Back to School Made Easy

This week we hosted a Facebook class on naturally good ways to kick off the school year. We know everyone can't tune in on Facebook, so we thought we'd make the info available on our blog, too.

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Back to School Tips

Ningxia Red & Ningxia Nitro

Suzanne shares her Ningxia Red tips for busy school mornings. Spoiler: Chill packets for grab-and-go convenience! For an afternoon pick-me-up, keep NingXia Nitro close by! 

NingXia Red helps support:

  • Immune system
  • Cognitive function
  • Energy

MightyVites and MightyZymes

Lindsey shares why you should put a multivitamin and natural enzyme on your back to school list! Bonus: these kid-specific formulas taste great. 

Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils

Lemon and Peppermint both help you and your family retain information and maintain focus. The perfect power couple for back to school! 

Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray

Powered by Thieves, Thieves Hand Purifier helps keep hands clean on the go! This hard-working essential keeps purifying and moisturizing long after you squeeze it on. We love Thieves Spray for nearly any hard surface. 

Jaynelle's Pro Tip: These make great gifts for teachers! 

Panaway and Copaiba Essential Oil

Janie shares about Panaway, a great uplifting blend for muscles after active days! Add Copaiba to enhance this supportive oil. 

Thieves and Raven Essential Oil Blends

Check out these two great oils from your starter kit with Cynthia! If you like to breathe, Raven provides great respiratory support:) Plus, Thieves Vitality supports your immune system. You can take it internally: try it in oatmeal, water or baking. 

Young Living Thieves Cough Drops and Acne Cream

We are over the moon about these over the counter Young Living products! Thieves Cough Drops are great for easy immune support. Middle school and high school moms: check out this acne cream! And even if you don't have acne, this one also works wonders for black heads and blemishes. 

MightyPro & Life 9

Support your gut health year round with MightyPro and Life 9. Check out Rachel's tips on how to add these supportive products to your nighttime routine. 

Are you ready for back to school? Do you have any natural tips to share? We'd love to hear from you! 

Shark Week + Essential Oils: Yes, Please!

At the close of Shark Week 2018, we thought that Suzanne Rodolfich's Shark Week-themed posts were too good not to share on our blog! Enjoy:) 

Shark Skin? No, Thanks! Best Essential Oils for Skin Care 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Did you know that shark skin actually looks and feels like little interlocking teeth? Um, no thank you!

Young Living offers SO many options for your skin! Here are a just a few top skin oils:

Top Essential Oils for Skin

  • Frankincense—helps create youthful appearance 
  • Tea Tree—cleanses skin
  • Geranium—helps provide healthy, clear, glowing skin
  • Cypress—smooths skin
  • Copiaba—reduces redness
  • Sandalwood—soothes, tightens, cleanses
  • Blue Tansy—soothes, reduces redness, provides antioxidant
  • Kunzea—provides antioxidant benefits (check out the pics of how the Kunzea plant affects a barbed wire fence)

DIY Skin Care Recipes

My Toner Recipe

  • Witch Hazel  
  • Equal parts Frankincense (glow), Lavender (soothe), Lemon, (brighten), Copiaba

My Skin Cream Recipe

I originally created this as a diaper cream, but now I use it for all sorts of skin issues.

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Equal parts Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lavender

My Facial Serum Recipe

  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Myrrh,
  • 1 drop Rose

Lots of options, right? I love that we can take care of our skin with non-toxic products that meet our skin’s unique needs!

Do you sleep like a shark? Best Oils for Sleep Support

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So apparently there’s lots of controversy about how and if and when sharks sleep:

  • They seem to be very active at night
  • Most species have to remain in motion, so for years scientists thought sharks didn’t sleep
  • However, now scientists think they enter periods of rest where they slow down, but their eyes are open, and it’s not a true deep sleep

Did I describe any of you with those facts? Maybe your kids?

I think many of us seek out essential oils because we need sleep support—that was my reason 5 years ago!

But just like there are lots of things we don’t know about sharks’ sleeping habits, there are so many variables with our own sleeping habits that finding an Essential Oils combo for sleep support can be trial and error.

Best Oils for Sleep Support

  • Lavender: Most people start with Lavender—this doesn’t work for me or Jonna 
  • Frankincense: this is a fav in our house and a Lavender + Frankincense combo can be powerful
  • Stress Away
  • Peace and Calming

If you really want to sleep like the dead, then consider these heavy hitters:

  • Valor
  • Valerian
  • Rutavala
  • DreamCatcher

And then there are a few that kids especially find calming:

  • Gentle Baby
  • Roman Chamomile 
  • SleepyIze

And finally, you may want to consider WHY you aren’t sleeping: Are you worried? Is your child needing a little extra security? Sometimes if we can support our emotions, we can sleep better.

Suzanne's Picks

So—what do WE use for sleep support in our house?

The Kids

  • Jonna (6)—Frankincense, Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Zanna (5)—Frankincense,  Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Mila (3)—Palo Santo and White Angelica
  • Vin (1)—Lavender or Peace and Calming

The Adults

  • Me—Valor or Rutavala (the kids would use the Rutavala, too, but that’s liquid gold and I’m a little stingy with it )
  • The hubs—whatever I’m diffusing 

And despite this lengthy post, there are still more options—I feel like I am leaving so many good ones out!

Maybe you can help me out—what are your family’s favorite oils for sleep support?

Skip the Blue Shark Blues: Essential Oils for Mood Support

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

This is the blue shark—according to my friends Google and Wikipedia, they are sort of sluggish and lethargic in their movements. 

Top Oils for Mood Boosting

If you’re feeling the same way, maybe a little down, a little blue, here are some oily tips to try:

  • A drop of Frankincense Vitality daily under the tongue (this is a my go-to mood lifter)
  • Frankincense + Lemon in the diffuser
  •  A few drops of Joy in your hands and inhale
  • Ylang Ylang + Orange in the diffuser
  • Super B an energy and mood lifter all in one—do you know how much our body NEEDS B vitamins? They are vital! I made this a part of my daily routine after I had Vin.
  • NingXia Red—daily, daily, daily! In addition to about a hundred other things, it supports healthy energy levels and regulates blood sugar (anybody else get HANGRY?)

