DIY: Succulent Diffusers

Even after four years with oils, I love that I’m still learning so much. Sure, I’ve got some daily favorites. Thieves for immune support, Citrus Fresh for mood boosting and Peace & Calming for bedtime bliss. But I’m always on the hunt to discover new ways to infuse my day-to-day with natural oily vibes.

Last week, I got my chance. I attended a class on how to make a succulent diffuser. Are you as intrigued as I was about how to combine these cute and sturdy little plants with the scents of your favorite oils? Thought so. I’ll share the step-by-step process, give some succulent care tips and list some oils that pair really well this project.

4 Steps to Make Your Own Succulent Diffuser

Some diffusers from class, so cute!

Some diffusers from class, so cute!

#1. Start with rocks

These help the water drain completely. Use enough to cover the base of your container.


#2. Add the Soil

Make sure to use cactus soil. Fill your container about 1/3 full.


#3. Plant your Succulent

Use the soil from your succulent’s container, plus extra soil to cover the roots. Soil should reach the top of your container.


#4. Set the Diffuser Stage

Add moss or lava rocks to act as your natural diffuser.

Note: If you use moss as your diffuser, make sure to only add 2-3 drops every few days to avoid too much moisture near your plants. You can refresh your lava rock diffuser daily.


Succulent Care Tips

Another cute creation from class, impossible to pick my favorite!

Another cute creation from class, impossible to pick my favorite!

#1. Pick the Right Plants

Succulents that are mostly green will do the best indoors.

#2. Water Correctly

Soak the soil when watering, then let it dry out completely before watering again.

#3. Place in the Sun

Try to put your plants by a sunny, south-facing window to best simulate their native habitat.

Oils to Try with Your Succulent Diffuser

Again, I love learning about oils! I actually hadn’t been to a class in long time. Going reminded me what a great chance classes are to hear how others use oils. I got inspired to try new oils and use my favorite oils in new ways. Here are some oils I’m excited to try with my succulent diffuser:

Citrus Oils

I really enjoy diffusing citrus oils! Their scents are so fresh, clean and mood boosting. And two of my favorites, Lemon and Citrus Fresh, are included in the Premium Starter Kit.

  1. Lemon: I always keep lemon on hand because it is has so many great uses. I add it to my Thieves Cleaner to create glass/all-purpose cleaner, and I’ve used it to help me diminish the appearance of scratches on my wood furniture. In a diffuser, lemon + peppermint is a powerful combination, especially to promote concentration.

  2. Citrus Fresh: This is my go-to for my dryer balls! This blend combines zesty citrus scents with a pop of spearmint for a sunny pick-me-up.

Shared Space Oils

If you want to bring your succulent diffuser to work, here are some options that will keep everyone smiling.

  1. Stress Away: This mood-boosting oil charms everyone near with a sweet mix including lime and vanilla.

  2. Lavender: This bedtime favorite has a generally soothing appeal that would be a great fit for the office or classroom.

Which oil would you use on your Succulent Diffuser?

April Promo: Celebrate Spring with Sunny Favorites

Sunny citrus scents and a bouquet of florals make the April Promo perfect for spring! Goldenrod, the Lavender Calming Bath Bombs, Vetiver and Clary Sage all get bonus points for being both mood AND skin boosting. Earn these multitasking must-haves and more by ordering your favorite Young Living oils, makeup and natural products this month.

Spring has sprung! Get sunny, spring-perfect oils to match the warming days:)

Spring has sprung! Get sunny, spring-perfect oils to match the warming days:)

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5 ml Vetiver

Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

5 ml Clary Sage

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10 Essential Rewards points

Self-Care Series Part 3: The Feelings Kit for Kids

This week, we’ve got more tips for giving your oily kids an emotional boost. What could be easier than a kid-specific take on the Feelings Kit? If you missed our Feeling Kit protocol, check it out for a 30 day kick-start to treating yourself well!

Here are a few tips from Jaynelle on how to use these wonderful, emotional oils with your littles:

The Feelings Kit for Kids

This powerful kit can help support the whole family.

This powerful kit can help support the whole family.


Reach for Valor to help your kids be BRAVE, STRONG and kick fear to the curb. It’s hard growing up, I love supporting my littles through hard times with Valor.


I know I choose to have HARMONY in my house! (Who’s with me?) Use this one for feelings of jealousy, negativity and insecurity. Great for those battle times between siblings! Diffuse or apply on belly.


It is hard to learn to forgive. Use to help your littles let go when they have been wronged. It’s a hard lesson to learn so why not help aid our littles in the process! Diffuse or apply on chest area.

Inner Child

This oil is a wise choice to help kiddos stay in touch with who they are and who they were CREATED to be, rather than emotionally detaching and losing themselves.

A serious note: when children have been abused, they become disconnected from their inner child (identity), which causes confusion (and so much more). Use this oil to help them reconnect. Diffuse or apply around ears.


Say BYE to tantrums by releasing anger and frustration that build up over time. Moms of 2 and 3 year olds, rejoice! Diffuse or apply over liver area.

Present Time

Present Time in action!

Present Time in action!

Mamas this one's for you! I use Present Time to be in the moment. It’s a reminder to put away my cell phone and computer and turn off the TV – be in the PRESENT with my babies… they grow up way too fast to tell them to “hold on” while you answer an email. I have had my share of moments not being present and I love how this oil helps you be aware while spending time with our little people.

Just as I was typing this, my littlest came back here for a diaper change. I decided that I would take my own advice and live in the moment. I set my computer aside and we played and snuggled for a bit. Then he saw my Feelings Kit box and thought it was fun to play with – that is how I got this adorable picture… being present!

Diffuse or apply around ears and wrist.

DIY Recipe: Happy Dance Roller

Want to keep something on hand, all the time? Try this Happy Dance Roller for kids!

  • 10 ml roller bottle or half the recipe for a 5ml

  • 10 drops White Angelica

  • 4 drops Surrender

  • 7 drops Orange

Optional swaps: Inner Child instead of Surrender & Lemon/Citrus Fresh instead of Orange

Top it off with carrier oil and roll away!

Self-Care Series Part 2: Emotional Oils for Kids

Welcome back to our self-care series! Last week we covered the Feeling Collection Protocol. Check it out for! It’s a great recommendation on how to seek emotional support with a few intentional moments with your oils each day.

This week, we are sharing our favorite emotional oils for kids! Thanks to Jaynelle for once again sharing her tried-and-true tips. Enjoy! And if you have any oily kid tips, make sure to comment below.

Learn how to support your kids (ever changing) emotions with our favorite feelings oils for kids.

Learn how to support your kids (ever changing) emotions with our favorite feelings oils for kids.

Our Favorite Emotional Oils for Kids

I am 33 years old and still figuring out and working on my own emotions… Imagine how difficult it can be for our kiddos! The first day of school, losing a favorite “lovey,” first night away from home, graduating from high school – no emotion is too small (or from too small a person) to acknowledge. We all feel, and I love how we can support our babies as they grow through every walk and stage of life.

With all that said – it is time to listen up mommas, nannies, grandparents, dads, foster parents, sisters, babysitters and brothers. My boys have been oily babies since day one of their lives and it has helped us ALL so much! Here are some favorites in our house!

Stress Away

The name says it all. I bet this is one of the first emotional oils you used because it is in the starter kit. This is a goody! Our sweet kids are way too prone to the stresses of this world. They are also watching our every move and see/feel our stress as well. It is smart for all of us to sit back and stress less with this amazing oil. It is great on the wrists, temples and neck. I even wear it as a perfume many days, the vanilla lime scent is addicting!

Orange & Lemon

Orange and Lemon are happy oils and help bring peace. They very uplifting when we are feeling down and need that extra pick me up. They are GREAT diffused, applied and mix well with Joy or White Angelica.

