Young Living Fall Favs: Inner Defense

Give me a “D”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “F”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “N”!  Give me an “S”!  Give me an “E”!  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

We’ve all heard that cheer at some point in our lives, and we most likely think of football. But how about thinking outside the box and applying the principles of good defense to health?

A Good Offense is a Good Defense

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

Everyone has also heard the saying that “A good offense is a good defense.”  Well, in the case of my family’s health, I have chosen to use Young Living essential oils and supplements for both the offense and defense this Fall (and year round).  

My Family’s Offensive Line

In football, you need a good offensive line to support the quarterback. To support our health, we take some things daily for support: Ningxia Red, Digest and Cleanse and Thieves. It’s just plain smart to be on the offensive to maintain your health!

My Family’s Defense

But, you also need a good defense for the best chance to win. For instance, we use Thieves Vitality to support a healthy immune system, which is our body’s defense.

Inner Defense

Well, as you can see, a good offense is a good defense. But, I want to take this to another level – a good Inner Defense.  So, time for another analogy:

For those of us who are Christians, a good foundation in the Bible and a close relationship with God is a good defense for a life not overcome by Satan. Choosing to go to church and keeping some close Christian friends is a good offense for supporting our walk with God. Choosing to not put unwholesome things into our mind and heart is a good spiritual Inner Defense.

Well, in health, we need a good Inner Defense as well. What we eat, if we exercise, and so on affects whether or not we have a good Inner Defense. (Sorry, but yes, you really do need to eat those carrots! Lol!)

When We Need Inner Defense

Sometimes, life throws us a few curveballs. Like not enough sleep because our kids have too much homework or because someone called right before you were going to bed and you talked for a couple hours! Or maybe the curveball is being surrounded by people at work who should have stayed home. Or maybe it’s that you have been overwhelmed for days, if not weeks or months, trying to figure out how to pay for your child’s braces you’re losing sleep, and in general, are not yourself under all the stress.  

Our Answer to Curveballs: Young Living Inner Defense

In cases like these, we need a strong Inner Defense to help maintain our health. Well, my family loves a Young Living product called Inner Defense. We love to use it to promote, maintain, and support our inner well-being, a healthy immune system (our defense).    

Young Living's Inner Defense liquid soft gels reinforce systemic defenses, promote healthy respiratory function, and are rich in immune-supporting ingredients. WooHoo! Who doesn’t need that? It has Thieves essential oil in it (which contains clove, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, and cinnamon bark oils). We all know what a great oil Thieves is! Inner Defense also includes oregano, thyme, and lemongrass all amazing oils. It is such an awesome capsule; full of power for your immune system!

A Few Tips: When We Use Inner Defense

If my kids have been losing sleep for a few nights, guess what? They are going to take Inner Defense for a few days. My kids are runners. If they have a big race coming up and they seem to be getting run down (pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!), I have them take Inner Defense for a few days prior to their race to help maintain their health. If my husband and I are surrounded at work by people who should have stayed home, we will take Inner Defense for a few days. Hmmmm, maybe since I’m up late typing this, I should go take an Inner Defense!

Our Fall Defensive Game Plan

Now, to return to my sports analogy, you need a strong defense to have a winning offense. To have a strong defense in sports, you practice daily! Likewise, we can take daily measures to support our health, such as drinking Ningxia Red daily, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, etc. But, you can also take an Inner Defense capsule daily instead of just when you feel like you might need to promote a better body defense. The instructions on the bottle even say to take 1 capsule daily in a.m. or take 1 capsule 3-5 times daily when stressed. That will surely help promote a strong Inner Defense!

So a good offense is a good defense is a good Inner Defense! So who’s with me? Give me a “D” … or better yet, make Inner Defense part of your healthy lifestyle!

Contact Beth, this week’s contributor, at for any questions about your family’s Fall Defense plan.