Raise your hand if you had fun with Essential Oil SHARK WEEK! Share any skin, sleep or mood support tips below. Bonus points for Shark-themed ideas:) 

Deep Dive: Sulfurzyme Supplements

We thought we’d follow up our mini NingXia Red series with a deep dive into another antioxidant-rich supplement, Sulfurzyme. Jaynelle Leek-Binns recently broke down the whats and whys of this daily supplement for our team and the info was too good not to share! Enjoy:)

Support everything from skin health to your immune system with this must-have daily supplement! 

Support everything from skin health to your immune system with this must-have daily supplement! 

Why Do We Need Dietary Sulfur?

Our bodies need a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur (MSM) to maintain optimal health. Yep, sure does! Biologically, sulfur is one of the most important nutrients (4th most plentiful found in the body), and we need it to maintain youth, energy and much more.

As we get older, our cells become rigid, we get stiff joints and our energy starts to decline. Although sulfur is found naturally (in small amounts) in a lot of foods, it is destroyed in the cooking/heating process. If we are not getting enough sulfur in our foods, then it is time to supplement!

What is in Sulfurzyme Capsules?

MSM (methylsulfonylmrthane) aka sulfa

Supports the immune system, liver and proper circulation. It also helps to rid your body of free radicals. Think of MSM as like little ninjas cleaning up your body.

Need to Know: Sulfur… No, not the same as Sulfa pharmaceuticals. Sulfur, MSM or methylsulfonylmrthane is totally different. I am allergic to Sulfa drugs and have no problem with Sulfurzyme.


The wolfberries (like we have in our Ningxia Red) also contains minerals and coenzymes that help our bodies metabolize the sulfur. This is important because you want your body to be able to absorb the MSM and put it to use.

Pro Tip: If you want to optimize the absorption of your sulfurzyme, take it with Ningxia Red. You can even add it to your NR, throw a splash of lime (or lime vitality) in it and it will be a really yummy treat!

Main Uses for Sulfurzyme

This daily supplement…

  • Helps maintain the structure of proteins in the body (great for sensitive skin)
  • Supports the immune, liver, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems
  • Protects cells and cell membranes (keeps you youthful!)
  • Supports healthy skin (clear skin and wrinkles) and hair (thicker and fuller)
  • Activates/maintains enzymes in the body
  • Naturally increases energy

Hope you enjoyed learning about Sulfurzyme! How many of you are ready to add it to your daily routine now?! Please send any questions our way!


NingXia Red Review Week 2: Enjoy Your Ningxia (with 4 Awesome Recipes!)

Today, we are continuing our month long NingXia Red Review with four different tried-and-true recipes from our team. We’ll have your NR cravings covered all day with breakfast smoothies, after-school snacks and treat-yourself cocktails.

But first, a quick recap. Last month, the Tree of Life leaders put a challenge out to the team: Take a shot of Ningxia Red for 28 days. Why would anyone do that? Well, NingXia Red helps support overall health and energy levels. And drinking consistently helps boost those benefits even more. 

Just take a look at what you’d have to eat to reap all the antioxidant-rich benefits of NingXia.

Fast Fact: Antioxidants help slow oxidation damage throughout the body. This can help the body function normally and support your immune system.

Fast Fact: Antioxidants help slow oxidation damage throughout the body. This can help the body function normally and support your immune system.

If you want some of that antioxidant goodness in your life, here are some fun ways our team shared to incorporate this delicious supplement in their daily life.

Four Fun & Delicious NingXia Red Recipes

Delicious Breakfast Smoothie

Start your day the delicious and nutritious way with a shot of NingXia Red in your smoothie.

Thanks to Alishia Alibhai for sharing her yummy morning ritual.

Thanks to Alishia Alibhai for sharing her yummy morning ritual.


  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 oz YL NingXia Red juice
  • 1/4 tsp matcha powder (optional - I put it in for its health benefits)
  • Few frozen blueberries (use fresh if you have! I will also use strawberries or raspberries))
  • Little bit of frozen spinach or frozen kale (can use fresh)
  • 2 scoops YL balance complete (11g fibre!)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds (optional - again, I include for health benefits)


Blend together and enjoy! ️

Pro Tip: Add frozen items to give a nice icy coldness to the smoothie! You could also add a couple of ice cubes if you're using all fresh items!

Refreshing Apple Cider Vinegar + NingXia Drink

Boost the benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar with NingXia Red and Vitality oils. Drink this quick and easy mix first thing in the morning for another way to start your day off well.

Thanks to Lindsey Barger for sharing her delicious discovery: ACV + NR = Amazing

Thanks to Lindsey Barger for sharing her delicious discovery: ACV + NR = Amazing


  • ¼ cup NingXia Red
  • 1 TB Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2-4 Drops favorite Vitality oil (like Grapefruit, yum!)
  • 1-1 ½ cup soda water


Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Pro-Tip: Remember to shake NingXia Red and Apple Cider Vinegar before adding to your mixture.

Kid-Friendly NingXia Red Gummies

Not only will kids love the taste of these gummies, they’ll also love helping you make these cute, antioxidant-filled snacks. Perfect for a mid-morning nibble or after-school treat.

Jordan Lee shared her process for perfect NR gummies.

Jordan Lee shared her process for perfect NR gummies.


  • 3 oz of NingXia Red
  • 2 TB of Raw Honey
  • 2.5 TB of Gelatin
  • 3 Drops Lemon Vitality
  • 2 Drops of Thieves Vitality


  1. Heat NingXia and honey in a saucepan, not to a boil
  2. Pull off the heat and slowly sprinkle in the Gelatin, whisk until mixed well
  3. Add essential oils and whisk for 30 seconds
  4. Pour into small jello molds
  5. Refrigerate for 1 hour

Post-Late Night NingXia Red Cocktails

After a busy Friday and long week, start your Saturday with a NR Lime cocktail!

Thanks to Rachel Zachary for this refreshing suggestion.

Thanks to Rachel Zachary for this refreshing suggestion.