White Angelica

This oil is AMAZING! Probably the MOST used in our house. It is a blend made up of 10 oils that helps protect us from the negativity that can creep up during the day. White Angelica is very uplifting and calming to the emotions. It can also help open our hearts. Wear it daily and just watch as your whole attitude about life changes. Truly amazing!

Peace & Calming

This is the first and last oil of the day that my youngest gets. He responds very well to it. Its effects are all in the name. Apply to the chest, back of the neck and bottoms of the feet for a great day!


Did you know that this blend used to be called Love? Yep, it sure did and that is very fitting because it helps to encourage memories of being loved and held. It can also help open up the ability to receive love. Our babies need to be loved on and know they are secure – I love this oil for this! Apply it in a clockwise motion over the heart and smell it deeply!


I have a stubborn one -- strong willed, independent, and very determined! This oil helps calm down those moments when his personality can turn into a tantrum. Sometimes we all just need to take a breath and calm down.

As we asked up top, do you have any family favorites to share? Let us know! And stay tuned for another self-care post next week!

Back to School Made Easy

This week we hosted a Facebook class on naturally good ways to kick off the school year. We know everyone can't tune in on Facebook, so we thought we'd make the info available on our blog, too.

BIG NEWS: We'll now be sharing all of our class videos on our YouTube channel! Subscribe so you won't miss a single oily tip! 

Back to School Tips

Ningxia Red & Ningxia Nitro

Suzanne shares her Ningxia Red tips for busy school mornings. Spoiler: Chill packets for grab-and-go convenience! For an afternoon pick-me-up, keep NingXia Nitro close by! 

NingXia Red helps support:

  • Immune system
  • Cognitive function
  • Energy

MightyVites and MightyZymes

Lindsey shares why you should put a multivitamin and natural enzyme on your back to school list! Bonus: these kid-specific formulas taste great. 

Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils

Lemon and Peppermint both help you and your family retain information and maintain focus. The perfect power couple for back to school! 

Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray

Powered by Thieves, Thieves Hand Purifier helps keep hands clean on the go! This hard-working essential keeps purifying and moisturizing long after you squeeze it on. We love Thieves Spray for nearly any hard surface. 

Jaynelle's Pro Tip: These make great gifts for teachers! 

Panaway and Copaiba Essential Oil

Janie shares about Panaway, a great uplifting blend for muscles after active days! Add Copaiba to enhance this supportive oil. 

Thieves and Raven Essential Oil Blends

Check out these two great oils from your starter kit with Cynthia! If you like to breathe, Raven provides great respiratory support:) Plus, Thieves Vitality supports your immune system. You can take it internally: try it in oatmeal, water or baking. 

Young Living Thieves Cough Drops and Acne Cream

We are over the moon about these over the counter Young Living products! Thieves Cough Drops are great for easy immune support. Middle school and high school moms: check out this acne cream! And even if you don't have acne, this one also works wonders for black heads and blemishes. 

MightyPro & Life 9

Support your gut health year round with MightyPro and Life 9. Check out Rachel's tips on how to add these supportive products to your nighttime routine. 

Are you ready for back to school? Do you have any natural tips to share? We'd love to hear from you! 

Shark Week + Essential Oils: Yes, Please!

At the close of Shark Week 2018, we thought that Suzanne Rodolfich's Shark Week-themed posts were too good not to share on our blog! Enjoy:) 

Shark Skin? No, Thanks! Best Essential Oils for Skin Care 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Essential Oils are a great, natural way to take care of your skin! 

Did you know that shark skin actually looks and feels like little interlocking teeth? Um, no thank you!

Young Living offers SO many options for your skin! Here are a just a few top skin oils:

Top Essential Oils for Skin

  • Frankincense—helps create youthful appearance 
  • Tea Tree—cleanses skin
  • Geranium—helps provide healthy, clear, glowing skin
  • Cypress—smooths skin
  • Copiaba—reduces redness
  • Sandalwood—soothes, tightens, cleanses
  • Blue Tansy—soothes, reduces redness, provides antioxidant
  • Kunzea—provides antioxidant benefits (check out the pics of how the Kunzea plant affects a barbed wire fence)

DIY Skin Care Recipes

My Toner Recipe

  • Witch Hazel  
  • Equal parts Frankincense (glow), Lavender (soothe), Lemon, (brighten), Copiaba

My Skin Cream Recipe

I originally created this as a diaper cream, but now I use it for all sorts of skin issues.

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Equal parts Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lavender

My Facial Serum Recipe

  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Myrrh,
  • 1 drop Rose

Lots of options, right? I love that we can take care of our skin with non-toxic products that meet our skin’s unique needs!

Do you sleep like a shark? Best Oils for Sleep Support

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So many sleep support oils, which are your favorites? 

So apparently there’s lots of controversy about how and if and when sharks sleep:

  • They seem to be very active at night
  • Most species have to remain in motion, so for years scientists thought sharks didn’t sleep
  • However, now scientists think they enter periods of rest where they slow down, but their eyes are open, and it’s not a true deep sleep

Did I describe any of you with those facts? Maybe your kids?

I think many of us seek out essential oils because we need sleep support—that was my reason 5 years ago!

But just like there are lots of things we don’t know about sharks’ sleeping habits, there are so many variables with our own sleeping habits that finding an Essential Oils combo for sleep support can be trial and error.

Best Oils for Sleep Support

  • Lavender: Most people start with Lavender—this doesn’t work for me or Jonna 
  • Frankincense: this is a fav in our house and a Lavender + Frankincense combo can be powerful
  • Stress Away
  • Peace and Calming

If you really want to sleep like the dead, then consider these heavy hitters:

  • Valor
  • Valerian
  • Rutavala
  • DreamCatcher

And then there are a few that kids especially find calming:

  • Gentle Baby
  • Roman Chamomile 
  • SleepyIze

And finally, you may want to consider WHY you aren’t sleeping: Are you worried? Is your child needing a little extra security? Sometimes if we can support our emotions, we can sleep better.

Suzanne's Picks

So—what do WE use for sleep support in our house?

The Kids

  • Jonna (6)—Frankincense, Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Zanna (5)—Frankincense,  Valor, or Palo Santo
  • Mila (3)—Palo Santo and White Angelica
  • Vin (1)—Lavender or Peace and Calming

The Adults

  • Me—Valor or Rutavala (the kids would use the Rutavala, too, but that’s liquid gold and I’m a little stingy with it )
  • The hubs—whatever I’m diffusing 

And despite this lengthy post, there are still more options—I feel like I am leaving so many good ones out!

Maybe you can help me out—what are your family’s favorite oils for sleep support?

Skip the Blue Shark Blues: Essential Oils for Mood Support

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

No need to feel like the Blue Shark! Try out these tried and true mood boosting oils. 

This is the blue shark—according to my friends Google and Wikipedia, they are sort of sluggish and lethargic in their movements. 

Top Oils for Mood Boosting

If you’re feeling the same way, maybe a little down, a little blue, here are some oily tips to try:

  • A drop of Frankincense Vitality daily under the tongue (this is a my go-to mood lifter)
  • Frankincense + Lemon in the diffuser
  •  A few drops of Joy in your hands and inhale
  • Ylang Ylang + Orange in the diffuser
  • Super B an energy and mood lifter all in one—do you know how much our body NEEDS B vitamins? They are vital! I made this a part of my daily routine after I had Vin.
  • NingXia Red—daily, daily, daily! In addition to about a hundred other things, it supports healthy energy levels and regulates blood sugar (anybody else get HANGRY?)

Raise your hand if you had fun with Essential Oil SHARK WEEK! Share any skin, sleep or mood support tips below. Bonus points for Shark-themed ideas:) 

Oils for the Win: Lemon

Sometimes there’s a practical, everyday oily victory that’s just too good not to share. And today that winning oil is Lemon. Lemon is a must-have for its fresh scent, citrus flavor and (drumroll…) natural cleaning power. Plus, at $10.50, it’s a budget-friendly oil to have in your everyday arsenal.

