Back to School Made Easy

This week we hosted a Facebook class on naturally good ways to kick off the school year. We know everyone can't tune in on Facebook, so we thought we'd make the info available on our blog, too.

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Back to School Tips

Ningxia Red & Ningxia Nitro

Suzanne shares her Ningxia Red tips for busy school mornings. Spoiler: Chill packets for grab-and-go convenience! For an afternoon pick-me-up, keep NingXia Nitro close by! 

NingXia Red helps support:

  • Immune system
  • Cognitive function
  • Energy

MightyVites and MightyZymes

Lindsey shares why you should put a multivitamin and natural enzyme on your back to school list! Bonus: these kid-specific formulas taste great. 

Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oils

Lemon and Peppermint both help you and your family retain information and maintain focus. The perfect power couple for back to school! 

Thieves Hand Purifier and Thieves Spray

Powered by Thieves, Thieves Hand Purifier helps keep hands clean on the go! This hard-working essential keeps purifying and moisturizing long after you squeeze it on. We love Thieves Spray for nearly any hard surface. 

Jaynelle's Pro Tip: These make great gifts for teachers! 

Panaway and Copaiba Essential Oil

Janie shares about Panaway, a great uplifting blend for muscles after active days! Add Copaiba to enhance this supportive oil. 

Thieves and Raven Essential Oil Blends

Check out these two great oils from your starter kit with Cynthia! If you like to breathe, Raven provides great respiratory support:) Plus, Thieves Vitality supports your immune system. You can take it internally: try it in oatmeal, water or baking. 

Young Living Thieves Cough Drops and Acne Cream

We are over the moon about these over the counter Young Living products! Thieves Cough Drops are great for easy immune support. Middle school and high school moms: check out this acne cream! And even if you don't have acne, this one also works wonders for black heads and blemishes. 

MightyPro & Life 9

Support your gut health year round with MightyPro and Life 9. Check out Rachel's tips on how to add these supportive products to your nighttime routine. 

Are you ready for back to school? Do you have any natural tips to share? We'd love to hear from you! 

Thieves Hacks

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without Thieves products. And surprisingly, neither can my husband. Like many husbands, he was an oil-skeptic—until I introduced him to Thieves. Now the man is Thieves-obsessed.

So let’s talk about some Thieves Hacks:


1. Thieves Spray—I carry this in my purse and diaper bag, and it’s also always in our park backpack on our many Disney trips. It’s perfect to spray on restaurant tables, grocery carts, and high chairs—really any surface that lots of people have touched—like the door handles in public bathrooms, yuck! I have even been known to spray utensils at restaurants after one of the kiddos has dropped them on the floor.

2. Thieves Household Cleaner—When people first see the price tag ($22 wholesale for 14.4 oz), they are a little taken aback—until I explain that that one bottle can make up to 30 gallons of cleaner. That’s about $1.05 for each 32oz all-purpose solution that you make, which is a steal! A non-toxic cleaner that can replace EVERY cleaner in your home? Yes, please! You can find hundreds of different ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner with a quick Pinterest search, but here are a few of my favs:

  • A capful in the jet dry dispenser of your dishwasher
  • A capful in your laundry during the wash cycle
  • Mix a capful with baking soda when you need a little extra scrubbing power
  • Use the all-purpose solution to spray shoes, especially stinky soccer cleats or running shoes
  • Spray lunch boxes to help get rid of food odors

3. Thieves Vitality Oil—this is a must for us all year long, but especially during the fall and winter months

  • It tastes wonderful in your morning coffee or tea, plus you have the added benefit of immune support.
  • A drop in a spoonful of local honey when you need a little immune boost
  • A drop in your holiday baking items—sugar cookies with a little taste of cinnamon and clove or added to your homemade chocolate goodies—yum!
  • Add a drop in your daily Ningxia Red shot and enjoy the wellness benefits of both Ningxia Red and Thieves—this is actually my favorite NR shot.