  • Sparkling Water to taste
  • 3 oz NR
  • A squirt of lime juice
  • 1-2 drops Lime Vitality oil


Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us! We can answer any Ningxia question and even help you join start your own Ningxia Red challenge. Bottom’s up!

NingXia Red Review Week 1: Know Your Ningxia

Last month, the Tree of Life leaders put a challenge out to the team: Take a daily shot of NingXia Red for 28 days. Why would anyone do that? Well, NingXia Red helps support overall health and energy levels. And drinking consistently helps boost those benefits even more.  

So we thought we'd review what we all learned from the challenge and spread the word on the awesome-ness that is NingXia Red on the blog, too.

For week one, we’ll start simple. Introduce three NingXia products: NingXia Red, NingXia Zyng and NingXia Nitro.

Know Your NingXia: Meet NingXia Red, NingXia Zyng and NingXia Nitro


NingXia Red

Serving Recommendation: Take a 2-oz shot up to twice daily

NingXia Red (or NR) packs an antioxidant punch with a Wolfberry superfruit puree, while pure essential oils add healthy flavor and benefit. The result is a delicious drink that supports overall wellness.

Top (of the morning) Tip: Add your morning shot of NR to your smoothie for a great start to the day.

NingXia Zyng

Serving Recommendation: Drink 1 can anytime you need a little pick-me-up

Swap the sugary drinks in your life for refreshing NingXia Zyng. This sparkling drink combines the same wolfberry superfruit puree as NR, plus pear and blackberry juices, and a hint of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils. It also delivers 35 mg of naturally occuring caffeine for the promised ‘Zyng.’

Fun Fact: One can only contains 35 calories. Translation: Guilt-free treat!

NingXia Nitro

Serving Recommendation: Drink directly from tube or add to your NR shot or 4-oz water.

NingXia Nitro also delivers a much-needed pick-me-up without the caffeine buzz. This supplement supports alertness and cognitive and physical fitness with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-Robse, Korean ginseng and green tea extract.

Winning Combination: Add Nitro to your Zyng to support energy and cognition

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us! We can answer any NingXia question and even help you join start your own NingXia Red challenge. Bottom’s up!

Oils for Your Summer Vacation

Thanks to our writer of the week, Jane! Learn more about her team here:

Whenever I travel anywhere I make sure that I bring very specific oils depending on what time of year it is and where I am going. Honestly, I don’t know if I could even possibly travel without my oils! They make all the difference! Here are some of my favorite picks for summer travels.  

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

My Oily Summer Packing List

Stress Away: Calms (Even on an Adventure)

Stress Away is number one! I have a fear of cliffs and most summers we travel from the flat lands of Florida to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Idaho. When my husband drives over that mountain pass, it is no easy feat for me! In fact, the only way I can make it, is to sit in the back seat with the bottle of Stress Away opened and yours truly inhaling it the entire time!

Aromaease: Supports Natural Travel Adjustment

Once we are in the mountains, I start to feel the effects of the altitude change. The aroma of Aromaease helps me tremendously along with Peppermint rubbed on my head and neck. Both those oils are supportive of the body’s natural ability to adjust to this change.  

Digize Vitality: Maintains Normal Digestion

Usually travel time means eating out often and eating foods that we don’t normally eat at home.  It’s important to maintain normal digestion while away. You can take your Digize Vitality oil right under your tongue or rub Digize directly on your stomach. Your body will thank you!

Thieves Vitality: Keeps Immune System Strong

Before I go away and while I am away I do everything to keep my immune system strong and above the wellness line. Between flying, time changes and new germs, it’s important to support your immune system. I take Thieves Vitality 2-3 times a day without fail!  

Lavender: Makes Any Bed Feel Like Home

Lavender…the swiss army knife of oils! Let’s just say that I never go anywhere without my Lavender and especially when traveling. I don’t know about you, but when I try to sleep away from home, it’s just not the same. My body used to struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep. Now I just put a couple drops on my pillow at night and I am sleeping and resting just like at home.  

Deep Relief Roll-On: Eases Minor Muscle Aches

Deep Relief is another must-have when traveling. My muscles can get sore from sitting on a long flight or car ride. They can get strained when doing activities that I don’t normally do. This handy roll-on is perfect to stick in your purse and use it whenever you need to soothe any sore muscles!

My Supplement Travel Companions

Ningxia Red: Delivers Delicious On-the-Good Goodness

Ningxia Red packets are always in my suitcase! I take plenty of packets for the whole family so we can all maintain good health and a strong body while away. Ningxia Red is packed with so many nutrients that I don’t feel we can be without it while traveling. If you have kids, they will enjoy that you have a delicious drink to give them while on a long car ride or flight.

Ningxia Nitro: Boosts Energy

Nitros , nitros, nitros….ok, I am guilty of taking way too many Nitros while away! As it is, I take 2 Nitros a day. They give me the most amazing brain clarity and they provide my body with endless energy! Now unless I am going on a beach vacation where all I need to worry about is eating and sunbathing, I need to have my energy! Hiking, exploring, and outdoor adventures call for serious assistance from my Nitros.  

Thieves Hand Sanitizer & Spray: Keeps Things Clean (Naturally!)

Lastly I NEVER travel with my Thieves hand sanitizer and Thieves spray! What do I spray? Everything and anything! I spray things in the hotel room, I spray things on the plane, I spray things in restaurants, I spray my hands, I spritz over the bed sheets with my Thieves spray, I spray everything! Come to think of it, I could probably use it in place of a pepper spray while away. I would think spraying this in someone’s eyes would certainly slow them down! Seriously though, make sure you have your Thieves spray and your sanitizer with you whenever away from home!

What are YOUR Top Young Living Travel Items?

There you have it friends, my top Young Living travel items! Take some time to think about where you are going this summer and make a list of what  you will need to help make it a memorable experience.

Have oily travel questions? Leave them in the comments or contact us!

Young Living Fall Favs: NingXia Red

As temperatures drop and winter officially approaches, it’s more important than ever to give our immune systems a little encouragement. To help you do just that, we’re talking about NingXia Red, a great way to support and maintain a healthy body. Mix this liquid supplement in your favorite hot tea, and it’s like giving your an immune system a nice, warm hug. If that’s not encouraging (and cozy!), we don’t know what is. Read on to find out what makes it so great and creative ways you can treat yourself to the antioxidant goodness, too.