We’ve talked about this oil a lot. It’s in the Premium Starter Kit. Plus, you can use it to boost sparkle in your dishwasher, get sticky stuff off of most anything and you can add it to Thieves Household Cleaner to create a streak-free glass cleaner.

Today, we’ve got an awesome before and after that gives you yet another reason to reach for Lemon: minimizing wood scratches.

How-To:  Just add 4-5 drops of Lemon Oil and spread over scratches with the help of a bit of olive oil. Stand back and viola!

How-To: Just add 4-5 drops of Lemon Oil and spread over scratches with the help of a bit of olive oil. Stand back and viola!

Note: Essential oils aren’t slippery when used alone, but with the addition of olive oil the area will be damp for an hour or so.

Has anyone tried this? Please share your before and after tips and tricks!

Breathe Deep with Raven

Suzanne Rodolfich has taken over the blog this week. She loves to share about oils, and today, she's sharing about Raven: one of the newest additions to the Premium Starter Kit. 

I am so excited that Raven is now included in the Premium Starter Kit! What I love about Raven is that it includes one of my favorite single oils, Ravintsara, but it also has four other oils—lemon, peppermint, wintergreen, and eucalyptus radiata—that make it a very powerful blend.

A year-round fave, Raven is especially helpful in winter and spring. Breathe easy with this addition to the Premium Starter Kit. 

A year-round fave, Raven is especially helpful in winter and spring. Breathe easy with this addition to the Premium Starter Kit. 

So, how do we use it?

  • This is a year round oil for us, but it is definitely in heavy rotation during the winter as part of our winter wellness routine and in the spring as we deal with all the pollen in the air.
  • We alternate it with RC—we’ll rub RC on our feet and Raven on our chest or vice versa.
  • It’s very soothing when rubbed on joints or achy muscles.
  • When mixed with solid coconut oil, it makes a fabulous chest rub.
  • And we love it in the diffuser at night with Lavender. The Raven helps us breathe deeply and the Lavender helps us rest well.

Citrus Fresh: The Name Says It All!

Have you heard about the all-new Premium Starter Kit? Not only do you now get the Desert Mist Diffuser and Thieves Household Cleaner sample, the updated collection includes two new oils: Citrus Fresh and Raven. Today, Jaynelle breaks down the first of the new additions, Citrus Fresh. Stay tuned next week as we take a deep dive into Raven. 


Citrus Fresh: A Blend as Uplifting as it Sounds 

This sunny, fresh oil combines Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Mandarin oils with a hint of Spearmint. Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil is a custom Young Living blend that offers an uplifting, refreshing aroma that you can diffuse to transform home, work, and classroom spaces.

Citrus Fresh is now featured in the Premium Starter Kit! What an uplifting addition:)

Citrus Fresh is now featured in the Premium Starter Kit! What an uplifting addition:)

Citrus Fresh Pro Tips

Citrus Fresh oil is a perfect for...

  • replacing chemical-based home fragrances—just combine a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spritz throughout rooms and closets and over linens. You’ll enjoy the uplifting citrusy scent every time you make the bed or open a closet door.
  • a DIY cologne or perfume. Dilute with coconut oil and use for spring and summer. Plus, using Citrus Fresh topically comes with the bonus benefit of the citrus oils working together to tone and smooth the appearance of skin. Translation: a little extra citrus boost to your day. 

When you hear Citrus Fresh think...

  • Mental Clarity
  • Energizing
  • Purifying

Check out the rest of the Premium Starter oils here! It's one of the best way to start using oils in  your everyday life. And, (yay!), you'll get a wholesale discount for future purchases. 

Oily Hacks for Any Budget (Our New Series!)

Did you know that adding 1-2 drops of Lavender oil to you mascara not only purifies your makeup, but also promotes beautiful long lashes?

Or did you know that essential oils can help you cut energy costs? Just add a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil to wool dryer balls (we LOVE Purification, so good!) to help reduce drying time by 50% (!!). Your clothes will also be fresh, wrinkle-free and non-toxic. Plus, banish dryer sheets from your shopping list for good!

Oily Hacks: Use Your Oils the Smart Way


If you're just getting started with essential oils or you're ready to dig deeper, we’d love for you to check out our next series. We've asked our Tree of Life members to share their best Oily Hacks (think quick beauty tips, budget-friendly strategies or easy household tricks) to help you use your oils everyday, the smart way.

Like did you know that adding 3-5 drops of lemon oil to your automatic dishwasher detergent (like the awesome Thieves automatic dishwasher detergent!) will give your dishes commercial-worthy sparkle every time? Yes, really.  

We hope you're loving these hacks! And you'll want to come back for more soon and often, right? Follow us on Facebook or Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss a post. More to come in October!

Oils for Mom

I have two boys. 1 and 3. Whenever I tell someone my kids’ ages, they say “You’re busy!” Then I get the smile ... that smile somewhere between “you can do it!” and lots of empathy, especially from mamas who are no longer in the toddler trenches with me.

And they’re right. Having two kids two years apart is no joke. I mean, we laugh a lot. But each day carries it’s own challenges. And that’s why I’m thankful for the help I get from wonderful little Young Living bottles.

So today, as a mom, I’m sharing which oils are on my and my fellow Tree of Life mom bloggers most-used lists. Use it as an inspiration for how to use Essential Oils in your family or as a shopping list for a special mom in your life.  

Joy, Rose, DiGize, Thieves, just a few of faves for moms! The best of the best #BecauseYouDeserveIt. Happy Mother's Day! 

Joy, Rose, DiGize, Thieves, just a few of faves for moms! The best of the best #BecauseYouDeserveIt. Happy Mother's Day! 

Mood Support:

Full-time moms, working-moms, work-from-home moms: we all work a lot. And I hope I’m not the only one with a few racing thoughts now and then. (Have your recently cooked while your toddler gets out every pan you own and places them right where you need to stand? Bananas.) Anyway, mood support makes me think of a cheesy, but nonetheless true cliche: If mama ain’t happy, nobody's happy.

  • Joy: I rub a little Joy over anyone’s heart in my family when a grumpy mood hits. That includes me down to my one year old. Want to learn more about Joy? We’ve written about it a lot. I especially love this mom’s perspective from Michelle McKool.
  • Lavender: I love lavender for minor head tension. It’s also a great way to prepare for a sweet night’s sleep. As an oily MVP, it’s also great for DIY beauty creams and dryer balls for fresh laundry.
  • Progessence Plus Serum: Hormone support often goes hand-in-hand with mood support. I love mom and grandma’s Cynthia Lengefeld’s post on how Progessence Plus Serum changed her life.  

Home Cleaning:

It’s not glamorous (and hopefully you have plenty of helping hands), but home cleaning is often part of the mom job description. I’ve been working toward a Chemical-Free house cleaning routine, and of course, essential oils and essential oil-infused products have helped a ton on that journey.

  • Purification: Here’s a “Quick: guests are coming, let’s freshen up” tip. Just diffuse Purification. It (duh alert) purifies the air with a refreshing, welcoming scent.

  • Thieves Household Cleaner: Love this stuff! I use it everywhere. The bathroom, kitchen, floors. Plus, it’s a great value. I’ve been using it for nearly two years and I’m still on my first bottle!

  • Lemon: I add lemon and vinegar to my Thieves Cleaner all-purpose recipe for fresh, streak-free clean everywhere! Lemon is also a go-to any stubborn stickiness. As a bonus to teen moms: Lemon helps students concentrate while studying.

Wellness Faves:

As mamas, we also work hard to keep our kids (and husbands) healthy. In my family, this involves a lot of hand washing and a few of these bottles.

