Valentine's Day Essential Oils Gift Guide

Add some oily goodness to your Valentine’s Day with our Young Living Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Our team came up tips and tricks to treat yourself and everyone in your life to a scent-sational (see what we did there?) holiday. If you’d like to take an even deeper dive, we just hosted a Facebook class complete with even more DIY recipes and videos. Like our page to check it out!    

Fun Fact: Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. Let’s make some good ones this year!

Fun Fact: Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. Let’s make some good ones this year!

Treat your Partner: Massage + DIY Colognes

The gift of touch is especially sweet on Valentine’s. To spice things up on the big day, check out our handpicked V-day massage must-haves. Your sweetheart will thank you.

Vitassage: Enhance the Experience

Just turn it on for relaxing, essential oil-infused vibrations.

Just turn it on for relaxing, essential oil-infused vibrations.

This cool gadget offers a effortless way to give your sweetheart (or yourself) a relaxing massage. You can add up to 3 2-ml bottles of your favorite oils. Try something like lavender for relaxing experience or create a romantic mood with his and her oils.

  • His Oils: Frankincense, Shutran, Valor

  • Her Oils: Joy, Nutmeg, Clary Sage

Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living has also created massage oils that make treating someone you love to a foot or back rub almost effortless. Each bottle comes with a convenient pump, lasts longer than the pure oil bottles and can be used with oils to help them absorb into the body. Today, we’re focusing on Valentine’s musts. Check out the video on Facebook for the rundown of each massage oil Young Living has to offer.

Massage Oils for Valentine’s Day

  • Relaxation: Treat your loved one to a soothing massage before bed or after a long week.

  • Sensation: Set the mood with this floral blend. Sensation includes love oils like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Geranium.

    Pro Tip: If you still want to try your hand at DIY massage oils, reach for V-6 Oil.

DIY Cologne

Good smells make us happy! Infuse this Valentine’s with confidence and beauty with these easy DIY colognes. We suggest using a roll-on bottle and adding 100 proof vodka to top off your recipes.

Ditch expensive department store colognes with DIY goodness!

Ditch expensive department store colognes with DIY goodness!


Treat Yourself: Valentine’s Essential Oils + DIY Bath Soak

Sometimes V-day is all about showing yourself some love. Check out our list of great oils to wear on this emotion-focused (and sometimes nerve-inducing) holiday. Then you can pick your favorite and try your hand at our easy DIY Bath Soak!

Great Essential Oils for Valentine’s


Whether you’re feeling nervous, stressed or romantic, there’s a Valentine’s-worthy oil for that.

  • If Valentine’s Day plans have you feeling nervous, reach for Valor or Highest Potential to help calm nerves in an unsure situation.

  • If you’re ready to set the mood, reach for Ylang Ylang or Joy, these “Love Oils” will do the trick!

  • If your to-do list includes one too many class parties, reach for Peace & Calming or Lavender to bring on the calm.

DIY Bath Soak


  • Glass Jar

  • 2 Cups Plain Epsom Salts

  • Add 8 drops of your favorite essential oils

To Do: Shake to mix. Easy!

Pro Tip: Put an empty oil bottle in your bath salt jar to get every last drop of goodness.

Treat Your Family: Kid-Friendly Roll-Ons

Roll-ons are super convenient, especially for moms on the go! Put out hints to your partner and kids that this is the oily treat you desire! You can also share the love and gift these small, but mighty bottles to someone special.

  • Valor: Great before heading out to support self-esteem, courage, strength, positive outlook and good attitude

  • Stress Away: Great before and after school for peace

  • Rutavala: Sleep oil (roll-on exclusive), don’t use unless you have 8 hours! If the smell is too strong, roll on feet.

  • Tranquil: Great for “me” time before bed

Do your Valentine’s Day plans involve oils? Let us know!

Young Living February Promo: Fun Freebies for Someone Special (You!)

While you're showering others with love this month, Young Living's thoughtful February promo focuses on Y-O-U. Discover a new signature scent (Lemongrass) or an invigorating midday pick-me-up (Eucalyptus Radiata) in this month's promo that's all about giving yourself some love. With favorites like PanAway and Palo Santo up for grabs (more on these versatile oils next week), what's not to love? 

Read on for all the goodies you can treat yo'self to this month with your qualifying order. 

Check out the Fun February Freebies. Treat yo'self! 

Check out the Fun February Freebies. Treat yo'self! 

300 PV (Retail Value: $187.59) 

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 

250 PV (Retail Value: $121.31)

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 

190 PV (Retail Value: $55.92)

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 

100 PV (Retail Value: $8.22)

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Lemongrass

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Love is in the Air: Our Top Young Living Picks

The Tree of Life team is head-over-heels for Young Living Essential Oils and products. We are devoted to daily wellness and the only thing we love more than our favorite oil is sharing our real-life tips with you. Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy the list, and, as always, if you have any questions, please contact us! We'd love that, too. 

What's Not to Love? The Tree of Life Team's Top Young Living Picks  

Lavender: Beloved Multitasker 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

Relaxing, soothing, tasty: Lavender earns our love with flawless multitasking. 

"I never knew that one bottle of oil could do so much! It speeds skin recovery, supports a great night sleep, creates a relaxing environment and also tastes good in my tea. Lavender oil from Young Living is the oil I would choose if I could only choose one. I wouldn't want to be stranded without it." -- Jennifer Lopes

The one oil I never thought I'd love is LAVENDER❣
I've always preferred a woodsy/earthy scent. I came to love Lavender gradually after learning about the many therapeutic benefits and how they targeted most of my specific concerns. It's helped me with my skin, seasonal respiratory wellness and relaxation when my mind is going off in several directions. 
I use it to make room & linen sprays, bath salts, as deodorant, on the dog, on dryer balls & it's in my body butter. -- Shari Williamson

Joy: Worthy of Jumping for  

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy makes life sweeter! 