While I’ve only talked about 3 Thieves products today, Young Living offers over 20 items in our Thieves line—there is something for everyone’s needs! If you’re not a member yet, check out our Thieves Premium Starter Kit—it’s the perfect way to get your non-toxic journey started. If you ARE a member, then make sure you are on Essential Rewards, and add the Thieves ER Kit to your order. The Thieves ER Kit is just one of the many reasons you should be on ER—it’s only $115 instead of the $151 you would pay for all the items if you aren’t on ER. Don’t be caught this season without Thieves!

Oily Hacks: Double Duty Products

Today, Jaynelle Leek-Binns – Tree of Life founding member and fearless leader – shares some of her top Oily Hacks. And believe us, she knows her stuff, so ... These. Are. Good.  

The last two weeks we’ve shared easy ways to use every last drop of your fave Young Living products. Check them out! And thanks again to our contributors Cynthia and Lindsey!

Today, I am continuing our Oily Hacks series with 20 (!) Young Living Products with more than one purpose! I call them our Dynamic DuOils, and I hope that by the end you’ll be singing my tune and trying these tips. Finding new ways to use a product you love is always a win-win and a toxic-free choice.

Did you know that you could use Young Living Lavender Lip Balm 3 different ways in your diaper bag?! Check out all of our Double Duty Products! 

Did you know that you could use Young Living Lavender Lip Balm 3 different ways in your diaper bag?! Check out all of our Double Duty Products! 

1. Seedlings Wipes

Clean Savvy Mineral makeup brushes. Quickly remove makeup at night and cleanse your skin.

2. AlkaLime Powder

Make a paste with water and apply to skin for soothing benefits.

3. Mineral Essence

Apply topically to sooth skin.

Pro Tip: Can apply behind the knees(where the skin is thin) at night for kids who won’t take it.

4. Lavaderm/Misting Spray

Comb through to detangle hair. Use Lavaderm instead of Misting Spray with Savvy Minerals

5. Lavender Lotion

Use just a dab as leave in conditioner.

6. Lavender Lip Balm

Keep in your diaper bag for:

  • diaper changings
  • sun exposure
  • aid the skin after a fall on the playground

7. Mirah Shave Oil/Seedlings Baby Oil

Add to your cosmetic bag for:

  • deep conditioner for hair
  • eye makeup remover
  • cuticle oil
  • light face primer before makeup
  • razor bumps/burns

8. Rose Ointment

Keep in your bathroom for:

  • smooth lips
  • dry winter noses
  • flyaway hairs and frizz

9. ClaraDerm

Facial moisturizer and primer for Savvy Minerals makeup.

10. Art Toner

Spray on hair for frizz control and beautiful shine.

11. Tender Tush

Soothe stretch marks and help to tighten skin.

12. Animal Scents Ointment/Rose Ointment

Use these versatile ointments in two ways:

  • Coat inside your nose with q tip to help protect from toxins and outdoor exposure.
  • Apply to the feet and elbows at nighttime for beautiful skin in the morning

13. Thieves Dishwasher Detergent

 Use as a scouring scrub for pots, pans, grout, sink or anything stubborn.

Pro Tip: Add a drop of lemon or orange oil for an extra punch!

14. Thieves Dentarome Plus Toothpaste

Stay fresh & clean, use as a deodorant.

15. Thieves Hand Purifier

Use to remove permanent marker and pen off of surfaces. Use to wipe down tech devices and sunglasses.

16. Thieves Household Cleaner

Achieve a deeper clean by using in carpet-cleaning vacuums - I have even seen it remove pink nail polish from carpet! Also use as stain remover for clothes or a boost in your automatic dishwasher.

Pro Tip: Use to soak and clean jewelry, but not recommended for pearls. Add baking soda for an extra punch.

17. Thieves Mouthwash

Soak oral night guard or retainer for cleansing.

18. Thieves & Lavender Foaming hand soap

 Use as facial wash.

Pro Tip: Thieves can be great for stubborn skin.

19. Thieves Dish Soap

 Clean glass stovetop (just a dab). It is the only thing that works on mine! Be sure to make your product last longer by dispensing in a foaming pump.

