Young Living Fall Favs: Inner Defense

Give me a “D”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “F”!  Give me an “E”!  Give me an “N”!  Give me an “S”!  Give me an “E”!  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

What does it spell?  “DEFENSE!”  

We’ve all heard that cheer at some point in our lives, and we most likely think of football. But how about thinking outside the box and applying the principles of good defense to health?

A Good Offense is a Good Defense

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

When life throws us curveballs, we reach for Inner Defense. 

Everyone has also heard the saying that “A good offense is a good defense.”  Well, in the case of my family’s health, I have chosen to use Young Living essential oils and supplements for both the offense and defense this Fall (and year round).  

My Family’s Offensive Line

In football, you need a good offensive line to support the quarterback. To support our health, we take some things daily for support: Ningxia Red, Digest and Cleanse and Thieves. It’s just plain smart to be on the offensive to maintain your health!

My Family’s Defense

But, you also need a good defense for the best chance to win. For instance, we use Thieves Vitality to support a healthy immune system, which is our body’s defense.

Inner Defense

Well, as you can see, a good offense is a good defense. But, I want to take this to another level – a good Inner Defense.  So, time for another analogy:

For those of us who are Christians, a good foundation in the Bible and a close relationship with God is a good defense for a life not overcome by Satan. Choosing to go to church and keeping some close Christian friends is a good offense for supporting our walk with God. Choosing to not put unwholesome things into our mind and heart is a good spiritual Inner Defense.

Well, in health, we need a good Inner Defense as well. What we eat, if we exercise, and so on affects whether or not we have a good Inner Defense. (Sorry, but yes, you really do need to eat those carrots! Lol!)

When We Need Inner Defense

Sometimes, life throws us a few curveballs. Like not enough sleep because our kids have too much homework or because someone called right before you were going to bed and you talked for a couple hours! Or maybe the curveball is being surrounded by people at work who should have stayed home. Or maybe it’s that you have been overwhelmed for days, if not weeks or months, trying to figure out how to pay for your child’s braces you’re losing sleep, and in general, are not yourself under all the stress.  

Our Answer to Curveballs: Young Living Inner Defense

In cases like these, we need a strong Inner Defense to help maintain our health. Well, my family loves a Young Living product called Inner Defense. We love to use it to promote, maintain, and support our inner well-being, a healthy immune system (our defense).    

Young Living's Inner Defense liquid soft gels reinforce systemic defenses, promote healthy respiratory function, and are rich in immune-supporting ingredients. WooHoo! Who doesn’t need that? It has Thieves essential oil in it (which contains clove, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, and cinnamon bark oils). We all know what a great oil Thieves is! Inner Defense also includes oregano, thyme, and lemongrass all amazing oils. It is such an awesome capsule; full of power for your immune system!

A Few Tips: When We Use Inner Defense

If my kids have been losing sleep for a few nights, guess what? They are going to take Inner Defense for a few days. My kids are runners. If they have a big race coming up and they seem to be getting run down (pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!), I have them take Inner Defense for a few days prior to their race to help maintain their health. If my husband and I are surrounded at work by people who should have stayed home, we will take Inner Defense for a few days. Hmmmm, maybe since I’m up late typing this, I should go take an Inner Defense!

Our Fall Defensive Game Plan

Now, to return to my sports analogy, you need a strong defense to have a winning offense. To have a strong defense in sports, you practice daily! Likewise, we can take daily measures to support our health, such as drinking Ningxia Red daily, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, etc. But, you can also take an Inner Defense capsule daily instead of just when you feel like you might need to promote a better body defense. The instructions on the bottle even say to take 1 capsule daily in a.m. or take 1 capsule 3-5 times daily when stressed. That will surely help promote a strong Inner Defense!

So a good offense is a good defense is a good Inner Defense! So who’s with me? Give me a “D” … or better yet, make Inner Defense part of your healthy lifestyle!

Contact Beth, this week’s contributor, at for any questions about your family’s Fall Defense plan.