Behind on our series? Check out the rest of our Young Living Fall Favs here: Christmas Spirit, Release, Inner Defense, and R.C., Raven and Breathe Again. Don’t be without them this winter!  

What Makes NingXia Red So Great?

NingXia Red earns a spot on our Fall Favs list by encouraging healthy bodies, even as temperatures drop. 

NingXia Red earns a spot on our Fall Favs list by encouraging healthy bodies, even as temperatures drop. 

The wolfberry (lycium barbarum) is a key ingredient to Young Living’s liquid supplement, NingXia Red. It is a macro nutrient rich fruit, maximizing the full potential of the most vital of antioxidant foods. Young Living chose to use the whole fruit for this purpose. Each bottle contains the pulp of the whole berry, not just the juice, so shake it up before you pour yourself some! The sediment in your beautiful bottle is so important.

Along with the wolfberry, NingXia Red contains blueberries, cherries, pomegranates, and aronia (choke berry), all high in antioxidant power, but, again, none can match that of the wolfberry. The wolfberry ranks highest on the ORAC scale at 1500 units per ounce. Don’t believe me? Go compare it to other whole foods.

Not only does the wolfberry make it great but so do the therapeutic grade essential oils that enhance the flavor and vitality of this supplement. NingXia Red contains Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oil. These four oils provide each of their own unique properties, but all four are known for d-limonene, an amazing compound that supports many body systems from skin to digestion.

NingXia Red is packed full of antioxidants, immune stimulating polysaccharides, carotenoids, and has 15.6g of protein per 100g of fruit. This is just a snippet of the great properties of the NingXia wolfberry that make NingXia Red so amazing.

Great for the Whole Body!

NingXia Red aids in health functions of the whole body. It supports normal blood sugar, promotes regularity in digestion, supports circulation, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, aids in bone joint and ligament support, combats premature ageing, improves energy levels, supports vision, helps maintain healthy blood pressure, (whew!) … and so much more.

15 Ways to Drink Your NingXia Red

NingXia Red packets make it even easier to get your daily shot in. Pro-Tip: Bottles of NingXia Red may freeze during shipping in the winter, so packets are the way to go for the next few months. 

NingXia Red packets make it even easier to get your daily shot in. Pro-Tip: Bottles of NingXia Red may freeze during shipping in the winter, so packets are the way to go for the next few months. 

I drink NingXia Red every day. Sometimes I need a change from the same old way I drink my Red. There are many different recipes and creative little tricks to change up your NingXia routine. Let’s start with my new favorite. I just discovered it this week!

  • A shot of NingXia Red to my herbal tea in the morning, or at night. I have cut out coffee, which is a process, of course, but I look forward to my cup of NingXia tea in the morning now.
  • NingXia in seltzer water makes a great refreshing and revitalizing treat.
  • A frozen packet of NingXia Red to make a NingXia popsicle.
  • A shot of NingXia Red in your orange juice or other juice.
  • NingXia Red in your smoothie.
  • NingXia Red in your Balance Complete Shake.
  • NingXia Red blended with ice.
  • NingXia Red in your ice water. This is my standby. I like to add a different combination of essential oils every few days to change up the flavor.

Shoot it straight or dress it up with essential oils. Here are some tried and true recipes. Though, the combinations are limitless.

Atomic Fire Ball

  • 1oz NingXia Red
  • 2 drops Cinnamon Bark
  • 1 drop Ocotea

Mind Blaster

  • 1oz. NingXia Red
  • 1 drop Lime
  • 1 drop Peppermint
  • 1 drop Lemon
  • 1 drop Copaiba
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark

Hot Flash

  • 1 oz. NingXia Red
  • 2 drops Cinnamon Bark
  • 2 drops Peppermint


  • 1 oz. NingXia Red
  • 1 drop Orange
  • 1 drop Lime
  • 1 drop Tangerine
  • 1 drop Copaiba
  • 1 drop Grapefruit
  • 1 drop Lemon

Cimply Smooth

  • 1 oz. NingXia Red
  • 2 drops Tangerine
  • 2 drops Lime
  • 1 drop StressAway

Jump Start

  • 2 oz. NingXia Red
  • 3 drops Lime
  • 3 drops Orange
  • 2 drops Frankincense
  • 1 drop Black Pepper

Morning Glory

  • 2 oz. NingXia Red
  • 3 drops Citrus Fresh
  • 1 drop Black Pepper
  • 1 drop Bergamot

Note: Always drink 8-12 oz. of water with your NingXia Red to help your body absorb all of its nutrients.

Have you had your NingXia Red today? Share your favorite recipe in the comments!

Young Living Fall Favs: Inner Defense

Give me a “D”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “F”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “N”!  Give me an “S”!  Give me an “E”!  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

We’ve all heard that cheer at some point in our lives, and we most likely think of football. But how about thinking outside the box and applying the principles of good defense to health?

A Good Offense is a Good Defense

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

Everyone has also heard the saying that “A good offense is a good defense.”  Well, in the case of my family’s health, I have chosen to use Young Living essential oils and supplements for both the offense and defense this Fall (and year round).  

My Family’s Offensive Line

In football, you need a good offensive line to support the quarterback. To support our health, we take some things daily for support: Ningxia Red, Digest and Cleanse and Thieves. It’s just plain smart to be on the offensive to maintain your health!

My Family’s Defense

But, you also need a good defense for the best chance to win. For instance, we use Thieves Vitality to support a healthy immune system, which is our body’s defense.

Inner Defense

Well, as you can see, a good offense is a good defense. But, I want to take this to another level – a good Inner Defense.  So, time for another analogy:

For those of us who are Christians, a good foundation in the Bible and a close relationship with God is a good defense for a life not overcome by Satan. Choosing to go to church and keeping some close Christian friends is a good offense for supporting our walk with God. Choosing to not put unwholesome things into our mind and heart is a good spiritual Inner Defense.