20 Thieves Spray

Use under your arms on hot days and inside your shoes. Keep in your bag as an "on the go" spot remover.  

Did we miss any of your Double Duty Products? If so, keep the conversation going and share below!


Oils for Your Summer Vacation

Thanks to our writer of the week, Jane! Learn more about her team here:

Whenever I travel anywhere I make sure that I bring very specific oils depending on what time of year it is and where I am going. Honestly, I don’t know if I could even possibly travel without my oils! They make all the difference! Here are some of my favorite picks for summer travels.  

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

From NingXia Red on the beach to Aramaease in the mountains, we'll tell you which oils to never forget on your summer vacation packing list. 

My Oily Summer Packing List

Stress Away: Calms (Even on an Adventure)

Stress Away is number one! I have a fear of cliffs and most summers we travel from the flat lands of Florida to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Idaho. When my husband drives over that mountain pass, it is no easy feat for me! In fact, the only way I can make it, is to sit in the back seat with the bottle of Stress Away opened and yours truly inhaling it the entire time!

Aromaease: Supports Natural Travel Adjustment

Once we are in the mountains, I start to feel the effects of the altitude change. The aroma of Aromaease helps me tremendously along with Peppermint rubbed on my head and neck. Both those oils are supportive of the body’s natural ability to adjust to this change.  

Digize Vitality: Maintains Normal Digestion

Usually travel time means eating out often and eating foods that we don’t normally eat at home.  It’s important to maintain normal digestion while away. You can take your Digize Vitality oil right under your tongue or rub Digize directly on your stomach. Your body will thank you!

Thieves Vitality: Keeps Immune System Strong

Before I go away and while I am away I do everything to keep my immune system strong and above the wellness line. Between flying, time changes and new germs, it’s important to support your immune system. I take Thieves Vitality 2-3 times a day without fail!  

Lavender: Makes Any Bed Feel Like Home

Lavender…the swiss army knife of oils! Let’s just say that I never go anywhere without my Lavender and especially when traveling. I don’t know about you, but when I try to sleep away from home, it’s just not the same. My body used to struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep. Now I just put a couple drops on my pillow at night and I am sleeping and resting just like at home.  

Deep Relief Roll-On: Eases Minor Muscle Aches

Deep Relief is another must-have when traveling. My muscles can get sore from sitting on a long flight or car ride. They can get strained when doing activities that I don’t normally do. This handy roll-on is perfect to stick in your purse and use it whenever you need to soothe any sore muscles!

My Supplement Travel Companions

Ningxia Red: Delivers Delicious On-the-Good Goodness

Ningxia Red packets are always in my suitcase! I take plenty of packets for the whole family so we can all maintain good health and a strong body while away. Ningxia Red is packed with so many nutrients that I don’t feel we can be without it while traveling. If you have kids, they will enjoy that you have a delicious drink to give them while on a long car ride or flight.

Ningxia Nitro: Boosts Energy

Nitros , nitros, nitros….ok, I am guilty of taking way too many Nitros while away! As it is, I take 2 Nitros a day. They give me the most amazing brain clarity and they provide my body with endless energy! Now unless I am going on a beach vacation where all I need to worry about is eating and sunbathing, I need to have my energy! Hiking, exploring, and outdoor adventures call for serious assistance from my Nitros.  

Thieves Hand Sanitizer & Spray: Keeps Things Clean (Naturally!)

Lastly I NEVER travel with my Thieves hand sanitizer and Thieves spray! What do I spray? Everything and anything! I spray things in the hotel room, I spray things on the plane, I spray things in restaurants, I spray my hands, I spritz over the bed sheets with my Thieves spray, I spray everything! Come to think of it, I could probably use it in place of a pepper spray while away. I would think spraying this in someone’s eyes would certainly slow them down! Seriously though, make sure you have your Thieves spray and your sanitizer with you whenever away from home!

What are YOUR Top Young Living Travel Items?

