Oily Hacks: Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Products

Our  guest blogger today is Cynthia Lengefeld: wife, mom, grandma and a Young Living Silver. We love her practical approach to oils and we’re excited to share her budget-friendly post today! Get in touch for more tips!

Did someone mention oily hacks?  Let’s talk!  Everyone loves a money-stretching product tip, am I right?!

Don't leave a bit of product in the packaging! We share our top tips on how to stretch product life and get the most bang for your buck.

Don't leave a bit of product in the packaging! We share our top tips on how to stretch product life and get the most bang for your buck.

Squeeze Out Extra Value: Thrifty Tube Trick

Let’s start with all the products in the squeeze tubes: Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste, Thieves Dentarome Toothpaste, Satin Facial Scrub Mint, Shutran Shave Cream, Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream, KidScents Tender Tush, KidScents Slique Toothpaste, Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, Cool Azul Sports Gel, and Prenolone +.

When these tubes seem empty, they aren’t! They hold (what seems like to me) an endless supply of product. When the squeezing stops producing results, use scissors to cut the tube about an inch or two below the crimped edge. Open that baby up, and you’ll see ALL the goodness still screaming to be used. Don’t discard that cute little crimped top. It acts as a lid and protector as it slips right inside the end of the tube.  Don’t be afraid to dip that toothbrush or your clean fingers inside the tube, to grab the last bit of product. It could last another week! Who doesn’t want a week of “free” product?!

Recipe for Savings: Just Add Distilled Water

Since we are all interested in maximizing our dollars, let’s talk about how a little distilled water could change your life!  How about that Thieves Hand Soap?  Purchase the refill (always), and then when refilling the foaming pump bottles fill ½ with the soap refill and the other half with distilled water.  You’re welcome!  

Oh, the distilled water trick? Try it on your Orange Blossom Face Wash, too. In fact, repurpose a foaming hand soap dispenser for your Orange Blossom Face Wash/distilled water mixture. Combine 1/3 OBFW + 2/3 distilled water = instant OBFW foaming awesomeness!  

Smells Like Savings: Get the Most Out of Your Deodorant

I almost forgot about the Mountain Mint or Mountain Mist deodorant! When the deodorant pad has been rolled up as far as it will roll, and you KNOW (because you can see it) there is more deodorant but the silly things keeps falling off the stem, just take the deodorant pad off the stem. I keep the deodorant pad face down in the deodorant cap and throw the rest of the pieces and parts away.

Around my house, I never get the new deodorant! I get the pad off the old one when my husband is ready for a new stick. My “pad” lasts me as long as it takes him to use the whole stick! If you are a bit squeamish about using a “used” deodorant pad, just take a tissue and wipe it off before you apply it the first time.

Need More? Get in Touch!

Follow this blog, or message me for more oily hacks. Like hacks for the Seedlings Baby Wipes and Thieves dish soap and lemon oil and cedarwood oil and Thieves cleaner…...  Did you know you can use it for……  ??   Message me OilTogetherNow@gmail.com☺  Blessings to you, Cynthia Lengefeld, #1339187

Oily Hacks for Any Budget (Our New Series!)

Did you know that adding 1-2 drops of Lavender oil to you mascara not only purifies your makeup, but also promotes beautiful long lashes?

Or did you know that essential oils can help you cut energy costs? Just add a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil to wool dryer balls (we LOVE Purification, so good!) to help reduce drying time by 50% (!!). Your clothes will also be fresh, wrinkle-free and non-toxic. Plus, banish dryer sheets from your shopping list for good!

Oily Hacks: Use Your Oils the Smart Way


If you're just getting started with essential oils or you're ready to dig deeper, we’d love for you to check out our next series. We've asked our Tree of Life members to share their best Oily Hacks (think quick beauty tips, budget-friendly strategies or easy household tricks) to help you use your oils everyday, the smart way.

Like did you know that adding 3-5 drops of lemon oil to your automatic dishwasher detergent (like the awesome Thieves automatic dishwasher detergent!) will give your dishes commercial-worthy sparkle every time? Yes, really.  

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