Young Living Fall Favs: R.C., Raven & Breathe Again (What's the Difference?)

Sometimes this much-quoted Top Gun line comes to mind: “I feel the need, the need for SPEED!” Except, living in Houston, I find myself looking at my oil choices thinking, “I feel the need, the need to BREATHE!”

Fortunately, Young Living offers access to some really great oils to fill that need. While I sincerely appreciate the plants God created and YL’s ability to distill them into little bottles of oily awesomeness, TOO MANY CHOICES MAKE MY LITTLE BRAIN CONFUSED! Which one? How do I choose? What’s the difference?

Let’s focus on three of my favorite “breathing” oils! (See what I did there?!)

What’s the Difference? R.C., Raven & Breathe Again

R.C., Raven and Breathe Again all help support your respiratory system, but when should you use each? Good question! We're here with some helpful tips. 

R.C., Raven and Breathe Again all help support your respiratory system, but when should you use each? Good question! We're here with some helpful tips. 

First up: R.C.

R.C. is a blend of Eucalyptus (E. globulus), myrtle, pine, marjoram, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citriodora, lavender, cypress, tsuga, and peppermint. What? Three different eucalyptus plants? Eucalyptus has great soothing properties, and RC delivers eucalyptus times 3! WOW! Add in myrtle, marjoram, peppermint and a few others, and you have powerful respiratory support.

I think everyone who breathes needs R.C., so let’s explore how to use it:

  • Massage on chest, back and/or feet
  • Use as compress on sinuses and nasal passages
  • Rub around ears, neck and throat
  • Use in diffuser
  • Add to steaming water; put towel over your head and inhale

At this point, I’ll make a confession. Having been through nursing school, I understand the intricacies of the respiratory system. Lean in now because I’m about to whisper … at night when the lights are out in the bedroom my diffuser runs with R.C. and lavender. Why, you ask? My husband had a really bad habit of making excessive noises while he slept! With R.C. in the diffuser, I have a MUCH more peaceful night’s rest! A little extra R.C. on his throat and chest and – what’s that? – sweet silence! Shhhhhh.

Next up: Raven, an excellent companion oil to R.C.

Raven is a blend of Ravensara, lemon, wintergreen, peppermint, and Eucalyptus radiata. Although it has fewer oils, it goes “beyond R.C.” for your respiratory system. Ravensara is a heavy hitter. As a cross between clove and nutmeg, it also supports the endocrine system. The added wintergreen contains 99% methyl salicylate, which gives it an extra punch. Another great benefit of Raven is skin support, but use caution and/or add V-6 oil (carrier oil) to avoid skin sensitivity. How would I use Raven?

  • Apply to lungs and throat
  • Put on pillow at night
  • Use in retention suppository with V-6 throughout the night to give lung support through the night
  • Use in diffuser
  • Add to steaming water; put towel over your head and inhale

Before I go further, it should be mentioned that alternating oils can be quite effective. R.C. and Raven can be exchanged and alternated effectively. For example, I might apply Raven on my feet and R.C. on my throat and chest, alternating morning and night.

Last up: Breathe Again Roll-On

If you like eucalyptus and you think R.C. is action packed, Breathe Again is your new best friend! This baby contains four (yep, count ‘em) FOUR single eucalyptus oils: eucalyptus staigeriana, eucalyptus globulus, laurel, rose hip, peppermint, eucalyptus radiata, copaiba, myrtle, manuka and eucalyptus blue.

Since it is a roll-on, it contains coconut oil as a carrier oil to help with the functionality of the roller filament. Typically, a one inch “roll” on the skin delivers about one drop of oil.  

Several of the single oils in this blend are noteworthy. Copaiba is extremely high in beta-caryophyllene. Manuka has a stabilizing and calming aroma. Eucalyptus blue’s invigorating scent offers a sense of peace and balance.

Even with the coconut oil added, be aware that this blend can cause skin sensitivity and is cautioned for use during pregnancy. How and/or when would I apply Breathe Again?

  • Across the bridge of my nose
  • On my sinus areas
  • Under the nose
  • Over the chest area

So, Which is Best?

You may still be wondering, ”Which one of the three is best?” Actually, it depends on your preference. In my family, one of my daughters prefers Raven and the other prefers R.C. I use both and carry Breathe Again in my purse.  

As I mentioned earlier, R.C. goes in my diffuser every night, but when I’m looking for serious respiratory support, I reach for Raven. If you want a particular result from an oil and aren’t getting the result you want, try switching oils. R.C., Raven and Breathe Again are only three of many YL oils you can choose. You might also consider adding Thieves and/or Frankincense to your respiratory support arsenal.  

If I had to make a comparison based on single oils in each blend, I would rate Raven as more powerful than R.C., and Breathe Again as a “convenience” oil due to the roller filament. I love the travel convenience of the roller aspect of Breathe Again, but when I am at home, I prefer inhaling oils from my hands, using them topically and in my diffuser. Try them all! Choose your favorite or alternate them! There is not a loser in the group!   

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