DIY: Succulent Diffusers

Even after four years with oils, I love that I’m still learning so much. Sure, I’ve got some daily favorites. Thieves for immune support, Citrus Fresh for mood boosting and Peace & Calming for bedtime bliss. But I’m always on the hunt to discover new ways to infuse my day-to-day with natural oily vibes.

Last week, I got my chance. I attended a class on how to make a succulent diffuser. Are you as intrigued as I was about how to combine these cute and sturdy little plants with the scents of your favorite oils? Thought so. I’ll share the step-by-step process, give some succulent care tips and list some oils that pair really well this project.

4 Steps to Make Your Own Succulent Diffuser

Some diffusers from class, so cute!

Some diffusers from class, so cute!

#1. Start with rocks

These help the water drain completely. Use enough to cover the base of your container.


#2. Add the Soil

Make sure to use cactus soil. Fill your container about 1/3 full.


#3. Plant your Succulent

Use the soil from your succulent’s container, plus extra soil to cover the roots. Soil should reach the top of your container.


#4. Set the Diffuser Stage

Add moss or lava rocks to act as your natural diffuser.

Note: If you use moss as your diffuser, make sure to only add 2-3 drops every few days to avoid too much moisture near your plants. You can refresh your lava rock diffuser daily.


Succulent Care Tips

Another cute creation from class, impossible to pick my favorite!

Another cute creation from class, impossible to pick my favorite!

#1. Pick the Right Plants

Succulents that are mostly green will do the best indoors.

#2. Water Correctly

Soak the soil when watering, then let it dry out completely before watering again.

#3. Place in the Sun

Try to put your plants by a sunny, south-facing window to best simulate their native habitat.

Oils to Try with Your Succulent Diffuser

Again, I love learning about oils! I actually hadn’t been to a class in long time. Going reminded me what a great chance classes are to hear how others use oils. I got inspired to try new oils and use my favorite oils in new ways. Here are some oils I’m excited to try with my succulent diffuser:

Citrus Oils

I really enjoy diffusing citrus oils! Their scents are so fresh, clean and mood boosting. And two of my favorites, Lemon and Citrus Fresh, are included in the Premium Starter Kit.

  1. Lemon: I always keep lemon on hand because it is has so many great uses. I add it to my Thieves Cleaner to create glass/all-purpose cleaner, and I’ve used it to help me diminish the appearance of scratches on my wood furniture. In a diffuser, lemon + peppermint is a powerful combination, especially to promote concentration.

  2. Citrus Fresh: This is my go-to for my dryer balls! This blend combines zesty citrus scents with a pop of spearmint for a sunny pick-me-up.

Shared Space Oils

If you want to bring your succulent diffuser to work, here are some options that will keep everyone smiling.

  1. Stress Away: This mood-boosting oil charms everyone near with a sweet mix including lime and vanilla.

  2. Lavender: This bedtime favorite has a generally soothing appeal that would be a great fit for the office or classroom.

Which oil would you use on your Succulent Diffuser?