Graduation Inspiration: Leaving the Nest (with Oils!)

A year ago, my oldest son graduated from high school. For those of you who are parents, you both look forward to that day and dread it. You do everything in your power to help your child become the young adult he should be. You have laughed, cried, played, disciplined, and prayed with and for your child through the years.

Then, there comes a time to loosen the apron strings and let go.

Will He Be Ready to Leave the Nest?

Andrew is dyslexic. From his early elementary years when we were more or less told he was not college material to when he graduated in the top 8% of his high school class, you can imagine the blood, sweat, tears, and prayers that went on. We never told him in those struggling years that he wasn’t college material because we knew he was! We believed in him! 

There were years of struggling, years of tutoring, and years of hard work. His confidence grew. His abilities grew. Success was imminent! But with success comes leaving for college leaving the nest. Most of you probably haven’t gone through the exact scenario we have, but you have your own scenario when you wonder “will my child be ready to leave the nest?”

Time to Let Him Fly


Fast forward to letting to our baby bird fly. It was time for him to go to college. As a parent, you worry about your child’s Christian faith, about the friends he will make, about his study habits, and of course his health when he is away from home. That brings me to the purpose of a post on an essential oils blog — you were beginning to wonder, right?

A Premium Start(er Kit) 

Well, it was time to loosen the apron strings. It was time to have the faith that he would be okay leaving home for college. My husband and I equipped him the best we could through the years. We have prayed for our son often (as well as for our other kids who are younger than Andrew), and we will continue through his college years and beyond. 

We equipped him spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, we also taught him how to use the oils to maintain and support his health. (We became an oily family just in the past few years around the time Andrew went into high school.) A physical, tangible item that could give me peace of mind as a mom was making sure that Andrew went off to college with a Premium Starter Kit. All of us parents need peace of mind, right?

Well, going off to college would test that — think of public bathrooms/showers that the dorm shares, think of living with a dorm full of kids who don’t always take care of themselves in a healthy and/or hygienic way, think about staying up late, think about being around classrooms full of students, think about cafeteria food that you know your child will not always make healthy choices from, and on and on.

So what is a mom supposed to do in a situation like that when she lives miles away from her child and does not “control” her child’s health environment? Send oils and Thieves cleaner, of course!

A Few College Pre-Requisites 

The new dorm essential: Thieves Cleaner!!

The new dorm essential: Thieves Cleaner!!

Andrew knows to use Thieves Vitality for immune support.  He knows to use Lavender Vitality and Peppermint Vitality for respiratory support.  He knows Purification helps him enjoy a hike outdoors annoyance free. (There are several great hiking areas within an hour of his college.) Andrew knows that Lavender is great for skin. He knows PanAway is great for massaging into his skin after playing intramural sports. He knows DiGize is good for digestive support.  

My point is Andrew knows how to use the oils. Equip your kids, even when they are young, with oily knowledge. They will then use them when they are leaving home, and you — the parent  can have such peace of mind!

Andrew had the knowledge needed to use the oils to maintain and support his health. He had the tools to do it — the oils. And, more importantly, he used them! I am happy to say that my son got through his first year of college with only a minor bump in the road now and then! As a mom, the oils gave me such peace of mind letting my baby bird fly.

Did I Let Him Fly?

So tell me, did I loosen the apron strings or not? The answer is YES to both! I did loosen them! He received a lot of independence! He was equipped spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for leaving the nest.

He was ready to fly. I needed to let him go. It is the natural progression after all, right? But I also didn’t loosen the apron strings in a sense because I knew he had the oils and the knowledge and desire to use them, which gave me a sense of some control of his health! We moms need that, right?

Apron strings or no apron strings — who cares when they have a Premium Starter Kit in their hands!

The Perfect Graduation Gift 

It is graduation time for high school and college. A Premium Starter Kit makes a great gift! Let your baby birds fly with confidence! Support both the grad AND the parents during this exciting transition. If you have questions about getting started, let us help