Well, in health, we need a good Inner Defense as well. What we eat, if we exercise, and so on affects whether or not we have a good Inner Defense. (Sorry, but yes, you really do need to eat those carrots! Lol!)

When We Need Inner Defense

Sometimes, life throws us a few curveballs. Like not enough sleep because our kids have too much homework or because someone called right before you were going to bed and you talked for a couple hours! Or maybe the curveball is being surrounded by people at work who should have stayed home. Or maybe it’s that you have been overwhelmed for days, if not weeks or months, trying to figure out how to pay for your child’s braces you’re losing sleep, and in general, are not yourself under all the stress.  

Our Answer to Curveballs: Young Living Inner Defense

In cases like these, we need a strong Inner Defense to help maintain our health. Well, my family loves a Young Living product called Inner Defense. We love to use it to promote, maintain, and support our inner well-being, a healthy immune system (our defense).    

Young Living's Inner Defense liquid soft gels reinforce systemic defenses, promote healthy respiratory function, and are rich in immune-supporting ingredients. WooHoo! Who doesn’t need that? It has Thieves essential oil in it (which contains clove, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, and cinnamon bark oils). We all know what a great oil Thieves is! Inner Defense also includes oregano, thyme, and lemongrass all amazing oils. It is such an awesome capsule; full of power for your immune system!

A Few Tips: When We Use Inner Defense

If my kids have been losing sleep for a few nights, guess what? They are going to take Inner Defense for a few days. My kids are runners. If they have a big race coming up and they seem to be getting run down (pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!), I have them take Inner Defense for a few days prior to their race to help maintain their health. If my husband and I are surrounded at work by people who should have stayed home, we will take Inner Defense for a few days. Hmmmm, maybe since I’m up late typing this, I should go take an Inner Defense!

Our Fall Defensive Game Plan

Now, to return to my sports analogy, you need a strong defense to have a winning offense. To have a strong defense in sports, you practice daily! Likewise, we can take daily measures to support our health, such as drinking Ningxia Red daily, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, etc. But, you can also take an Inner Defense capsule daily instead of just when you feel like you might need to promote a better body defense. The instructions on the bottle even say to take 1 capsule daily in a.m. or take 1 capsule 3-5 times daily when stressed. That will surely help promote a strong Inner Defense!

So a good offense is a good defense is a good Inner Defense! So who’s with me? Give me a “D” … or better yet, make Inner Defense part of your healthy lifestyle!

Contact Beth, this week’s contributor, at for any questions about your family’s Fall Defense plan.



Young Living 2016 Christmas Catalog: Season for Sharing

We will return to our regularly scheduled Fall Favs series next week, but we just couldn’t help sharing a bit about the Young Living Christmas catalog today. Why? Well, we happen to have two great reasons:

  1. We’re excited. There are some great kits, oils and products to give (and receive) from this year’s catalog.

  2. If we wait any longer to share, you may not get your chance to shop!

Pro Tip: Holiday exclusives go fast!

So without further ado, we broke down the catalog by some major (fun) themes. Shop right from our post, or browse through the online version here. Either way, a warm beverage*,  festive tree scent and some jolly tunes may be in order.  

*speaking of warm beverages, get cozy with this Thermos + Peppermint set

Young Living 2016 Holiday Catalog: Season for Sharing


The Holiday Season is all about sharing: laughs, moments, food. And, of course, if you’ve fallen in love with Essential Oils, your Young Living favorites. We love how Young Living makes sharing must-have oils easy with kits like these, complete with helpful booklets. Perfect for the oily beginner in your life!  

Eating & Drinking

Vitality oils make spicing up seasonal favorites easier than ever before, and Young Living released 15 new dietary blends just in time for your Holiday feasts. The Ningxia Red holiday set, a must for keeping those wellness goals this time of year, includes 5 greeting cards and a $5 donation to the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation!


The New ART Care System is designed to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face naturally. Order before December 31 to bring that spa-life to your home with a Young Living spa headband. And, it’s ok to pamper the men in your life too with Shutran Aftershave Lotion and Shutran Bar Soap. The woodsy scent meets a plant-based formula for a good-for-you clean.  

Stocking Stuffing

Skip candy in favor of Wolfberry Crisp Bars this year in their stocking for healthy snacking at it’s finest. And the 2016 Lipbalm set of 4 (including Holiday-Exclusive Vanillamint) is a little treat that always brings (and protects) big smiles.  


We love these two sets for the kids and grandkids in your life. Give the gift of natural cleansing and wellness support with Kidscents.


The holidays are much more enjoyable if you and your family are staying well and fit. Check out these sets for a little proactive (and priceless) peace of mind. 

Stay Tuned

We’ll be back next week to reveal another Young Living product we can’t live without this time of year. See you soon!


It's Fall Y'all: New Series Kickoff!

We rounded out our series on each oil in the Premium Starter kit last week. If you missed it (or ever want to review), we collected all the posts on a brand new page. Check it out. You’re welcome.

Today, we’re giving you a sneak-peek to our new series: Fall Favorites.


It’s hard to pick our favorite thing about fall: Cooler weather. Beautiful leaves. Better coffee treats. The Holidays. But there are a few things about Fall that don’t make the “few of our favorite things” category. The kind of things that make immune support and mood boosting more important than ever.

That’s why we’ll spend the rest of the year sharing our favorite oils and Young Living products to help you take on everything Fall, from colder weather to hosting Thanksgiving dinner. 

We’ve got posts planned on oils, blends and supplements we’ve never covered before on the blog like Christmas Spirit, up next week. Other planned topics include Inner Defense, Eucalyptus, Raven, Breathe Again, RC and Ningxia.

What are your #YLFallFavs? Here are a few of ours! Inner Defense, Eucalyptus, Raven, Breathe Again, RC & Ningxia.

What are your #YLFallFavs? Here are a few of ours! Inner Defense, Eucalyptus, Raven, Breathe Again, RC & Ningxia.

It's Fall Y'all! Be excited and stay tuned!

Beyond the Oils: Premium Starter Kit Goodies

All good things come to an end. But sometimes, even better things come in their place.  

