Young Living Fall Favs: Christmas Spirit

I wish that someone at Young Living would have called me to say, 'Hey we made this new blend with Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce, what would you like to call it?' Honestly, I wouldn't have called it Christmas Spirit. I think a lot of people only use this oil during the holidays which is an incredible waste. I diffuse this beauty all year long

Diffuse this blend of Orange, Cinnamon Bark and Spruce around the holidays ... and all year long! 

Diffuse this blend of Orange, Cinnamon Bark and Spruce around the holidays ... and all year long! 

Let's Break it Down: The Recipe for Christmas Spirit


This oil is supportive for a wide range of systems, from emotional support to digestive. Plus, did you know that orange oil helps with oily skin?* And many people use this oil in their toothpaste to naturally whiten teeth. It may be supportive for your cardiac system as well. Case closed: Orange is an incredible oil.

*Safety Spotlight: Citrus oils are photo-sensitive and can cause a burn if exposed to the sun. Apply it at night or keep your skin out of direct sunlight.

Cinnamon Bark

When you add Cinnamon Bark to the mix, it gets kinda' "Ker-plow" for it's health powers. Let's just say it kills things, things you want dead, you get my drift?

This is one of my favorite oils for cold feet. What, you say, cold feet?... Yes! Unless you have been hanging out in the local stream, cold feet is usually a sign you need circulation support, and Cinnamon can work on that for you. It is also a great immune stimulant and works as a general purifier.

And um, can't really write about these two oils without saying, YUM-MY, so then there is that. 


Ok, Spruce is powerful oil for emotional and respiratory support that has a really nice woodsy aroma. It is grounding and helps bring balance. Perhaps that is why this oil is in so many of our favorite blends.

Seriously, do you know how many blends contain Spruce? If you go to Young Living's site and put Spruce in the product search bar, you can get a list of all the blends that contain Spruce. Take note of how many are for grounding and emotional support! Perhaps this is why they tag this oil during the cold winter months and during the stressful holidays because of the type of support it offers.

A Gift for Any Season

So when you combine these three beneficial oils into one bottle, you get a little piece of Heaven that, now that you know, can become a year round favorite! Young Living Christmas Spirit is totally welcome well before Thanksgiving.