Oil of the Week: Thieves

To share my love of Young Living Thieves, I always start with a quick history lesson:

Thieves is a powerful blend inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves. These thieves/perfumers formulated a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals to rob those who had died from the Black Plague. They were caught red-handed, convicted of their crimes and sentenced to be burned at the stake. However, the judges were astonished that the robbers had not caught the Black Plague, and in exchange for a lighter sentence, the thieves revealed their secret … and were hanged instead. Ok, so it was a silver lining for the thieves, but their ingenuity led to one of Young Living’s most popular oils.

Thieves contains Clove (an immune stimulant), Lemon (to promote health), Cinnamon Bark (a powerful purifier), Eucalyptus Radiata (for respiratory support) and Rosemary (an antioxidant).

Thieves contains Clove (an immune stimulant), Lemon (to promote health), Cinnamon Bark (a powerful purifier), Eucalyptus Radiata (for respiratory support) and Rosemary (an antioxidant).

How to Use Thieves Every Day

#1 Apply to Your Feet

This is the easiest oil to use in the Premium Starter Kit. All you have to remember is to apply to the bottom of your feet every day. (Remember the tip from our recent Lavender post about applying essential oils to the bottom of the feet because the pores are the largest?)

And that’s it!

Thieves is great to support the immune system, so you never want to go a day without it. Of course there are many other ways to use Thieves, but this is the simplest way to get started using your essential oils every day.

When the air outside becomes crisp and the days start getting shorter, you know it’s time to stock up on Thieves. Trust me! You don't know how many calls I get each Winter from panicked moms who just used their last drop of Thieves. Lucky for them, I keep several extras around for just these types of emergencies. Don't run out of Thieves!

#2 Diffuse (Diffuse, Diffuse!)

I use this oil in my main room diffuser all day, every day. I love how it smells, but even better, I know that my family is protected from whatever icky's that they encounter during the day or bring home with them. I also travel with my diffuser, when I arrive at my hotel room, I start the diffuser with Thieves and leave for a few hours. When I return, my room smells great and I have security and peace of mind. I love to add Orange, Tangerine or Nutmeg in the diffuser with Thieves for a little variety.

More Ways to Use Thieves

Creative Carpet Freshener

Got musty smells? Use a sprinkle shaker, fill with 1 cup baking soda, add 5 drops of Thieves, combine well. Let mixture sit overnight, so the oil has a chance to absorb. Sprinkle over carpets and vacuum thoroughly.

On-the-Go “Everything” Spray  

Make your own Thieves Spray and use it everywhere. I put about 10-15 drops in a 4oz glass spray bottle. I spray it in a smelly car, in stinky shoes, on public toilet seats, on linens and pillows, on remote controls, in restaurants, on shopping carts, in laundry baskets or trash cans. One member even said they use it on money.

Love the Blend? Check Out the Thieves Line

Thieves is one of Young Living’s most popular products. If fact, Young Living has an entire line of Thieves Household Products and Personal Care Products. Everything from toothpaste to laundry soap. Be sure to check out all of the Thieves products so you can clean your home and have personal care products toxin free.

Thieves Vitality Tips

Thieves Vitality, same great essential oil blend, now bottled with a white label indicating that this oil can be used as a dietary supplement. I use this everyday to support healthy gums and teeth. I put one drop on my Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste. It makes my mouth feel so fresh, clean and healthy. I love the spicy flavor as well. It is also great as a mouthwash or to gargle to soothe mouth and throat.

Other uses for Thieves Vitality:

  • Add a drop to your daily NingXia Red shot.
  • Add 3-5 drops to a vegetable capsule with a fatty oil and swallow with water for overall wellness and immune support.
  • Add a drop to a cup of warm water, herbal tea or other hot drinks for a spicy zing.

Have any Thieves questions? Ask away in the comments! We’d love to help!