Oil of the Week: Lemon

Welcome back to our Oil of the Week series! Last week, we covered PanAway. Next up? Lemon Vitality. Just to recap: each week we’ll be covering an oil or blend from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. And by covering, we mean offering real, day-to-day tips to help you start using the oils now.

Lemon: Freshly Squeezed Citrus Goodness

You’ve probably had a slice of lemon in your water, and you’ve probably used traditional cleaners with a bright, lemony scent. So you already know some benefits of lemon: it tastes and smells wonderful. But what can Young Living Lemon Vitality do for you? Yup, that’s what we’re here to share.  

Citrus Secret: Limonene

Young Living Lemon Vitality supports mood, skin, digestion and more! 

Young Living Lemon Vitality supports mood, skin, digestion and more! 

75 lemons. That’s what one 15-ml bottle of Lemon Vitality contains. So, it takes just a drop or 2 to reap the benefits of Limonene, a naturally occurring chemical found in citrus rinds. Limonene helps support body functions inside and out, as well as boosting natural house cleaning. Some top benefits include:

  • Healthy, balanced skin
  • Digestive wellness
  • Weight management
  • Mood support
  • Heightened focus
  • Natural flavoring
  • Natural cleaning

Sensitive Skin Watch

Lemon can make your skin more sensitive to UV light and sun. So avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours after application.

4 Ways to Use Lemon Vitality

#1: Diffusion

Try not to smile when you walk into a room with a lemony fresh scent. Lemon is known for its mood-boosting aroma. But beyond that, lemon can help support mental focus. Try diffusing while studying, reading or writing.

Oily Moms-to-Be: Try to diffuse or inhale lemon to beat those morning (noon and night) queezies. 

#2: Cleaning

If you ever have the chance to go to a Premium Starter Kit class with some Young Living mentors, you’ll probably hear stories about how lemon saved the day with that weird sticky stuff that nothing else could get out. Lemon is a go-to for chemical-free cleaning. It works AND it smells fresh. When in doubt, reach for lemon.

And lemon can also enhance Thieves household cleaner! Check out our Spring Cleaning post for even more lemon-infused ideas.

#3: Hydration

Drinking more water has a host of benefits, not to mention beautiful skin. Flavor your water with a drop of Lemon Vitality for a crisp and refreshing start to your day.

Note: Only use Young Living essential oils in glass or stainless steel containers.

#4: Flavor

Lemon Vitality was formulated as a dietary supplement. Translation: have fun with flavor! The possibilities are nearly endless. Try lemon in baking, yogurt and marinades. Start with a drop or two, again, Lemon Vitality is highly concentrated!

More Please!

Young Living Lemon Vitality works wonders a natural cleaner. 

Young Living Lemon Vitality works wonders a natural cleaner. 

Stay tuned for more Oil of the Week posts as well as our upcoming Convention 2016 recap (translation...new products!). We’re so excited to share this oily journey with you! Please contact us with any questions. We love hearing from you!