  • Thieves: While some mornings get away from me, I try to put a couple drops of Thieves blend on everyone’s feet before they head out the door. This includes me! When I slack, I can tell. It’s truly an essential part of my daily routine.
  • Peace & Calming or Peace & Calming II: My 3 year old loves (and requests) Peace & Calming before bed. A couple drops helps him settle down for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Digize: We also write about Digize a lot. It’s great for pregnant mamas and little ones.

Pro Tip: Low on energy? Suzanne Rodolfich gives a great energy boosting suggestion  in her Postpartum Oils post.

Beauty Faves:

And what mama-must have list is complete without a little treat yo’self section? Using Essential Oils for DIY beauty serums is actually a way I have bonded with my own mom over Essential Oils.

  • Ylang Ylang: We both have curly hair and have found adding a drop of Ylang Ylang to wet hair once or twice a week has really nourished our locks and encouraged our curls. Plus, it smells amazing.
  • Rose: This is the treat yourself of all treat yourself oils. A valuable and highly-prized oil, this floral delight can be applied topically for healthy, youthful looking skin.  
  • Myrrh: This oil is a great night time moisturizer. I was inspired to add it to my regular routine by Jaynelle, she included it to her top 5 oils!

Happy Mother’s Day from Tree of Life! Which oil would you share with a mom in your life?

Switch & Ditch in 2017: Clean House Edition

It’s resolution season, so we’ll take the last two weeks of January to give you tips on a couple of naturally awesome goals. Week 1 Objective: Clean House in your Cleaning Closet.

That’s right. Make 2017 the year you ditch chemical-laden, toxic cleaners and switch to the good stuff. By good stuff we mean cleaners that you don’t have to worry about coming in contact with you or your family’s skin or lungs. And bonus cleaners that do just as good a job (or better!) cleaning every surface of your house.

Read on for practical tips, quick fixes and tried-and-true recipes. Happy Switching and Ditching!

Ditch toxic cleaning products and switch to all-natural, essential oil-powered clean. 

Ditch toxic cleaning products and switch to all-natural, essential oil-powered clean. 

The All-Important All-Purpose Cleaner

Ditching your old cleaners has another bonus: you can replace all those bottles with just one. Yup. I bought a 14.4 oz. bottle of Thieves Household cleaner 3+ years ago and I am still using it one capful at a time.

I spray this versatile mix on kitchen and bathroom countertops, glass and mirrors. Basically everywhere.*

All-Purpose/Glass Cleaner Recipe

  • 3 cups water
  • 1 capful (approx. 1 tsp) Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 3-5 drops your choice oil (I usually use Lemon, but Citrus Fresh or Tea Tree, would be other fresh ideas)


Combine all ingredients in your favorite glass spray bottle, spray, wipe away, SMILE.

*When in doubt, try the all-purpose cleaner in a conspicuous spot first. Especially on surfaces like granite or sandstone, where a higher dilution may be in order.     


Thieves Line Quick Fixes*: Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder

*If you love Thieves Household cleaner, check out the whole line! We’ve included links to some of our favorite products by room to make things (you guessed it) EASY.

Recipe for Clean Tile Floors:

  • ⅛ Cup Thieves Dish Soap
  • ⅛ Cup White Vinegar
  • 1 Gallon Warm Water


Mix and Mop!

Trashcan Tip:

Keep your trash can fresher in two steps!

  1. Put 2-3 drops Citrus Fresh (or preferred Essential Oil, Purification would be a great choice) on a cotton ball.
  2. Place cotton ball in trash can before you insert liner.


Thieves Line Quick Fixes: Thieves Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap Tip: Like the household cleaner, this soap is super concentrated. 32-oz. should give you at least 64 loads of clean clothes!

Dryer Sheet Replacement

You know you’re an adult when you get dryer balls for Christmas. But I did this year, and I embraced my adulthood by being totally excited. The wool dryer balls not only help laundry dry faster with less static and wrinkles, they also provide the perfect opportunity to ditch toxic dryer sheets in favor of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I have 4 balls and I add a couple drops of oil to each for a refreshing scent. My favorites are Lavender and Citrus Fresh. Others to try: Stress Away and Joy


Thieves Line Quick Fixes: Thieves Wipes

Toilet Tips:

I’ve gotten natural toilet cleaning down to 4 steps:

  1. Spray toilet bowl with all-purpose Thieves cleaner (recipe above).
  2. Sprinkle bowl with about ¼ cup baking soda.
  3. Let mixture sit while you wipe down the rest of the toilet with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.
  4. Scrub bowl.

Tub Tips:

Most cleaning sessions, I simply wipe tubs and showers with my all-purpose cleaner, but if deeper cleaning is in order I have a couple of options:

  1. Sprinkle half a lemon with baking soda to tackle stubborn stains.
  2. Create a paste with 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner and 2-3 TB baking soda.
  3. For a refreshing clean, spray tub with vinegar. Adding a few drops of Lavender or Tea Tree oil will help amp up cleaning power and tune out the intense vinegar aroma.

Last Sweep: Miscellaneous Tips


Ditch musty carpet smell with this carpet freshener recipe we shared in our Oil of the Week series:  


  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 5 drops of Thieves Essential Oil Blend


  1. Combine ingredients in shaker, mix well and let sit overnight.
  2. Sprinkle over carpets and vacuum.

General Stain Remover

Reach for Lemon for any weird, sticky, stubborn stains. It’s a natural at getting gunk out of your life.

Wood Cleaner

This recipe works wonders on wooden cabinets and furniture:

  • 1 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
  • 1 cup Olive Oil
  • 2-3 Drops Lemon  

Making the Switch Made Easy

If you’re ready to make the switch, the Young Living Essential Rewards program makes it super easy (and affordable). You just:

  1. Ditch the toxic cleaners in your home.
  2. Ditch the toxic cleaners on your shopping list.
  3. Switch to Essential Rewards for all your natural cleaning needs.

Your grocery list will get shorter and your house will become naturally clean. Just add a cleaning product to your order each month to help you keep this 2017 resolution! You’ll even earn points toward free products while you’re at it.

Have a cleaning quandary? Ask us in the comments!

Oil of the Week: Lemon

Welcome back to our Oil of the Week series! Last week, we covered PanAway. Next up? Lemon Vitality. Just to recap: each week we’ll be covering an oil or blend from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. And by covering, we mean offering real, day-to-day tips to help you start using the oils now.

Lemon: Freshly Squeezed Citrus Goodness

You’ve probably had a slice of lemon in your water, and you’ve probably used traditional cleaners with a bright, lemony scent. So you already know some benefits of lemon: it tastes and smells wonderful. But what can Young Living Lemon Vitality do for you? Yup, that’s what we’re here to share.  

Citrus Secret: Limonene

Young Living Lemon Vitality supports mood, skin, digestion and more! 

Young Living Lemon Vitality supports mood, skin, digestion and more! 

75 lemons. That’s what one 15-ml bottle of Lemon Vitality contains. So, it takes just a drop or 2 to reap the benefits of Limonene, a naturally occurring chemical found in citrus rinds. Limonene helps support body functions inside and out, as well as boosting natural house cleaning. Some top benefits include:

  • Healthy, balanced skin
  • Digestive wellness
  • Weight management
  • Mood support
  • Heightened focus
  • Natural flavoring
  • Natural cleaning

Sensitive Skin Watch

Lemon can make your skin more sensitive to UV light and sun. So avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours after application.

4 Ways to Use Lemon Vitality

#1: Diffusion

Try not to smile when you walk into a room with a lemony fresh scent. Lemon is known for its mood-boosting aroma. But beyond that, lemon can help support mental focus. Try diffusing while studying, reading or writing.

Oily Moms-to-Be: Try to diffuse or inhale lemon to beat those morning (noon and night) queezies. 