We’ve finished our Premium Starter Kit-themed Oil of the Week series. And now, we’d like to introduce you to a brand new page that gives you easy access to each of those posts – and some bonus tips – in one place. It’s your new go-to, on-the-go PSK reference. Bookmark it, share it, study it. It’s for you, enjoy!

We've talked about the oils, but what else comes in your kit? Find out about the samples, tools and other goodies included in the Premium Starter Kit. 

We've talked about the oils, but what else comes in your kit? Find out about the samples, tools and other goodies included in the Premium Starter Kit. 

While the oils are the spotlight of the kit, this week we’ll cover what else you can look forward to in your PSK: more ways oil, share, learn and dig deeper into what Young Living has to offer.   

Ways to Oil

During the series, we made a lot of suggestions for your Essential Oil routine: Applying oils to your feet, directly to stressed muscles, under your tongue and more. The PSK includes two ways to help you use the oils in your day-to-day routine. A rollerball helps you apply an oil just where you need it. And of course, a diffuser is a great way to aromatically enjoy the oils. So for starters, the PSK includes: 

  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • Diffuser

Ways to Share

If you want to share an oil with friends or family, you’ll find two easy ways to do just that. You can hand them a sample packet or give them a sample oil bottle with a few drops of your favorite oil. Cards with key information will help remind your friend how to use the oil. Start sharing with these easy PSK tools: 

  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles

Way to Dig Deeper

Young Living has a lot to offer beyond the kit. Get a small taste of one of their most popular products with two 2-oz. shots of NingXia Red. Formulated with antioxidants and infused with essential oils, this supplement helps support overall wellness.

Ways to Learn More

You’ll find a pouch full of information about your oils, Young Living, and launching your own Essential Oil business in your kit’s front flap. This is a great place to keep any notes you took at an Essential Oils 101 class. Take a peek in your kit to find: 

  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Essential Oil Magazine
  • Essential Edge
  • Member Resources

Ways to Get in Touch

Have questions about the kit? Or something you want to learn more about? Let us know! We read all comments and emails. So get in touch!

Love is in the Air: Our Top Young Living Picks

The Tree of Life team is head-over-heels for Young Living Essential Oils and products. We are devoted to daily wellness and the only thing we love more than our favorite oil is sharing our real-life tips with you. Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy the list, and, as always, if you have any questions, please contact us! We'd love that, too. 

What's Not to Love? The Tree of Life Team's Top Young Living Picks  

Lavender: Beloved Multitasker 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

"I never knew that one bottle of oil could do so much! It speeds skin recovery, supports a great night sleep, creates a relaxing environment and also tastes good in my tea. Lavender oil from Young Living is the oil I would choose if I could only choose one. I wouldn't want to be stranded without it." -- Jennifer Lopes

The one oil I never thought I'd love is LAVENDER❣
I've always preferred a woodsy/earthy scent. I came to love Lavender gradually after learning about the many therapeutic benefits and how they targeted most of my specific concerns. It's helped me with my skin, seasonal respiratory wellness and relaxation when my mind is going off in several directions. 
I use it to make room & linen sprays, bath salts, as deodorant, on the dog, on dryer balls & it's in my body butter. -- Shari Williamson

Joy: Worthy of Jumping for  

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy! I truly don't know how I made it so long without it. It is my go-to when life becomes a struggle, when I get a poor night's rest, when I have to do things I would rather not, when I get behind, I could go on and on. It makes life sweeter (literally).  Bonus, I can get some for free this month with the February promo!  -- Michelle McKool YL SILVER #1456692

Frankincense: Impossible to Live Without 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

I LOVE FRANKINCENSE! This is the "oil of life" that I do not think I could live without! This oil has brought the most comfort, relief and healing balance. I use this oil head to toe everyday: Adding a drop or two to my face cream morning and night (always taking time to inhale the goodness), and also several drops to my body lotion after showers. I apply it with hempseed oil to my abdomen and lungs several times/day, with other oils before Far Infrared Sauna, and throughout the day if I need extra relief for any number of things. I take and inhale, and thank God for this oil and it's amazing properties and how it has blessed my life! -- Christina Vossler

NingXia Red: Dreamy Antioxidant 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

This beautiful bottle of liquid antioxidant goodness transformed the way my family defines the term healthy! Some days it is an ounce or two in the morning to jumpstart the day. Other days it could be six to eight ounces throughout the day to nourish those unhealthy cells. On a hot summer afternoon, it could be a pouch of frozen nutrition as we float in the pool. There is no wrong way to enjoy NingXia Red! As I drink it, I picture my blood cells having a party as they absorb this incredible super food! -- CYNTHIA LENGEFELD, YL SILVER #1339187

Power Meal: Swoon-Worthy Protein 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

I love to 'drink' my breakfast and I've been doing it for 22 years now. Smoothies made with fruit, greens, flax ,and chia is ALWAYS made SO much better with Power Meal as my dairy-free protein! -- JOYCE SWANSON, YL SILVER #303178 

Thieves: One Word, Amazing  

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

This oil is a must-have. It smells amazing. I have it running in my diffuser all the time. The kids get it on the bottom of their feet everyday. I love it on my toothbrush or use it as a mouth wash. It's benefits are amazing. We stay healthy, which is good because I don't have time for sick people. -- DENA JONES (PERFECT ALIGNMENT CHIROPRACTIC), YL SILVER #1410697

Valor & PanAway: Muscle-Supporting Power Couple 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Valor and PanAway have been my most important oils to help support muscle fatigue and minor pain. Don't know what I would do without them. -- Holly Barker 

Inner Defense: Hello Beautiful...Immune Support

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Inner Defense is a staple in my house this time of year! I love how it promotes a healthy respiratory system and supports our immune systems. -- Michelle Thielemann Krischke 

Peppermint: Always Cool 

Cool addition to daily life! 

Cool addition to daily life! 

I must say that for my family we go through a lot of peppermint. With a soon to be 3 yr old and my Husband, we need to stock 8 bottles! We love the cooling effect when we are working outside in theTexas heat and the great muscle and ligament support it provides before working out or after doing heavy lifting. Additionally, my daughter asks for peppermint vitality in her tea and her chocolate brownies! I use it daily, one drop in my coffee! -- Sunday Taylor 

Find Your Favorite

Want to find your perfect oil match? Contact Tree of Life today to start your lifelong relationship with these amazing oils and products. 

