My Joyful Days

Back in my day (said in an old lady voice), JOY didn’t come in the everyday oils kit. There were only 9 (gasp) oils back then. Fortunately, I was part of a wise and lovely group of ladies, who raved ferociously about the essential oil blend called “JOY”. ‘Wear it for perfume’ they said, ‘supports my mood’ they said, and ‘oh, it smells so good’ they said.

The Essential Oil Blend Called “JOY”

So, I got my JOY oil and tore the lid off and took the biggest whiff of…WTH? This did not bring me joy, far from it! I felt the pull to use it, but I had to put it on my feet everyday just to get it as far away from my nose as possible. Oh those girls, how did they wear it for perfume…puuuweeee!

My Soul Now Sings of JOY

I am nothing if not dedicated to my oils, and after a couple of weeks of continued use on my feet, an odd thing happened. JOY started becoming Joyful! I started to crave the smell and more importantly the effects. I tell people – you know when you wake up and you just don’t want to be with yourself that day? You just wake up on the wrong side of the earth? Ever heard “when Momma ain’t happy… ?” That is the day you need JOY more than ever. My kids bring me my JOY bottle when I am ‘irritable’ and with puppy eyes holding it in their cupped hands ask, “Mommy, were you looking for this?” They know! Everyone knows! Oh, how my soul now sings of JOY!

So JOY is now a staple in my home. Everyone, even my husband, who says it tingles his brain when he uses it, applies JOY for emotional support. So if you haven’t already, join me and become a JoyDropper today!