#2: Cleaning

If you ever have the chance to go to a Premium Starter Kit class with some Young Living mentors, you’ll probably hear stories about how lemon saved the day with that weird sticky stuff that nothing else could get out. Lemon is a go-to for chemical-free cleaning. It works AND it smells fresh. When in doubt, reach for lemon.

And lemon can also enhance Thieves household cleaner! Check out our Spring Cleaning post for even more lemon-infused ideas.

#3: Hydration

Drinking more water has a host of benefits, not to mention beautiful skin. Flavor your water with a drop of Lemon Vitality for a crisp and refreshing start to your day.

Note: Only use Young Living essential oils in glass or stainless steel containers.

#4: Flavor

Lemon Vitality was formulated as a dietary supplement. Translation: have fun with flavor! The possibilities are nearly endless. Try lemon in baking, yogurt and marinades. Start with a drop or two, again, Lemon Vitality is highly concentrated!

More Please!

Young Living Lemon Vitality works wonders a natural cleaner. 

Young Living Lemon Vitality works wonders a natural cleaner. 

Stay tuned for more Oil of the Week posts as well as our upcoming Convention 2016 recap ( products!). We’re so excited to share this oily journey with you! Please contact us with any questions. We love hearing from you!

Thanksgiving How-To: Incorporating Essential Oils into your Holiday

Feeling a little overwhelmed about getting through these next few days? There's the house to clean, food to cook (including a giant turkey!), and family to see. So take a deep breath, apply some Stress Away or Peace & Calming (now that it's back in stock!) and read the following tips and tricks on how to incorporate your oils into your Thanksgiving festivities! You will be happier and healthier because of it!

Setting The Mood

Set the Thanksgiving mood with this festive trio: Cinnamon Bark, Orange & Clove. 

Set the Thanksgiving mood with this festive trio: Cinnamon Bark, Orange & Clove. 

To get into the Holiday Spirit, get your diffuser(s) and add a few drops of OrangeCinnamon Bark and Clove. It will lift your spirits, increase immune support and, of course, make your house smell wonderful!  

Make Your House Sparkle

It's easy to achieve that a fresh, holiday-ready sparkle with the power of Thieves Household Cleaner + Lemon. 

It's easy to achieve that a fresh, holiday-ready sparkle with the power of Thieves Household Cleaner + Lemon. 

Spruce up your house with the oh-so-popular and versatile Thieves Cleaner. Just pick it up and spray everything down at once; floors, mirrors, counters, whatever you can think of! Add a few drops of Lemon to your spray bottle for an extra fresh scent and a little boost of cleaning power! And it may just help you focus on what to clean next!

Spice Up Some Treats

Spice up your favorite dishes the Young Living way! I love cooking with Cinnamon Bark, Lemon & Nutmeg essential oils. 

Spice up your favorite dishes the Young Living way! I love cooking with Cinnamon Bark, Lemon & Nutmeg essential oils. 

Essential oils make a great addition to many recipes. I've added Oregano to spaghetti sauce, Lemon to ice cream and Rosemary to chicken. For this holiday my recommendation would be to substitute your typical Thanksgiving spices such as CinnamonCloveNutmeg with your essential oils instead. Just remember essential oils are pretty potent so just try a drop or maybe 2 to start with.

Favorite Side Dish: Roasted Sweet Potatoes


2-4 Sweet Potatoes

Olive Oil (to toss)

1 drop each of Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg and Ginger

Pinch of salt and brown sugar (optional)


  1. Set oven to 350.

  2. Peel sweet potatoes and chop into cubes.

  3. Toss in olive oil and essential oils.

  4. Spread out on a cookie sheet.

  5. Bake for about 45 minutes.  

So delicious! I could eat the whole pan! Really...I think I did one time. But they're so good for you, it's ok! The sweet potatoes provide nutritional value and Vitamin A, and the essential oils contribute immune support from the Cinnamon Bark, digestive support from the Ginger and a boost of energy from the Nutmeg!

Favorite Festive Drink: Cider

Another great treat that’s even better when infused with essential oils is a good cup of Cider! Young Living shared a great recipe around Halloween for Witch's Brew, but it would be even better for this holiday. It's infused with Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Clove and Nutmeg. It has the same benefits as the Sweet Potato recipe (due to the similar oils used) except you have the added benefits of Lemon Essential Oil to help give you a more positive outlook and ability to focus on what else you need to do before the guests arrive!

Rapid Recovery

Spend time with your family...not the bathroom with the help of DiGize and Peppermint essential oils. 

Spend time with your family...not the bathroom with the help of DiGize and Peppermint essential oils. 

After you have consumed all your Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad and any other annual side dishes, you may need a little help to get through the rest of your evening and decrease your trips to the bathroom. After all, you will probably be sharing your typical 2-bathroom household with 10 times the amount of people as normal!

Apply some DiGize and you will be able to finish watching that football game with minimal interruptions, while your uncle misses out on the whole 3rd quarter. Complement the benefit of DiGize and tackle some of that post-Thanksgiving drowsiness by adding some Peppermint to your water or applying topically.

Festive ideas? Time to share!

From cleaning to side dishes, there are so many ways to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into your holiday. We'd love to hear some of your ideas! Comment below with your favorite tips and tricks!

Major Discount: Save Now on the Young Living Primium Starter Kit

Calling ALL existing Young Living Members and ALL those who've been on the fence about joining! NOW is the time! 

New and existing members: The best time to buy a Premium Starter Kit is NOW through August 14th!

New and existing members: The best time to buy a Premium Starter Kit is NOW through August 14th!

From July 13 through August 14, we’re offering a major discount of 10 percent off Premium Starter Kits for existing members and a $10 discount for all new members! Better still, there is no limit for existing members—so order as many as you’d like! Please note that this offer does not include Aria or NingXia Red versions of the Premium Starter Kits.

10 oils + 1 bonus oil = The BEST way to start your Young Living journey.

10 oils + 1 bonus oil = The BEST way to start your Young Living journey.

Be sure to visit Virtual Office to take advantage of amazing offer! If you have any questions or are new to Young Living please contact me or one of our Tree of Life Contributors. 

Top 10 Essential Oils for Pregnancy

My little boy is 2 and embodies the phrase “Oil Baby.” You may not have heard this term before (I hadn’t before he came along), but it has definitely become common in my vocabulary. I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils a couple years before he was even a "twinkle in our eye," as they say, and when I became pregnant I was very cautious of anything I used. I work in a Children’s Hospital (specifically the ICU areas) so I’m a little more paranoid than most, but I quickly discovered that there were several oils that made me feel better than I had ever before. So you could say, he was an Oil Baby even before he was born!  

My Oil Baby!

My Oil Baby!

And now with #2 on the way, I’m enjoying this one (almost) as much! Let’s be honest, with a 2-year-old and a full-time job, sleep isn’t quite as attainable. So I may be a little sleep deprived…ok, maybe a lot, but other than that I feel great! But, like I told the OB, I just don’t tell other pregnant women for fear that they may assault me in the Waiting Room! 

But today, I’m sharing my top 10 Oils (and a few products) that I can't live without while pregnant! But quick disclaimer first: I am not a medical professional and I cannot confirm nor deny whether these are safe to use during pregnancy, always check with your primary doctor.

My Top 10 Favorite Essential Oils for Pregnancy

1. Thieves 

Thieves is great for immune support during pregnancy. 

Thieves is great for immune support during pregnancy. 

I was working in the Emergency Room when I was pregnant the first time, and not just the ER, but the waiting rooms of the ER with all the sick kiddos. Let me just say throughout my entire pregnancy I did not get sick once! I put it on the bottoms of my feet every day before work. Oh and added bonus…it helps with stinky feet ;) 

2. Peppermint

Ward off congestion and exhaustion with a little Peppermint. 

Ward off congestion and exhaustion with a little Peppermint. 

