2018 Holiday Catalog!

With the October Promo (and it’s bonus 400PV level), we joked that Christmas had come early. But this week, we are truly starting to get in the Christmas spirit with the 2018 Holiday Catalog! This gift guide is full of goodies for all the people on your nice list. We love the easy shopping categories to help you make your list without thinking twice.

Loving the beautiful, easy to shop 2018 Gift Guide! What’s going on your list?

Loving the beautiful, easy to shop 2018 Gift Guide! What’s going on your list?

You can shop:

  • Seasonal scents and sets to set the tone for all your holiday gatherings

  • Festive food-themed gifts for the creative cooks in your life

  • Wellness supplements, oils and products to help those you love support their immune system

  • Party perfect snacks and treats

  • Savvy Minerals makeup sets for a fresh face for the new year

  • AT home spa for treat moments of treat-yourself indulgence

  • Kid-and-pet-friendly gifts

  • Gifts that keep giving with proceeds to support the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation

  • And the stocking-stuffing worthy $25 and under section

What are you still doing here? Check it out and get shopping:)

Chugga Chugga Woo Hoo! Roll-On Thieves!

Countdown to Young Living Black Friday Savings!

Black Friday deals you can shop in your PJs? Yes, please. Skip the lines and give your family the gift of Young Living Awesomeness this year. There will be deals on over 40 of your favorite essential oils, Thieves products, Savvy Minerals makeup and more. We know you don't wanna miss out, so keep up with with the countdown here. Shopping extravaganza starts 8am MT on Friday, November 24. 

Stay tuned for over 40 deals on your fave Young Living products (and even more surprises!).

Stay tuned for over 40 deals on your fave Young Living products (and even more surprises!).

Any deals you're hoping for? 

November Promo: Happier Holidays to You!

The Holidays are upon us! This lovely time of year is all about traditions, and our sense of smell is closely linked to lasting memory. A whiff of freshly cut pine or spicy cinnamon can take you back to the the joy and comfort of the season.

This year, help build your family’s traditions with rich, essential oil-powered scents. Earn holiday favorites like Frankincense, Pine and Christmas Spirit with a quick order or – better yet – Essential Rewards purchase made between November 1-30.

And, don’t miss the beautiful stick diffuser Christmas Tree Ornament with your 300 PV purchase!  

Earn clean, rejuvenating scents Eucalyptus Radiata & Tea Tree with this month’s order.

Earn clean, rejuvenating scents Eucalyptus Radiata & Tea Tree with this month’s order.

300 PV

Retail Value: $210.44

  • 15-ml Frankincense
  • 15-ml Pine
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tree
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

250 PV

Retail Value $113.73

  • 15-ml Pine
  • Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tree
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

190 PV

Retail Value $72.04

  • 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 15-ml Tea Tre
  • 5-ml Christmas Spirit

100 PV

Retail Value $13.42

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Christmas Spirit


Young Living Holiday Catalog Launch

You may not play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but we thought you’d like to be in-the-know about the Young Living Holiday Catalog. It launched this week and it’s full of holiday favorites and holiday exclusives for the whole family. From the highly-anticipated Yoga Kit and Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser, to the exclusive Savvy Minerals Holiday Collection and stocking stuffer stars like Young Living Lip Balm, the catalog has so many options! Our guarantee: The hardest part will be picking your favorites.

Find all Young Living holiday exclusives here, plus gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

Find all Young Living holiday exclusives here, plus gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

Ready to shop? Here’s the virtual catalog. Take a look and just try not to hum a little Jingle Bells while you’re at it.

Questions? Get in touch!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tree of Life Family to yours. To celebrate this special time, we've collected a few of our favorite festive diffuser recipes. It's just a small gift to let you know how much we appreciate you visiting the blog and joining the conversation.


 Enjoy the holiday! See you soon, we are looking forward to a wonderful 2017! 

Young Living December Promotion: Rewards to Celebrate!

We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We're back this week to unveil some free holiday goodies. The December promotion includes yummy seasonal favorites like nutmeg, orange vitality and NingXia Nitro as well as a new blend, Excite. Excited? We are, too. We totally won't tell if you crack these gifts open before December 25. 