Essential Oils and Travel: Preparing Your Own Oily Travel Kit

Over the past several years our family has spent time on mission trips out of the country, primarily in Haiti and most recently Ecuador and Uganda. These trips require quite a bit of planning, and, most importantly, quite a bit of oily preparation! 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

In May, my older daughter spent time in Ecuador while my younger daughter and husband spent time in Africa. On our trips to Haiti we traveled as a family, sharing oils while away. The May trips were different! Each person needed his/her own “oily travel kit.” Since I prepared three of these kits, I thought I would share what my oily travel kit includes.

Travel-Worn Bottles = Healthy Bodies 

Beware! These are pictures of actual oil bottles that have traveled out of the country several times. They are NOT pictures of pretty little oil bottles! As much as I LOVE getting pretty, new oil bottles in the mail, I have conceded that ugly oil bottles are a byproduct of healthy bodies.

Keep in mind that these are merely the basic oils our family needs on trips. We also take additional oils used for specific purposes that are part of our daily oily routine such as Progessence Plus Serum, Shutran, Clary Sage, Endoflex, Sacred Frankincense, and others.

Plane Travel & Essential Oils

Carrying On Essential Oils

Although most of our essential oils are in our checked luggage, we make sure we have a few oils with us on the plane. Who knows when the checked luggage will really arrive?!?

Airline travel with oils is relatively simple. Your airline-authorized quart-size liquids bag can accommodate MANY 5mL or 15mL bottles of essential oil. We have never had any airline representative question our inclusion of essential oil in our liquids bag. Our liquids bag always includes peppermint, Thieves, and lavender essential oils as well as a bottle of Thieves spray and a few Thieves lozenges

Top Three Essential Oils for Every Plane Ride

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

1. Peppermint

Inhaling peppermint instantly calms my stomach when air turbulence unexpectedly strikes. 

2. Lavender

Lavender can aid in relaxation for those 17-hour international flights! 

3. Thieves

Once we have boarded the plane, we immediately reach for Thieves for immune support. Since we travel with flip flops or Crocs for easy security checks, it is important to slather those feet with Thieves and put socks on for the plane ride. Thieves spray comes in handy to spray in our throat or on our hands for extra protection. 

My Essential Oil Travel Kit

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

Oils in our checked luggage (aka our Oily Travel Kits) include:

  • Valor
  • DiGize
  • R.C. or Raven
  • PanAway
  • Immupower
  • Oregano
  • Purification
  • Frankincense
  • v-6
  • Extra Thieves, lavender, peppermint and lozenges.
  • We always travel with NingXia Red packets and NingXia Nitro, too.

This might seem like a lot, but we want to be prepared for anything! I make sure we have empty capsules to make our own immune-supporting concoctions of oregano, Immupower and frankincense. We all have those days when we are not feeling our best. 

Top Travel Tips:

  • R.C. stands for respiratory/congestion which keeps our respiratory systems in tip-top shape.
  • DiGize works well for all things digestion related that can (does) occur when traveling out of the country.

We are THAT Family: Healthy, Happy Travelers

We rely heavily on our oils. So much so, that we are known on every trip as THAT family! Usually as the week begins, we quietly go about using Purification to help repel insects, Thieves for immune support, lavender to promote good sleep, daily NingXia packets and Nitro, peppermint for head discomfort, etc. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

Usually by the end of each trip, almost everyone else has noticed that our family is energetic, rested, and well. Predictably, they begin asking questions. That’s all it takes for me to share oily goodness and share the oil love with the rest of the team members! I have team members from all over the United States whom I met on international trips. It is always a blessing to bless others.

In May, my older daughter was known as the “alchemist” on her trip to Ecuador as she shared oils with her team members, and my younger daughter left most of her oils in Africa to bless the mission families who serve in Uganda.  

Time to Start Your Journey!

I am all about education and all about oils, so post a comment or question, and I’ll be happy to help!  When you are ready to start your oily journey, you can join the Tree of Life team by joining me at Oil Together Now, here. I’d love to share oily goodness with you, too!

Oily Travelers, What’s in Your Kit? Share in the Comments! 

New Young Living Premium Starter Kit

After 20 Years We Are Just Getting Started...
— Travis Ogden, Young Living's chief operating officer, opening last week’s New Premium Starter Kit introductory meeting and special unveiling in Ft. Worth, TX.
Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Lindsey Barger (Young Living Executive Leader), Sabra Bland (Young Living Senior Star) and I (Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader) had the opportunity to attend the New Kit unveiling and we are excited to share all about:

  • the NEW Starter Kit
  • the new Love It? Share It! program
  • EO Magazine
  • AND your chance to win your very own bottle of R.C.

New Kit, New Look

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

First off, the new packaging is gorgeous! Young Living’s sleek new marketing – think Apple – matches our position as an essential oils world leader. I love the quote on the front of the box: "It's not a slogan—it's our calling."

A Peek Inside

When you open the box, you’ll see 10 oils on top. This part of the box is removable and has a display stand on the back, perfect for when you are sharing with friends, teaching a class or displaying them at a booth.

Underneath the oils, you’ll find:

  • 1 Stress Away (your 11th bonus oil)
  • 2 samples of Ningxia Red
  • 10 oil sample packets
  • 1 AromaGlide
  • 10 sample size oil bottles
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Cards
  • Member enrollment form

New Kit, New Labels

I also love the new labels. The front of the bottle contains a see-through window, and an oil level line on the back so you can easily see how much oil is left in the bottle. The label also includes a barcode for shipping purposes.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New Kit, New Oils

The starter kit contains 3 new oils:

  • R.C.
  • DiGize
  • Copaiba

These replaced Joy, Citrus Fresh and Tee Tree.

Premium Starter Kit Oils                                            

Here are the 11 oils in the new starter kit. 

Stress Away

This blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.


Known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils, Lavender is powerful and versatile. Its refreshing scent brings a sense of peace and harmony.