This is good for those early days when you feel a little (or a lot) woozy. And it can help alleviate head pressure and congestion that comes along with pregnancy. Oh and when you feel a little sleepy but you don’t have the option of a nap because a 2-year-old is running around your house? Breathe a little of this to perk you up! 

3. Lemon

Say goodbye to the queezies with Lemon. 

Say goodbye to the queezies with Lemon. 

I’ve heard many women comment on lemon oil helping with the queezies. I didn’t know about this the first time around, but I definitely used it this time! And personally I love the taste and smell much better than peppermint. Lemon is also a great one to have around to keep your spirits up and help you stay positive!

4. DiGize

DiGize is great for all stomach discomfort. 

DiGize is great for all stomach discomfort. 

Anyone who does not have this oil in their possession (pregnant or not) needs to get a bottle. DiGize has saved me so many times! This stuff supports normal digestion and promotes healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort -- after every meal. It also helps with that burning sensation you can get when you've eaten a few too many slices of know that fun feeling that usually takes hold in the latter part of pregnancy…not looking forward to that…

5. Peace & Calming

Take the edge off of pregnancy stress with Peace & Calming. 

Take the edge off of pregnancy stress with Peace & Calming. 

I used this my entire pregnancy on a daily basis. I started off using it for deodorant because I didn't want to come in contact with all that aluminum and other yucky stuff. I loved the smell and I mixed it with coconut oil. I’m convinced this is why my baby was ridiculously calm and chill as an infant, but can’t say for sure. Regardless, it kept me at peace to better handle all the stressors of being pregnant—and just life in general!

6. Gentle Baby

Add this to your daily regime to reduce your stretch mark risk. 

Add this to your daily regime to reduce your stretch mark risk. 

Gentle Baby helps prevent stretch marks. Unfortunately, I was not diligent the first go-round with this daily regime, but I learned my lesson. I’ve been using it like crazy for Pregnancy #2! I actually just whipped up some body butter made with Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Gentle Baby, and I love it!  Smells great and it’s super smooth and creamy.

7. Lavender

Lavender is great for so much! Try it for congestion, skin support and more. 

Lavender is great for so much! Try it for congestion, skin support and more. 

Lavender is the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils; it has so many uses and it’s so gentle I always felt ok using it. It promotes healthy respiratory function, the body's natural response to skin irritation and so much more! When in doubt, I pull out that lavender!

8. ClaraDerm Spray

Keep this handy for "down there" issues. 

Keep this handy for "down there" issues. 

This is a wonderful blend of oils combined with a carrier oil all in a super convenient spray bottle. ClaraDerm spray is great for all those “down there” issues that no one wants to talk about. It’s also great for prepping and recovering from labor and all the unspeakable things that happen with that!

9. OmegaGize

Help your pregnancy brain with OmegaGize. 

Help your pregnancy brain with OmegaGize. 

These are great capsules to help your pregnancy brain. Many people recommend taking fish oil while pregnant to help you and the baby. OmegaGize is a great alternative. Many fish oils go rancid quickly, sometimes before you even buy them. The way these capsules are produced and packaged you don’t have to worry about that, and they’re infused with essential oils to help you absorb the nutrients even more efficiently.

10. True Source

True Source vitamins are derived from the true source!

True Source vitamins are derived from the true source!

I absolutely love these vitamins! I did hours of research the first pregnancy to make sure these vitamins measured up to the prenatal vitamin standards. I also discovered many other tidbits of info along the way such as many synthetic vitamins can be dangerous to have too much of, like Vitamin A. So the great thing about these is they’re not synthetic and come from the true source! You can tell when you look at them too, the colors naturally reflect what they're made from. The one minor drawback: the set of 3 capsules can be hard to stomach in the beginning, but they are well worth the struggle! I feel great, my hair and nails grow wonderfully, and, the best part, I don’t have the negative side effect that arises from most other prenatal vitamins…the constipation. But even if you did, you could use peppermint or DiGize noted above to support your digestive system!   

Learn More

So as I was saying my little boy is an Oil Baby. I’ve used Young Living Essential Oils with him from the womb and now he asks for them! When he doesn’t feel good, he’ll go find the oil bottle and hand it to me. And I’m sure this next one will be the same way, except she’ll have Mom and big brother “oiling her up” to face the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

If you would like to learn more about how my family incorporates essential oils into our everyday life, I would love to talk to you! Feel free to contact me at or 408-250-0648.  Or if you're ready to just jump in, visit my website, to sign up!  

Oily Mommas: What are your go-to pregnancy oils?

New Young Living Premium Starter Kit

After 20 Years We Are Just Getting Started...
— Travis Ogden, Young Living's chief operating officer, opening last week’s New Premium Starter Kit introductory meeting and special unveiling in Ft. Worth, TX.
Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Our favorite quote from the meeting was "I don't make it for a profit, I make it for a purpose." Gary Young

Lindsey Barger (Young Living Executive Leader), Sabra Bland (Young Living Senior Star) and I (Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader) had the opportunity to attend the New Kit unveiling and we are excited to share all about:

  • the NEW Starter Kit
  • the new Love It? Share It! program
  • EO Magazine
  • AND your chance to win your very own bottle of R.C.

New Kit, New Look

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

Sleek new look, same world-leading quality.

First off, the new packaging is gorgeous! Young Living’s sleek new marketing – think Apple – matches our position as an essential oils world leader. I love the quote on the front of the box: "It's not a slogan—it's our calling."

A Peek Inside

When you open the box, you’ll see 10 oils on top. This part of the box is removable and has a display stand on the back, perfect for when you are sharing with friends, teaching a class or displaying them at a booth.

Underneath the oils, you’ll find:

  • 1 Stress Away (your 11th bonus oil)
  • 2 samples of Ningxia Red
  • 10 oil sample packets
  • 1 AromaGlide
  • 10 sample size oil bottles
  • 10 Love It? Share It! Cards
  • Member enrollment form

New Kit, New Labels

I also love the new labels. The front of the bottle contains a see-through window, and an oil level line on the back so you can easily see how much oil is left in the bottle. The label also includes a barcode for shipping purposes.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle front with see-through window.

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New bottle back, love the convenient oil level line!

New Kit, New Oils

The starter kit contains 3 new oils:

  • R.C.
  • DiGize
  • Copaiba

These replaced Joy, Citrus Fresh and Tee Tree.

Premium Starter Kit Oils                                            

Here are the 11 oils in the new starter kit. 

Stress Away

This blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.


Known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils, Lavender is powerful and versatile. Its refreshing scent brings a sense of peace and harmony.


Peppermint's fresh, energizing aroma is highly regarded for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.


This species (Boswellia carterii) includes the naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. Diffuse Frankincense during meditation for grounding and purpose. Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and is excellent to use for massage after activity.


Cold pressed from the rinds of fresh, ripe lemons, Lemon has a pleasant and cheerful aroma. It can lift spirits, soothe troubled or oily complexions, and aid in digestive wellness and weight management. It is also great for cleansing and removing sticky residue. Use it to flavor food or your favorite recipe.


Unlike any other essential oil, copaiba is tapped directly from the tree, rather than being distilled. It is a powerful essential oil from South America that has traditionally been used to aid digestion and support the body's natural response to injury or irritation. Copaiba contains the highest amounts of beta caryophyllene (55 percent) of any known essential oil.


Thieves essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals to use while robbing the dead and dying. Young Living’s one-of-a-kind Thieves blend, crafted in the spirit of that legendary combination, can be found in all of our Thieves products. When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function. It also includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.


A blend containing wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint essential oil, PanAway is often used for massage. Rub PanAway essential oil blend on muscles to help alleviate stressed muscles or other physical discomforts.


An invigorating blend that includes three varieties of eucalyptus, R.C. is comforting when applied to chest, neck and throat.