The Ho-Ho-Holiday Promotion

It's not hard to get in the spirit with rewards like these! 

It's not hard to get in the spirit with rewards like these! 

300 PV (Retail Value: $207.89)

  • 5-ml Excite: This promo-exclusive blend of Ocotea, Nutmeg, and more was created by D. Gary Young to encourage both energy for the holidays and inspiration for the new year. 
  • 15-ml Abundance™: In ancient cultures, Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, and Ginger essential oils were used to bring an abundance of prosperity, joy and peace. 
  • NingXia Nitro®: NingXia Nitro is a Tree of Life holiday favorite. It supports alertness, as well as cognitive and physical fitness. Each box contains 14 20-ml tubes. 
  • 5-ml Orange Vitality™: Orange Vitality + Baked Goods. Enough said, right? 

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives:

  • 5-ml Nutmeg: We love to diffuse this spice as we welcome guests. Try it with Orange for a zesty twist.  
  • 5-ml Tea Tree: Tea Tree is a must-have in your winter skin tool box. Its cleansing properties keep your skin smooth, no matter the weather.  

250 PV (Retail Value: $90.79)

  • NingXia Nitro, 14-count box 
  • 5-ml Orange Vitality 

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 

  • 5-ml Nutmeg
  • 5-ml Tea Tree

190 PV (Retail Value: $39.80)

  • 5-ml Orange Vitality 

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 

  • 5-ml Nutmeg
  • 5-ml Tea Tree 

100 PV (Retail Value: $14.80)

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusives: 

  • 5-ml Tea Tree 

See you Soon!

Next week, we'll continue to share our Young Living seasonal favorites, stay tuned! As always, if you have any questions about our post our how to join our Young Living community, don't hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch

Young Living 2016 Christmas Catalog: Season for Sharing

We will return to our regularly scheduled Fall Favs series next week, but we just couldn’t help sharing a bit about the Young Living Christmas catalog today. Why? Well, we happen to have two great reasons:

  1. We’re excited. There are some great kits, oils and products to give (and receive) from this year’s catalog.

  2. If we wait any longer to share, you may not get your chance to shop!

Pro Tip: Holiday exclusives go fast!

So without further ado, we broke down the catalog by some major (fun) themes. Shop right from our post, or browse through the online version here. Either way, a warm beverage*,  festive tree scent and some jolly tunes may be in order.  

*speaking of warm beverages, get cozy with this Thermos + Peppermint set

Young Living 2016 Holiday Catalog: Season for Sharing


The Holiday Season is all about sharing: laughs, moments, food. And, of course, if you’ve fallen in love with Essential Oils, your Young Living favorites. We love how Young Living makes sharing must-have oils easy with kits like these, complete with helpful booklets. Perfect for the oily beginner in your life!  

Eating & Drinking

Vitality oils make spicing up seasonal favorites easier than ever before, and Young Living released 15 new dietary blends just in time for your Holiday feasts. The Ningxia Red holiday set, a must for keeping those wellness goals this time of year, includes 5 greeting cards and a $5 donation to the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation!


The New ART Care System is designed to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face naturally. Order before December 31 to bring that spa-life to your home with a Young Living spa headband. And, it’s ok to pamper the men in your life too with Shutran Aftershave Lotion and Shutran Bar Soap. The woodsy scent meets a plant-based formula for a good-for-you clean.  

Stocking Stuffing

Skip candy in favor of Wolfberry Crisp Bars this year in their stocking for healthy snacking at it’s finest. And the 2016 Lipbalm set of 4 (including Holiday-Exclusive Vanillamint) is a little treat that always brings (and protects) big smiles.  


We love these two sets for the kids and grandkids in your life. Give the gift of natural cleansing and wellness support with Kidscents.


The holidays are much more enjoyable if you and your family are staying well and fit. Check out these sets for a little proactive (and priceless) peace of mind. 

Stay Tuned

We’ll be back next week to reveal another Young Living product we can’t live without this time of year. See you soon!


