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Support gut health (and your fresh eating goals) with Life 9 probiotics and DiGize Vitality!

Support gut health (and your fresh eating goals) with Life 9 probiotics and DiGize Vitality!


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15-ml Longevity

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Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Citrus Fresh

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Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusive:

15-ml Citrus Fresh

5-ml DiGize Vitality


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Oils for Your Summer Vacation

Thanks to our writer of the week, Jane! Learn more about her team here: www.cleanlivingtheoilyway.com

Whenever I travel anywhere I make sure that I bring very specific oils depending on what time of year it is and where I am going. Honestly, I don’t know if I could even possibly travel without my oils! They make all the difference! Here are some of my favorite picks for summer travels.  

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

My Oily Summer Packing List

Stress Away: Calms (Even on an Adventure)

Stress Away is number one! I have a fear of cliffs and most summers we travel from the flat lands of Florida to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Idaho. When my husband drives over that mountain pass, it is no easy feat for me! In fact, the only way I can make it, is to sit in the back seat with the bottle of Stress Away opened and yours truly inhaling it the entire time!

Aromaease: Supports Natural Travel Adjustment

Once we are in the mountains, I start to feel the effects of the altitude change. The aroma of Aromaease helps me tremendously along with Peppermint rubbed on my head and neck. Both those oils are supportive of the body’s natural ability to adjust to this change.  

Digize Vitality: Maintains Normal Digestion

Usually travel time means eating out often and eating foods that we don’t normally eat at home.  It’s important to maintain normal digestion while away. You can take your Digize Vitality oil right under your tongue or rub Digize directly on your stomach. Your body will thank you!

Thieves Vitality: Keeps Immune System Strong

Before I go away and while I am away I do everything to keep my immune system strong and above the wellness line. Between flying, time changes and new germs, it’s important to support your immune system. I take Thieves Vitality 2-3 times a day without fail!  

Lavender: Makes Any Bed Feel Like Home

Lavender…the swiss army knife of oils! Let’s just say that I never go anywhere without my Lavender and especially when traveling. I don’t know about you, but when I try to sleep away from home, it’s just not the same. My body used to struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep. Now I just put a couple drops on my pillow at night and I am sleeping and resting just like at home.  

Deep Relief Roll-On: Eases Minor Muscle Aches

Deep Relief is another must-have when traveling. My muscles can get sore from sitting on a long flight or car ride. They can get strained when doing activities that I don’t normally do. This handy roll-on is perfect to stick in your purse and use it whenever you need to soothe any sore muscles!

My Supplement Travel Companions

Ningxia Red: Delivers Delicious On-the-Good Goodness

Ningxia Red packets are always in my suitcase! I take plenty of packets for the whole family so we can all maintain good health and a strong body while away. Ningxia Red is packed with so many nutrients that I don’t feel we can be without it while traveling. If you have kids, they will enjoy that you have a delicious drink to give them while on a long car ride or flight.

Ningxia Nitro: Boosts Energy

Nitros , nitros, nitros….ok, I am guilty of taking way too many Nitros while away! As it is, I take 2 Nitros a day. They give me the most amazing brain clarity and they provide my body with endless energy! Now unless I am going on a beach vacation where all I need to worry about is eating and sunbathing, I need to have my energy! Hiking, exploring, and outdoor adventures call for serious assistance from my Nitros.  

Thieves Hand Sanitizer & Spray: Keeps Things Clean (Naturally!)

Lastly I NEVER travel with my Thieves hand sanitizer and Thieves spray! What do I spray? Everything and anything! I spray things in the hotel room, I spray things on the plane, I spray things in restaurants, I spray my hands, I spritz over the bed sheets with my Thieves spray, I spray everything! Come to think of it, I could probably use it in place of a pepper spray while away. I would think spraying this in someone’s eyes would certainly slow them down! Seriously though, make sure you have your Thieves spray and your sanitizer with you whenever away from home!

What are YOUR Top Young Living Travel Items?

There you have it friends, my top Young Living travel items! Take some time to think about where you are going this summer and make a list of what  you will need to help make it a memorable experience.

Have oily travel questions? Leave them in the comments or contact us!

Oil of the Week: DiGize

One of the greatest things about essential oils is that they know how to do their job even better than we know how to use them. The proper use of an oil could promote normal and healthy functions of that particular body system.

If you and your family happen to eat food, DiGize should be one of your go-to oils. It helps support digestive and gastrointestinal systems as well as intestinal function.

If you and your family happen to eat food, DiGize should be one of your go-to oils. It helps support digestive and gastrointestinal systems as well as intestinal function.

No More 20 Questions for “Funny Tummy”

For instance, your little one comes to you, “Mommy, my tummy feels funny.” In the past, I would run down the list of possible causes. What did he eat? Has he pooped today? Has he had enough water to drink? Is it his stomach, his bowels, or something else?

That was my first child.

Now I don’t have to spend my time worrying about cause and effect, I can skip right to solution! Go get your DiGize!

With my second, things are easier. Even though my 6-year-old can’t quite read the labels, he has his own special bottle with a rollerball that he can identify. When his tummy needs some TLC, I just point to our oils cache. He knows where to find his DiGize, and brings it to me. No twenty questions, no worry, just God’s incredible design working for my kiddo.

Most Valuable (and Versatile) Travel Companion

For me, the oil that I used the most while in a foreign country was probably DiGize. My gut was not prepared for the AMAZING food … and questionable food preparation. My digestive system suffered a little, but only a little.