This blend combines citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, and myrtle. Purification gained popularity for its ability to neutralize odors, soothe insect bites, and its crisp, refreshing aroma that helps calm, uplift, and refresh the mind. It is also an excellent choice to soothe skin.


Combining powerful essential oils traditionally used for digestive support, this proprietary blend contains ginger, anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, lemongrass, patchouli, lemongrass, and juniper essential oils. Use DiGize with every meal, to support a daily wellness regimen.

New Kit, New Flex Oils

In addition to these 11 oils, Young Living has selected 5 "Flex Oils." These oils may be substituted in the event of sourcing constraints or supply considerations. This way the starter kit will always be available for purchase.

Here are the 5 Flex Oils:

Tee Tree

One of the gentlest essential oils available, it possesses powerful properties that are essential for the skin. It helps to moisturize and beautify the appearance of the skin.


AromaEase has a clean, nurturing scent that is calming and relaxing. It utilizes the powerful constituents found in ginger, cardamom, peppermint, fennel, and spearmint essential oils to help soothe occasional stress.


Lemongrass has a fresh, citrus-herb aroma traditionally used to support normal digestion. It is one of the most versatile essential oils. It can promote proper function of ligaments and tendons as well as proper lymph flow.

Citrus Fresh

Its sweet, fruity combination of orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and spearmint make Citrus Fresh the perfect uplifting aroma. It supports the immune system and overall health while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy. It is also a great addition to your favorite beverage.


Orange is high in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system for overall well-being. Its sunny, sweet, and fruity aroma lifts the spirits while calming the body and mind. It is also a wonderful way to enhance the flavor of many foods and drinks.

New Kit, New Love it? Share it! Program

The Love it? Share it! program is a great new addition to the kit. There are three simple steps to get ready, get S.E.T. and go with Young Living.

  1. S-tart: Sign up as a wholesale member with a premium starter kit. Once you purchase your kit you have already begun this stage in your Young Living journey.
  2. E-ssential Rewards: Join our exclusive loyalty program to easily make our essential oil-infused solutions a part of your everyday lifestyle. 
  3. T-hree=Free: Share your love of essential oils with three friends and help them start their journey. You can earn at least $150 in commissions and bonuses, making your initial investment in the premium starter kit free!

The sample bottles and cards that are now included in the starter kit are a great way for you to start sharing with friends, family and co-workers. If you need additional samples order at

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I LOVE that I get to SHARE this new program with you.

I love the opportunity with Young Living to achieve Wellness with the essential oils and products they offer. I feel a sense of Purpose when I am sharing and helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle, and I enjoy the Abundance available in building a team.

This new Love It? Share It! program makes it easier to help others on their journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. The Young Living Roadmap included in the kit is another great tool. This outlines your journey to success, helps you get started on the right foot, set goals and reach your dreams!

New Kit, New Diffuser Options

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. Diffuser choices mean you get exactly what you want.

Another new exciting feature of the New Premium Starter Kit? The Choose your Diffuser option. Once you select you kit, you will be able to choose a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser or Bamboo Diffuser. You will also have the option to upgrade to an Aria Diffuser for an additional charge. This is another great idea to help members get exactly what they want.

New Kit, New Magazine

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

EO Magazine: Coming to news stands near you!

This introductory meeting had many surprises, and this last one is no exception. Young Living has partnered with a third party and will now include a copy of EO, the Essential Oils Magazine in every New Starter Kit. This magazine will initially be featured at Barnes & Noble and Hastings. This Fall you will be able to find this magazine in the grocery store check out line right next to People Magazine! And guess who the only advertiser in this magazine is? Young Living!

Existing Members: Pre-Order Now!

Are you ready to purchase your New Premium Starter Kit? Existing members can pre-order up to 5 kits before the official launch in June. There is a special ordering banner on the front page of the Virtual Office.

The R.C. Challenge: Comment for your Chance to WIN

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Comment about R.C. for your chance to win your very own bottle!

Ed Dailey, RN, a featured speaker at the event, spoke about taking charge of our own health care. "Better health care, arises from better self care." He uses Young Living Essential Oils in integrated hospital care, and joked that he is in the "health" part of the health care field.

He gave all of us a challenge which I would like to pass on to you. He said that we should spend time on each oil and learn all that we can about it. Since we have 3 oils that are new to this kit as well as 3 flex oils that have not previously been featured in the starter kit, let's spend time over the next several months learning all that we can about these oils.

So here's the CHALLENGE: For the next month, learn all you can about R.C. What is in it, what is it used for? LEARN, LEARN LEARN! If you make a comment on the blog about R.C., you will be entered into a drawing to win a free bottle of R.C. Ready, go learn and comment!

Join Tree of Life Today

The three of us had a great time in Ft. Worth. If you have an opportunity to attend a Young Living corporate event, I would strongly recommend that you go. We offer classes every month and love teaching people about essential oils. If you would like to become of member of Young Living Essential Oils, you can join the Tree of Life team by clicking HERE!

Contact us:

Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader #1410697


Lindsey Barger, Young Living Executive Leader #1554654


Sabra Bland, Young Living Senior Star #1902094


Top 10 Essential Oils to Survive a Deserted Island

Ok. Chances are you won’t be stranded on an island, but are you prepared to handle emergencies? FEMA recommends that we have basic supplies – food, water, first aid kit, flashlight, battery-powered radio, and medications – on hand necessary to survive for at least 72 hours. I suggest that we all also need an emergency oil kit

Emergency Kit Guidelines

Your well-stocked emergency kit is an essential piece of your family's preparedness for whatever comes your way.

Your well-stocked emergency kit is an essential piece of your family's preparedness for whatever comes your way.

In an emergency, we may not have time to have oils shipped to our doorstep from Young Living. Instead, they should be with you at all times. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Create an on-the-go first aid kit for your car, purse or diaper bag.
  • Keep a kit easily accessible in your home.
  • Ensure your emergency oils bottles are full, you may need them to last several days.

Top 10 Emergency Kit Essential Oils

Be prepared with your emergency oil kit.

Be prepared with your emergency oil kit.

1. Lavender

Claim to Fame: Known as the "Swiss Army Knife" or "Mother" of essential oils, lavender can be applied to cuts, scrapes, cold sores, insect bites, rashes or acne to soothe and cleanse. It also encourages proper immune response to histamines.

Quick Tips: Diffuse, add to Epsom salt bath, or apply topically to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

2. Lemon

Quick Tips: Add lemon to an Epsom salt bath to accelerate detoxing. Use on surfaces to help clean and sanitize. Add to water to help cleanse impurities.

3. Peppermint

Claim to Fame: Peppermint helps relieve, relax and soothe tired, overworked muscles. It may help with headaches or pain.

Quick Tips: Use in an empty capsule with carrier oil to help support normal digestion. Apply to back of neck for cooling and refreshing relief.

4. Copaiba

Claim to Fame: Copaiba supports healthy joint and cartilage function.

Quick Tip: Use to amplify the intensity of other oils.

5. Helichrysum

Claim to Fame: Helichrysum supports circulatory health and has restorative properties.  

6. Frankincense

Claim to Fame: Frankincense may help promote emotional well-being and healthy lung function.

7. Oregano

Claim to Fame: One of the most powerful and versatile essential oils, oregano contains strong immune-enhancing support and antioxidant properties. It also helps support the respiratory system.

8. Clove

Claim to Fame: Clove contains high amounts of eugenol which may support the body’s natural defenses and natural response to stress. It may also support healthy oral care.

9. Lemongrass

Claim to Fame: One of the most versatile essential oils, lemongrass promotes the proper function of ligaments and tendons. It can help with proper lymph flow and may support the digestive system.

10. Thieves

Claim to Fame: Inspired by the legend of 15th century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination of essential oils to rob those who had died of the black plague, thieves may support a healthy immune system.

