Young Living Essential Rewards Sign-Up Instructions

Join Essential Rewards with the Tree of Life team! We’ll show you how to earn credit toward your favorite products and qualify to start your very own Young Living business. 

What are Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s optional and free auto ship program. 

The “Rewards” part comes in when you start earning a percentage back from each your Essential Rewards purchases in the form of points. You can use your points toward free oils and products. Woo Hoo!

Term to Know: PV = Product Value. Each product and purchase’s PV is typically equal to their dollar amount. 

Can we use it in a sentence? Sure: To participate in the program, your monthly purchase must be 50PV or $50 (before shipping and taxes) or 100PV as a Tree of Life business builder (read: earning commission just for sharing the oils you love!). 

Good news: Each Essential Reward point is also 1:1 to a dollar/PV. 

Why Essential Rewards?

A better question would be “why not?” 

Benefits Include:

  • Convenient and flexible monthly auto shipping
  • Priority order when stock runs low
  • Discounted shipping, starting at $5.99 
  • Points toward your favorite oils and products on a graduated scale:
    • 1-3 months, 10% back
    • 4-24 months, 20% back
    • 24+ months, 25%.
  • Gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months 
  • Access to exclusive Essential Rewards Kits
  • Great opportunity to gradually build and share your oil collection
  • Easy way to shift grocery store spending to all-natural products 
  • No risk! Cancel at any time (just make sure to use those rewards first).

How do I Join Essential Rewards?

We can show you how to join in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Customizing Your Experience

Step3: Checking Out


Essential Rewards Tips and Tricks: Timeline

Here’s your initial Essential Rewards Timeline: 

  • You start earning points immediately.
  • You can start redeeming points after 2 months in the program.

Here’s your roadmap to earning 25% points back: 

  • 0-3 months 10%
  • 4-24 months 20%
  • 24+ months 25%

Dates to remember each month:

  • You can change your order up to midnight on your processing day. 
  • Remember to update your order after your processing day if you want different products the next month. 

Dates to remember annually:

  • Points must be used within 12 months of accrual. 

Essential Rewards Tips and Tricks: Redeeming Points

How to Redeem Your Points: 

  • You can redeem your points online as you place a regular quick order. Just select which items you want to use points toward at check out. If you’d like help, you can contact Live Help via phone or chat. 
  • Points must be redeemed for a product in full. If a product is 30PV, you must have 30 points to use toward that product.
  • You do not have to use points for your entire order. Consolidate your orders to save on shipping!

Points to Remember: 

  • Max number of points you can use per month is 350. 
  • Points may not be redeemed for shipping.
  • Cashing in your ER points does not count toward PV totals or monthly promos.
  • You do not earn additional points from ER point purchases. 

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!