There you have it friends, my top Young Living travel items! Take some time to think about where you are going this summer and make a list of what  you will need to help make it a memorable experience.

Have oily travel questions? Leave them in the comments or contact us!

Beyond the Kit: Members Favorites

Did you know? Young Living offers 100s of products. That’d be 100s more natural, health-supporting, can’t-get-enough products beyond what you already love from your Premium Starter Kit. So, if you’re ready to add new oils, blends and products to your everyday routine – you are in luck.

The Tree of Life team polled almost 1000 Young Living Oil lovers about their favorite products “beyond the kit”, and we revealed the winners in our latest Facebook class. Bonus: ALL the items are in stock and ready for purchase!

Beyond the Kit: Member Favorites

Favorite Single Oil: Cedarwood

This “woodsy” scent easily earns a MVP award for several, versatile daily uses.

This “woodsy” scent easily earns a MVP award for several, versatile daily uses.

  • Apply before bedtime for a relaxing night’s sleep.
  • Diffuse to help stay focused and on task.
  • Comb into hair daily for thick beautiful locks.

Runners Up: Orange, Tea Tree & Northern Lights Black Spruce 

Orange, Tea Tree & Northern Lights Black Spruce give Cedarwood a run for its money!

Orange, Tea Tree & Northern Lights Black Spruce give Cedarwood a run for its money!

  • Orange – Diffuse for a calm, happy, sweet-smelling home.
  • Tea Tree – Add to your favorite facial cream to support clearer, smoother skin.
  • Insider Tip for Northern Lights Black Spruce – Order this VERY important ingredient instead when Valor and Peace & Calming are out of stock.

Favorite Blend Oil: Joy

Support the mood of your entire family -- even your toddler! -- with this beloved blend.

Support the mood of your entire family -- even your toddler! -- with this beloved blend.

  • Diffuse for a “joyful” home.
  • Apply over the heart to help support cardiovascular health.
  • Fast Fact: Joy contains Rose oil which possesses the highest frequency of any oil. Higher frequency oils are used for emotional and spiritual support.

Runners Up: Progessence Plus Serum, Endoflex & Abundance

  • Progessence Plus Serum – Help support healthy hormone levels. Formulated especially for women, this blend contains wild yam extract and Vitamin E along with some of our most popular oils.
  • Endoflex – Use daily to help support and maintain overall vitality and the endocrine system.
  • Abundance – Wear as your perfume or diffuse to enhance the “law of attraction” – who couldn’t use more Abundance in their life?

Favorite Roll On: Deep Relief

Roll On… anywhere, anytime. We can’t think of anything more practical than that!

Roll On… anywhere, anytime. We can’t think of anything more practical than that!

  • Roll on to help alleviate stressed muscles or other physical discomforts.
  • Roll on your temples to ease minor head discomfort.
  • Apply topically before or after physical exercise.
  • Inhale during exercise or physical activity for respiratory support.

Runners Up: Tranquil, Breathe Again & Stress Away

  • Tranquil – Apply this calming & relaxing blend to neck or temples in times of restlessness and unease.
  • Breathe Again (back in stock!) – Roll on to promote a healthy respiratory system throughout the seasons.
  • Stress Away - Inhale to boost energy and serve as a daily pick me up (has a sweet vanilla/lime scent, yummy!).

Favorite Massage Oil: Cel-Lite Magic

Summer is approaching, and this beautiful blend of vegetable oils, vitamin E and Therapeutic Grade Essential oils could be your NEW best friend!

Summer is approaching, and this beautiful blend of vegetable oils, vitamin E and Therapeutic Grade Essential oils could be your NEW best friend!

  • Replace your body lotion with this chemical-free option.
  • Use daily to benefit skin texture and detoxification.
  • Massage on location where firming and toning is desired.

Runners Up: Ortho Sport, Ortho Ease & Sensation

  • Ortho Sport – Apply for a warming sensation to soothe achy muscles. A great option for active teenagers and beyond.
  • Ortho Ease (back in stock!) – Massage to soothe your tired and stressed body while combating the damaging effects of everyday activities.
  • Sensation – Use for a relaxing massage and smooth, youthful-feeling skin.