Peppermint's fresh, energizing aroma is highly regarded for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.


This species (Boswellia carterii) includes the naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. Diffuse Frankincense during meditation for grounding and purpose. Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and is excellent to use for massage after activity.


Cold pressed from the rinds of fresh, ripe lemons, Lemon has a pleasant and cheerful aroma. It can lift spirits, soothe troubled or oily complexions, and aid in digestive wellness and weight management. It is also great for cleansing and removing sticky residue. Use it to flavor food or your favorite recipe.


Unlike any other essential oil, copaiba is tapped directly from the tree, rather than being distilled. It is a powerful essential oil from South America that has traditionally been used to aid digestion and support the body's natural response to injury or irritation. Copaiba contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene (55 percent) of any known essential oil.


Thieves essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals to use while robbing the dead and dying. Young Living’s one-of-a-kind Thieves blend, crafted in the spirit of that legendary combination, can be found in all of our Thieves products. When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function. It also includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.


A blend containing wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint essential oil, PanAway is often used for massage. Rub PanAway essential oil blend on muscles to help alleviate stressed muscles or other physical discomforts.


An invigorating blend that includes three varieties of eucalyptus, R.C. is comforting when applied to chest, neck and throat.


This blend combines citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, and myrtle. Purification gained popularity for its ability to neutralize odors, soothe insect bites, and its crisp, refreshing aroma that helps calm, uplift, and refresh the mind. It is also an excellent choice to soothe skin.


Combining powerful essential oils traditionally used for digestive support, this proprietary blend contains ginger, anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli, lemongrass, and juniper essential oils. Use DiGize with every meal, to support a daily wellness regimen.

New Kit, New Flex Oils

In addition to these 11 oils, Young Living has selected 5 "Flex Oils." These oils may be substituted in the event of sourcing constraints or supply considerations. This way the starter kit will always be available for purchase.

Here are the 5 Flex Oils:

Tee Tree

One of the gentlest essential oils available, it possesses powerful properties that are essential for the skin. It helps to moisturize and beautify the appearance of the skin.


AromaEase has a clean, nurturing scent that is calming and relaxing. It utilizes the powerful constituents found in ginger, cardamom, peppermint, fennel, and spearmint essential oils to help soothe occasional stress.


Lemongrass has a fresh, citrus-herb aroma traditionally used to support normal digestion. It is one of the most versatile essential oils. It can promote proper function of ligaments and tendons as well as proper lymph flow.

Citrus Fresh

Its sweet, fruity combination of orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and spearmint make Citrus Fresh the perfect uplifting aroma. It supports the immune system and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy. It is also a great addition to your favorite beverage.


Orange is high in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system for overall well-being. Its sunny, sweet, and fruity aroma lifts the spirits while calming the body and mind. It is also a wonderful way to enhance the flavor of many foods and drinks.

New Kit, New Love it? Share it! Program

The Love it? Share it! program is a great new addition to the kit. There are three simple steps to get ready, get S.E.T. and go with Young Living.

  1. S-tart: Sign up as a wholesale member with a premium starter kit. Once you purchase your kit you have already begun this stage in your Young Living journey.
  2. E-ssential Rewards: Join our exclusive loyalty program to easily make our essential oil-infused solutions a part of your everyday lifestyle. 
  3. T-hree=Free: Share your love of essential oils with three friends and help them start their journey. You can earn at least $150 in commissions and bonuses, making your initial investment in the premium starter kit free!

The sample bottles and cards that are now included in the starter kit are a great way for you to start sharing with friends, family and co-workers. If you need additional samples order at

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I love the opportunity with Young Living to achieve Wellness with the essential oils and products they offer. I feel a sense of Purpose when I am sharing and helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle, and I enjoy the Abundance available in building a team.

This new Love It? Share It! program makes it easier to help others on their journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. The Young Living Roadmap included in the kit is another great tool. This outlines your journey to success, helps you get started on the right foot, set goals and reach your dreams!

New Kit, New Diffuser Options

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Another new exciting feature of the New Premium Starter Kit? The Choose your Diffuser option. Once you select you kit, you will be able to choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. You will also have the option to upgrade to an Aria Diffuser for an additional charge. This is another great idea to help members get exactly what they want.

New Kit, New Magazine

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

This introductory meeting had many surprises, and this last one is no exception. Young Living has partnered with a third party and will now include a copy of EO, the Essential Oils Magazine in every New Starter Kit. This magazine will initially be featured at Barnes & Noble and Hastings. This Fall you will be able to find this magazine in the grocery store check out line right next to People Magazine! And guess who the only advertiser in this magazine is? Young Living!

Existing Members: Pre-Order Now!

Are you ready to purchase your New Premium Starter Kit? Existing members can pre-order up to 5 kits before the official launch in June. There is a special ordering banner on the front page of the Virtual Office.

The R.C. Challenge: Comment for your Chance to WIN

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Ed Dailey, RN, a featured speaker at the event, spoke about taking charge of our own health care. "Better health care, arises from better self care." He uses Young Living Essential Oils in integrated hospital care, and joked that he is in the "health" part of the health care field.

He gave all of us a challenge which I would like to pass on to you. He said that we should spend time on each oil and learn all that we can about it. Since we have 3 oils that are new to this kit as well as 3 flex oils that have not previously been featured in the starter kit, let's spend time over the next several months learning all that we can about these oils.

So here's the CHALLENGE: For the next month, learn all you can about R.C. What is in it, what is it used for? LEARN, LEARN LEARN! If you make a comment on the blog about R.C., you will be entered into a drawing to win a free bottle of R.C. Ready, go learn and comment!

Join Tree of Life Today

The three of us had a great time in Ft. Worth. If you have an opportunity to attend a Young Living corporate event, I would strongly recommend that you go. We offer classes every month and love teaching people about essential oils. If you would like to become of member of Young Living Essential Oils, you can join the Tree of Life team by clicking HERE!

Contact us:

Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader #1410697


Lindsey Barger, Young Living Executive Leader #1554654


Sabra Bland, Young Living Senior Star #1902094