit. Once you purchase your kit you have already begun this stage in your Young Living journey.
  2. E-ssential Rewards: Join our exclusive loyalty program to easily make our essential oil-infused solutions a part of your everyday lifestyle. 
  3. T-hree=Free: Share your love of essential oils with three friends and help them start their journey. You can earn at least $150 in commissions and bonuses, making your initial investment in the premium starter kit free!

The sample bottles and cards that are now included in the starter kit are a great way for you to start sharing with friends, family and co-workers. If you need additional samples order at

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I love the opportunity with Young Living to achieve Wellness with the essential oils and products they offer. I feel a sense of Purpose when I am sharing and helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle, and I enjoy the Abundance available in building a team.

This new Love It? Share It! program makes it easier to help others on their journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. The Young Living Roadmap included in the kit is another great tool. This outlines your journey to success, helps you get started on the right foot, set goals and reach your dreams!

New Kit, New Diffuser Options

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Another new exciting feature of the New Premium Starter Kit? The Choose your Diffuser option. Once you select you kit, you will be able to choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. You will also have the option to upgrade to an Aria Diffuser for an additional charge. This is another great idea to help members get exactly what they want.

New Kit, New Magazine

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

This introductory meeting had many surprises, and this last one is no exception. Young Living has partnered with a third party and will now include a copy of EO, the Essential Oils Magazine in every New Starter Kit. This magazine will initially be featured at Barnes & Noble and Hastings. This Fall you will be able to find this magazine in the grocery store check out line right next to People Magazine! And guess who the only advertiser in this magazine is? Young Living!

Existing Members: Pre-Order Now!

Are you ready to purchase your New Premium Starter Kit? Existing members can pre-order up to 5 kits before the official launch in June. There is a special ordering banner on the front page of the Virtual Office.

The R.C. Challenge: Comment for your Chance to WIN

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Ed Dailey, RN, a featured speaker at the event, spoke about taking charge of our own health care. "Better health care, arises from better self care." He uses Young Living Essential Oils in integrated hospital care, and joked that he is in the "health" part of the health care field.

He gave all of us a challenge which I would like to pass on to you. He said that we should spend time on each oil and learn all that we can about it. Since we have 3 oils that are new to this kit as well as 3 flex oils that have not previously been featured in the starter kit, let's spend time over the next several months learning all that we can about these oils.

So here's the CHALLENGE: For the next month, learn all you can about R.C. What is in it, what is it used for? LEARN, LEARN LEARN! If you make a comment on the blog about R.C., you will be entered into a drawing to win a free bottle of R.C. Ready, go learn and comment!

Join Tree of Life Today

The three of us had a great time in Ft. Worth. If you have an opportunity to attend a Young Living corporate event, I would strongly recommend that you go. We offer classes every month and love teaching people about essential oils. If you would like to become of member of Young Living Essential Oils, you can join the Tree of Life team by clicking HERE!

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Lindsey Barger, Young Living Executive Leader #1554654


Sabra Bland, Young Living Senior Star #1902094