Favorite Beauty & Skin: Satin Facial Scrub

This refreshing must-have is a water-based, peppermint oil infused exfoliant.

This refreshing must-have is a water-based, peppermint oil infused exfoliant.

  • Insider Tip: Perfect for all ages!
  • Use daily to minimize the appearance of pores and invigorate dull skin.
  • Apply directly to moistened skin in a circular motion, rinse well and pat dry.

Runners Up: Orange Blossom Facial Wash, ART Skin Care System & Sheerlume

  • Orange Blossom Facial Wash – Cleanse your skin without stripping natural oils with this wonderful soap-free wash. Insider Tip: Add OBFW to a foaming pump with some water to make it last longer and keep teens from wasting it!
  • ART (Age Refining Technology) Skin Care System – Use this 3 step skincare system for all ages. It contains Light Moisturizer, Refreshing Toner & Gentle Cleanser.
  • Sheerlume – Visibly brighten and balance your skin tone with this beautiful cream of botanicals and pure essential oils.

Favorite Supplement: Multigreens

This combo of “greens” and therapeutic-grade essential oils boosts vitality and overall circulatory system.

This combo of “greens” and therapeutic-grade essential oils boosts vitality and overall circulatory system.

  • Take daily to support energy levels.
  • Insider Tip: With added therapeutic essential oils, Multigreens absorption was increased from 42% (in 24hrs) to 86% (in 1hr). No other company can offer this efficiency, and that’s why we have essential oils in most of our supplement line.

Runners Up: Inner Defense, Longevity & Life 5

  • Inner Defense – Promote a healthy respiratory system with these softgels rich in immune-supporting ingredients. Insider Tip: Have a sensitive tummy? Freeze them before taking. This is a must-have in every home!
  • Longevity – Promote the body’s ability to handle damage due to aging, diet and environment with a softgel packed full of antioxidants. Use daily to also help support healthy organ function.
  • Life 5 – Build and restore your core intestinal health with this probiotic. Life 5 contains 10 BILLION active cultures and is clinically proven to improve colonization up to 10 times. Healthy gut, happy body! Insider Tip: Keep refrigerated after opening and take at least 1 hour away from food before bed for best results.

Favorite Home Cleaning Product – Thieves Household Cleaner

A safe, toxic-free cleaning option for every surface in your house.

A safe, toxic-free cleaning option for every surface in your house.

  • Use it in your kitchen, bathrooms, floors (tile & hardwoods!), mirrors, glass, dusting and MUCH more!
  • Purify and cleanse with the power of Thieves essential oil blend.
  • Make GALLONS of cleaner with this concentrated bottle. Economical, easy and safe for pets, kids and babies!

Runner Up: Thieves Laundry Soap, Thieves Dish Soap & Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak 

  • Thieves Laundry Soap –  Gently and naturally wash your clothes without any chemical or synthetic residue. Plant-based formula with essential oils is safe for all types of washers.
  • Thieves Dish Soap – Effectively clean your dishes without chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. Insider Tip: Make it go further with a foaming pump dispenser and water. Please note, not for use in a dishwasher.
  • Fruit & Veggie soak/spray – Effectively wash produce with the cleansing power of 3 essential oil blends: DiGize, Thieves and Purification. Who wants icky chemicals on their fruits and veggies??

Go Beyond Today

If you aren't a Young Living member, find out how to join today. Translation: don’t pay RETAIL for these great products.

Already a wholesale member, love your oils and want more more more? Check out the amazing Essential Rewards program. Earn free products with each order you place and receive reduced shipping! 

Check out the original FB class for even more comments and insights. Ready to learn more? Suggest a class in the comments below!

Essential Oils and Travel: Preparing Your Own Oily Travel Kit

Over the past several years our family has spent time on mission trips out of the country, primarily in Haiti and most recently Ecuador and Uganda. These trips require quite a bit of planning, and, most importantly, quite a bit of oily preparation! 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

My older daughter in Ecuador. 