Other oils to consider adding to your emergency kit: Trauma Life, Aroma Life, DiGize, Melrose, RC, Purification, Wintergreen

First Aid Kit Quick Reference Guide

Print this list out and add it to your kit! Until you are familiar with using essential oils you will probably forget what to use, especially in stressful situations. Helpful Hint: Grab Stress Away first, calm down, and get help if needed.

  • Cuts & Scrapes—Lavender, Purification, Melrose, Frankincense, Tea Tree
  • Digestive Support—Peppermint, DiGize, Ginger
  • Insect Bites & Stings—Lavender, Thieves, Purification, PanAway
  • Splinter—Thieves, Lavender
  • Sprains & Strains—Peppermint, PanAway, Wintergreen, Copaiba, Lemongrass
  • Allergy Support—Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Purification
  • Headache—Peppermint, PanAway, Stress Away
  • Panic/Anxiety—Lavender, Stress Away, Frankincense
  • Water Purification—Lemon
  • Bleeding—Helichrysum, Cistus, PanAway
  • Gum/Teeth Health—Clove, Thieves, Tea Tree
  • Respiratory Support—R.C., Frankincense, Lemon, Raven, Eucalyptus
  • Broken Bones—Wintergreen, PanAway

Pop Quiz: Preparedness Knowledge

Time's up! The answer is make your emergency oil kit today.

Time's up! The answer is make your emergency oil kit today.

Time to put your preparedness knowledge to the test!

  1. What oil would you put on a broken bone?
  2. If someone had a severe cut, what oil could you use?
  3. What oil would be good to support your immune system?
  4. If you sprain your ankle, what oil would you use?
  5. If you had tooth pain and could not get treatment immediately what oil could help?
  6. If you had a cough, what oil could you try to soothe it?
  7. What oil would be good for mood support?
  8. If you hurt your back, what oil would be good to put on it?

Last question: what’s in your emergency kit? Let me know in the comments!

I love teaching people about essential oils! If you have questions or need help with the answers to the quiz, I’ll be happy to help. Contact me at 501-626-1954 or And don’t forget to join the Tree of Life team by clicking HERE!

Have a great day!

Dena Jones, Young Living Silver Leader #1410697

Happy (Oily) Mother's Day!

As a little girl, I would dress up and “be” lots of things…a chef, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, an interior designer. Now, I don’t have to pretend anymore. I became all these things when I chose to be a mom!

I cook for my kids, I tend to their hurts and wounds, and I’m a teacher and a homemaker. In other words, I wear quite a few hats. I love maturing and growing in my motherhood, and I especially cherish each time I enter a season when I learn how to be just a little bit better at one of these roles. 

A New Season: Oily Mom

My 5 Oily Kiddos: Brendan, Ashlyn, Kayden, Meagan, & Aspen.

My 5 Oily Kiddos: Brendan, Ashlyn, Kayden, Meagan, & Aspen.

About 4 years ago, I began what I like to call my “oily mom” season. I started learning all about natural remedies and how to tend to my children’s physical needs in a new way. It has been such a blessing to discover how to use essential oils as the first line of health support for my children. I can say that this season has changed each member of our family, especially my kids.

In so many areas of our lives, oils have brought us relief, health, peace, focus, and protection. Even more exciting, it has brought us closer together as a family, especially in the relationships between my kids and me.

The Beginning of our Oily Journey


In the beginning of our oily journey, I knew very little about what I was doing. I just knew I was eager and excited, and I felt confident that Young Living was a company I could use on my children. I also knew that I could always apply the oils to my kids’ feet and that they would benefit from this basic application. So, I began to do nothing more than use a drop or two of oil to support good moods, digestion, better sleep, respiratory system health and more. As I applied the oils to my kids’ feet, I prayed for whatever was bothering them, asking the Lord to use these living oils.

We were never disappointed! Aches eased. Kids slept through the night. Moods softened. I felt like I was able to give my kids something I had never given them before, and I felt the most equipped to be their mom than I had ever felt. 

The Real Miracle


As wonderful as this was, the real miracle – the melt-a-mom’s-heart development – came next. My kids began to come to me. They would let me know when they were frustrated, before it got bad, and ask for me to hold them, rub oils on their feet, and pray for them so they would feel better. They saw me as a trusted place to bring their hurts in a way that they had never felt before. All of a sudden, I was spending time every day, hearing the “owies” in my kids’ hearts and bodies, laying hands on them, and bringing them comfort. This opened a whole new door in the intimacy and relationship between each of my kids and me! What mom doesn’t want her kids to bring her their troubles and actually feel equipped to help them? 

Now, years down the road, I still get to be the first line of health support for my kids. They ask for my wisdom, and they are learning to develop their own. They no longer just ask for help most of the time, they ask for the specific oil they need because they have learned right alongside their Mom. While the older ones can now apply most oils themselves, they still love to have Mom apply them and spend a few moments letting me take care of them. It’s such a blessing to be an Oily Mom and raise Oily Kids! Here is very brief glimpse of how this gift looks in our home with kids ages 3-15.

A Word from My Kids


Brendan tackles sore muscles and smelly football gear with his favorite oils: Aroma Siez, Pan Away and Purification.

Brendan tackles sore muscles and smelly football gear with his favorite oils: Aroma Siez, Pan Away and Purification.

Brenden, age 15, “After a long football practice, I like to use Aroma Siez and Pan Away to help keep my muscles from being so sore. It works so great! I also like to use Purification to keep my football bag, cleats, and gear from smelling like football gear. That is not a good smell! My mom helps me put cotton balls in my shoes and bag and uses the oils in my laundry. It really helps.”


Ashlyn's fresh idea for concentration and quick cleaning fixes? Lemon.

Ashlyn's fresh idea for concentration and quick cleaning fixes? Lemon.

Ashlyn, age 13, “I like lemon oil the best. It helps me concentrate and focus when I study. We diffuse it in our homeschool classroom and it’s especially great when I am taking tests. I also like to put it in my water. It’s really cool too, because lemon helps to take away stains and get sticky things out of the carpet and off counters. It’s a great dry erase board cleaner!  It’s an added bonus that it smells really fresh and clean as well!”


Kayden's heart has been stolen by thieves. It's great to ward off germs.

Kayden's heart has been stolen by thieves. It's great to ward off germs.

Kayden, age 12, “Thieves oil is my favorite oil blend. Whenever I feel bad or start to feel bad, I like to rub Thieves on my feet to help me feel better. I also use it to sanitize my hands so I don’t get anyone else sick. It smells wonderful when we put some in the diffuser to help purify the air.”


Meagan sleeps tight with the help of Dream Catcher. For a rough day, she reaches for Joy (of course).

Meagan sleeps tight with the help of Dream Catcher. For a rough day, she reaches for Joy (of course).

Maegan, age 9, “My favorite oil is probably Dream Catcher because it helps me sleep really well and not have bad dreams. I used to get scared at night, but Dream Catcher helps me feel calm and not afraid. I also love Joy oil. I rub it on my chest and feet and back of my neck when I feel anxious and sad, and it really brings me JOY!”


Aspen has discovered what makes lavender lovely. (And an important essential oils lesson).

Aspen has discovered what makes lavender lovely. (And an important essential oils lesson).

Aspen, age 3, “I like to breathe the oils like this. I like the lavender oil on my feet when I get jammas on and I like it on my itchies when I get a s’quito bite. Oh, and we don’t put oils in our eyes!”

Oily Moms Sound Off: What’s Your Story?

So, in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought I would share this testimony and some great advice from my kiddos with you. I pray you get the chance to connect with your kids this way. I hope we can learn together as Oily Moms and raise Oily Kids who are well-equipped to use the many resources God has given us!

As you celebrate Mother’s Day, I invite you to share a testimony here of how you use oils as an Oily Mom! If you want to learn more about how to use Young Living oils for your family, we would love to have you as part of the Tree of Life community!