Essential Oils: Gifts Fit for a King

Matthew 2:11 “As they [the wise men] came into the house and saw the child with Mary his mother, they bowed down and worshiped him. They opened their treasure boxes and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” 

They opened their treasure boxes. As I contemplate that phrase, I am reminded that essential oils are treasures. Honestly, I don’t always treat them as such. I keep oils in my kitchen, in my bathroom, in my purse – everywhere I am! I treat them almost casually because they are as much a part of my life as breathing! Scripture has a “funny” way of reminding me, of bringing me back to what is important.  

Essential Oils: Gifts Fit for a King


The wise men traveled for months to find a “king” they had read about. When they found him, with the help of the Lord and a star, they bowed down and worshiped him.  Then, they opened their treasure boxes and gave him gifts!

They offered the Treasure of Heaven gifts from their treasure boxes. Gifts they had prepared in advance. Gifts they had carried for miles. Precious gifts. Gifts fit for a king: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Essential oils for a child? Yes. Essential oils for a poor family in a foreign country? Yes. Essential oils for a king? Yes.  

Why Frankincense & Myrrh?


Why? Did Mary and Joseph know they were treasures? Why were they treasures?   What was their purpose? Did they know what to do with them?

Plants and oils were part of everyday life in Bible times, much like they are in mine today! So, what made these two oils, frankincense and myrrh, more precious than others? Thanks to history and science, we have learned much about these two plants and essential oils. Let’s take a look at them!

Frankincense: The Right Frequency  

Frankincense has one of the highest frequencies in the essential oil world. Your body has frequencies as well. When the frequencies of your body come in contact with the frequencies of frankincense oil wonderful things happen!

Historically, frankincense was used for:

  • anointing
  • aromatherapy
  • spiritual enhancement
  • healing and wellness

I admit, I do not do much anointing on a daily basis, but I do use my oils for the other purposes listed.

Much research has been done in my home on the use of frankincense and promoting skin care. I do not have to go further than my bathroom mirror to see the amazing skin benefits of frankincense.  

I have also personally found that adding frankincense to other oils I use truly “kicks it up a notch.” Perhaps the high frequency gives my body what it is needs to keep doing what it is designed to do!  

Whatever the scientific reason, I know our home will never be without our frankincense!  We use it for spiritual health, emotional health, and physical health.

I have used it to support my:

  • skin
  • respiratory system
  • immune system
  • sleep

Frankincense is a day-to-day treasure for issues that arise in our home!

Myrrh: A Multitasking Treasure

Let’s move on to the treasure of myrrh oil. Yes, I love my frankincense, but myrrh is a treasure in our home, too. Although myrrh’s frequency is not as high as frankincense, it was one of the most desired oils in Bible times.

Historically, it was used to prevent infection, to aid in healing of the skin, and, of course, to promote spiritual awareness. Perhaps the skin on Mary’s belly was not as smooth as it had been. Perhaps as her baby grew, he might fall and scrape his knee.  Perhaps this young family would use their myrrh in worship.

Since Mary had just given birth, she would certainly find many uses for her newly acquired treasure of myrrh, both for herself and her family. It is an oil that can promote:

  • dental health
  • skin health
  • respiratory health
  • immune system

Join My Team to Find Out More About the Gift of Frankincense & Myrrh 


Although scripture doesn’t specifically answer the question of “why,” my mind runs rampant with reasons young Mary and Joseph would find many uses for the treasures of frankincense and myrrh given to them by the wise men!

I am also fairly confident they did not attend an oil class or research the uses on the internet, but since our western culture is not as versed in essential oils, I would be honored to help you explore how to incorporate frankincense and myrrh oil into your everyday life.

Join my incredible Silver (#1339187) team here to begin your Young Living journey toward better health, wellness and abundance! For any questions, please contact me at OilTogetherNow@gmail.com.

Whether or not you travel a long distance, as you open your Christmas boxes to view your own new treasures, I hope you are reminded of the True Treasure found by the wise men long ago.  May be your home be filled with the blessing of love and laughter!