In May, my older daughter spent time in Ecuador while my younger daughter and husband spent time in Africa. On our trips to Haiti we traveled as a family, sharing oils while away. The May trips were different! Each person needed his/her own “oily travel kit.” Since I prepared three of these kits, I thought I would share what my oily travel kit includes.

Travel-Worn Bottles = Healthy Bodies 

Beware! These are pictures of actual oil bottles that have traveled out of the country several times. They are NOT pictures of pretty little oil bottles! As much as I LOVE getting pretty, new oil bottles in the mail, I have conceded that ugly oil bottles are a byproduct of healthy bodies.

Keep in mind that these are merely the basic oils our family needs on trips. We also take additional oils used for specific purposes that are part of our daily oily routine such as Progessence Plus Serum, Shutran, Clary Sage, Endoflex, Sacred Frankincense, and others.

Plane Travel & Essential Oils

Carrying On Essential Oils

Although most of our essential oils are in our checked luggage, we make sure we have a few oils with us on the plane. Who knows when the checked luggage will really arrive?!?

Airline travel with oils is relatively simple. Your airline-authorized quart-size liquids bag can accommodate MANY 5mL or 15mL bottles of essential oil. We have never had any airline representative question our inclusion of essential oil in our liquids bag. Our liquids bag always includes peppermint, Thieves, and lavender essential oils as well as a bottle of Thieves spray and a few Thieves lozenges

Top Three Essential Oils for Every Plane Ride

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

Carry On Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender & Thieves.

1. Peppermint

Inhaling peppermint instantly calms my stomach when air turbulence unexpectedly strikes. 

2. Lavender

Lavender can aid in relaxation for those 17-hour international flights! 

3. Thieves

Once we have boarded the plane, we immediately reach for Thieves for immune support. Since we travel with flip flops or Crocs for easy security checks, it is important to slather those feet with Thieves and put socks on for the plane ride. Thieves spray comes in handy to spray in our throat or on our hands for extra protection. 

My Essential Oil Travel Kit

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

My travel-worn oily travel kit. 

Oils in our checked luggage (aka our Oily Travel Kits) include:

  • Valor
  • DiGize
  • R.C. or Raven
  • PanAway
  • Immupower
  • Oregano
  • Purification
  • Frankincense
  • v-6
  • Extra Thieves, lavender, peppermint and lozenges.
  • We always travel with NingXia Red packets and NingXia Nitro, too.

This might seem like a lot, but we want to be prepared for anything! I make sure we have empty capsules to make our own immune-supporting concoctions of oregano, Immupower and frankincense. We all have those days when we are not feeling our best. 

Top Travel Tips:

  • R.C. stands for respiratory/congestion which keeps our respiratory systems in tip-top shape.
  • DiGize works well for all things digestion related that can (does) occur when traveling out of the country.

We are THAT Family: Healthy, Happy Travelers

We rely heavily on our oils. So much so, that we are known on every trip as THAT family! Usually as the week begins, we quietly go about using Purification to help repel insects, Thieves for immune support, lavender to promote good sleep, daily NingXia packets and Nitro, peppermint for head discomfort, etc. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

My husband and daughter in Uganda. 

Usually by the end of each trip, almost everyone else has noticed that our family is energetic, rested, and well. Predictably, they begin asking questions. That’s all it takes for me to share oily goodness and share the oil love with the rest of the team members! I have team members from all over the United States whom I met on international trips. It is always a blessing to bless others.

In May, my older daughter was known as the “alchemist” on her trip to Ecuador as she shared oils with her team members, and my younger daughter left most of her oils in Africa to bless the mission families who serve in Uganda.  

Time to Start Your Journey!

I am all about education and all about oils, so post a comment or question, and I’ll be happy to help!  When you are ready to start your oily journey, you can join the Tree of Life team by joining me at Oil Together Now, here. I’d love to share oily goodness with you, too!

Oily Travelers, What’s in Your Kit? Share in the Comments!