If my tummy felt funny, the DiGize was ready for action. And, yes, I did smell like peppermint and fennel most of my trip.

On a plane, DiGize. On a boat, DiGize. On a narrow, winding, boulder-strewn mountain path in a vehicle that was really only meant for smooth pavement, DiGize. Gorging myself on the best fish I’ve ever tasted, DiGize. Drinking water that was very suspicious, DiGize. Overheated from the tropical environment, DiGize. And let’s not forget when Aunt Flo comes to visit a few days out of the month, you’ve got it, DiGize.

Let’s Talk Application

  • Behind your ears is a great preemptive measure before riding in vehicles.
  • Rub a drop or two in a clockwise motion topically over the abdomen.
  • Use as a compress over the belly.
  • Inhale a little.
  • A drop or two of DiGize Vitality under your tongue after a heavy meal.
  • And of course, the Vita Flex Points on the ankles and the bottoms of the feet.

Let’s Break It Down

Here are the therapeutic grade essential oils (and their special properties) that make this blend so special:

  • Tarragon: promotes relaxation
  • Ginger: warm and calming
  • Peppermint: cooling and soothing
  • Juniper: supports plumbing efficiency
  • Fennel: supports overall digestive function
  • Lemongrass: uplifting and lymphatic system support
  • Anise: supports digestion
  • Patchouli: calming and relaxing

AND to Sum It Up!

All of these oils work together for the greater good of the gut.  Whether you need things to slow down, speed up, deflate, chill, or just run smoothly, DiGize can be that oil to support your well-oiled machine.  

No 20 questions, just a drop or two. Questions? Leave them in the comments! 

Graduation Inspiration: Leaving the Nest (with Oils!)

A year ago, my oldest son graduated from high school. For those of you who are parents, you both look forward to that day and dread it. You do everything in your power to help your child become the young adult he should be. You have laughed, cried, played, disciplined, and prayed with and for your child through the years.

Then, there comes a time to loosen the apron strings and let go.

Will He Be Ready to Leave the Nest?

Andrew is dyslexic. From his early elementary years when we were more or less told he was not college material to when he graduated in the top 8% of his high school class, you can imagine the blood, sweat, tears, and prayers that went on. We never told him in those struggling years that he wasn’t college material because we knew he was! We believed in him! 

There were years of struggling, years of tutoring, and years of hard work. His confidence grew. His abilities grew. Success was imminent! But with success comes leaving for college leaving the nest. Most of you probably haven’t gone through the exact scenario we have, but you have your own scenario when you wonder “will my child be ready to leave the nest?”

Time to Let Him Fly


Fast forward to letting to our baby bird fly. It was time for him to go to college. As a parent, you worry about your child’s Christian faith, about the friends he will make, about his study habits, and of course his health when he is away from home. That brings me to the purpose of a post on an essential oils blog — you were beginning to wonder, right?

A Premium Start(er Kit) 

Well, it was time to loosen the apron strings. It was time to have the faith that he would be okay leaving home for college. My husband and I equipped him the best we could through the years. We have prayed for our son often (as well as for our other kids who are younger than Andrew), and we will continue through his college years and beyond. 

We equipped him spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, we also taught him how to use the oils to maintain and support his health. (We became an oily family just in the past few years around the time Andrew went into high school.) A physical, tangible item that could give me peace of mind as a mom was making sure that Andrew went off to college with a Premium Starter Kit. All of us parents need peace of mind, right?

Well, going off to college would test that — think of public bathrooms/showers that the dorm shares, think of living with a dorm full of kids who don’t always take care of themselves in a healthy and/or hygienic way, think about staying up late, think about being around classrooms full of students, think about cafeteria food that you know your child will not always make healthy choices from, and on and on.

So what is a mom supposed to do in a situation like that when she lives miles away from her child and does not “control” her child’s health environment? Send oils and Thieves cleaner, of course!

A Few College Pre-Requisites 

The new dorm essential: Thieves Cleaner!!

The new dorm essential: Thieves Cleaner!!

Andrew knows to use Thieves Vitality for immune support.  He knows to use Lavender Vitality and Peppermint Vitality for respiratory support.  He knows Purification helps him enjoy a hike outdoors annoyance free. (There are several great hiking areas within an hour of his college.) Andrew knows that Lavender is great for skin. He knows PanAway is great for massaging into his skin after playing intramural sports. He knows DiGize is good for digestive support.  

My point is Andrew knows how to use the oils. Equip your kids, even when they are young, with oily knowledge. They will then use them when they are leaving home, and you — the parent  can have such peace of mind!

Andrew had the knowledge needed to use the oils to maintain and support his health. He had the tools to do it — the oils. And, more importantly, he used them! I am happy to say that my son got through his first year of college with only a minor bump in the road now and then! As a mom, the oils gave me such peace of mind letting my baby bird fly.

Did I Let Him Fly?

So tell me, did I loosen the apron strings or not? The answer is YES to both! I did loosen them! He received a lot of independence! He was equipped spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally for leaving the nest.

He was ready to fly. I needed to let him go. It is the natural progression after all, right? But I also didn’t loosen the apron strings in a sense because I knew he had the oils and the knowledge and desire to use them, which gave me a sense of some control of his health! We moms need that, right?

Apron strings or no apron strings — who cares when they have a Premium Starter Kit in their hands!

The Perfect Graduation Gift 

It is graduation time for high school and college. A Premium Starter Kit makes a great gift! Let your baby birds fly with confidence! Support both the grad AND the parents during this exciting transition. If you have questions about getting started, let us help