Joy! I truly don't know how I made it so long without it. It is my go-to when life becomes a struggle, when I get a poor night's rest, when I have to do things I would rather not, when I get behind, I could go on and on. It makes life sweeter (literally).  Bonus, I can get some for free this month with the February promo!  -- Michelle McKool YL SILVER #1456692

Frankincense: Impossible to Live Without 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

Frankincense: The Oil of our Life! 

I LOVE FRANKINCENSE! This is the "oil of life" that I do not think I could live without! This oil has brought the most comfort, relief and healing balance. I use this oil head to toe everyday: Adding a drop or two to my face cream morning and night (always taking time to inhale the goodness), and also several drops to my body lotion after showers. I apply it with hempseed oil to my abdomen and lungs several times/day, with other oils before Far Infrared Sauna, and throughout the day if I need extra relief for any number of things. I take and inhale, and thank God for this oil and it's amazing properties and how it has blessed my life! -- Christina Vossler

NingXia Red: Dreamy Antioxidant 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

NingXia Red: There's no wrong way to spend time with this super food. 

This beautiful bottle of liquid antioxidant goodness transformed the way my family defines the term healthy! Some days it is an ounce or two in the morning to jumpstart the day. Other days it could be six to eight ounces throughout the day to nourish those unhealthy cells. On a hot summer afternoon, it could be a pouch of frozen nutrition as we float in the pool. There is no wrong way to enjoy NingXia Red! As I drink it, I picture my blood cells having a party as they absorb this incredible super food! -- CYNTHIA LENGEFELD, YL SILVER #1339187

Power Meal: Swoon-Worthy Protein 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

Power Meal + Healthy Smoothie = match made in heaven! 

I love to 'drink' my breakfast and I've been doing it for 22 years now. Smoothies made with fruit, greens, flax ,and chia is ALWAYS made SO much better with Power Meal as my dairy-free protein! -- JOYCE SWANSON, YL SILVER #303178 

Thieves: One Word, Amazing  

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

If you don't have time for sick people, make time for Thieves. 

This oil is a must-have. It smells amazing. I have it running in my diffuser all the time. The kids get it on the bottom of their feet everyday. I love it on my toothbrush or use it as a mouth wash. It's benefits are amazing. We stay healthy, which is good because I don't have time for sick people. -- DENA JONES (PERFECT ALIGNMENT CHIROPRACTIC), YL SILVER #1410697

Valor & PanAway: Muscle-Supporting Power Couple 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Don't love muscle fatigue? Check out Valor & PanAway. 

Valor and PanAway have been my most important oils to help support muscle fatigue and minor pain. Don't know what I would do without them. -- Holly Barker 

Inner Defense: Hello Beautiful...Immune Support

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Winter has met its match with Young Living's Inner Defense. 

Inner Defense is a staple in my house this time of year! I love how it promotes a healthy respiratory system and supports our immune systems. -- Michelle Thielemann Krischke 

Peppermint: Always Cool 

Cool addition to daily life! 

Cool addition to daily life! 

I must say that for my family we go through a lot of peppermint. With a soon to be 3 yr old and my Husband, we need to stock 8 bottles! We love the cooling effect when we are working outside in theTexas heat and the great muscle and ligament support it provides before working out or after doing heavy lifting. Additionally, my daughter asks for peppermint vitality in her tea and her chocolate brownies! I use it daily, one drop in my coffee! -- Sunday Taylor 

Find Your Favorite

Want to find your perfect oil match? Contact Tree of Life today to start your lifelong relationship with these amazing oils and products. 

Young Living February Promotions: Head-over-Heels for Savings!

This month, you don't have to choose between your passion for a great deal OR your favorite oils. You can have everything you love through Young Living's Exclusive Rewards for February! With your qualifying order you can earn WintergreenPatchouli and Copaiba essential oils as well as a sweet February-themed I LOVE Oils collection featuring JoyYlang Ylang, and Grapefruit Vitality essential oils.

For more on the promo (and how to qualify), read on! 


The Gifts

300 PV Retail Value: $209.48 

  • 15-ml Wintergreen: Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing, unique, and minty aroma that deserves a place in every collection.
  • 5-ml Patchouli: Patchouli essential oil may improve the appearance of dry, dull skin and is often diffused for its grounding, peaceful aroma.
  • 20 Essential Rewards points: Earn 20 additional Essential Rewards points with your qualifying order. Your Essential Rewards points can be used like cash toward many of your favorite products!
  • I LOVE Oils collection: Our exclusive Valentine’s Day collection includes three sweet member favorites: 5-ml Joy, 15-ml Ylang Ylang, and 5-ml Grapefruit Vitality essential oils.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Copaiba: Copaiba essential oil features a unique, pleasant, exotic aroma and is an important ingredient in our Stress Away™ essential oil blend.

250 PV Retail Value: $122.31

20 Essential Rewards points

190 PV Retail Value: $102.31

How to Qualify: Enroll in Essential Rewards 

To earn these great promotions, you must be enrolled in Young Living's optional and free auto ship program, Essential Rewards. If you're not enrolled, the Tree of Life team can help! Check out these 3 ways to enroll in Essential Rewards today! 

Option 1: Check out our Essential Reward 101 guide.

Option 2: Contact your Tree of Life enroller, one of our contributors or write us 

Option 3: Call Young Living Directly at 1-800-371-3515. 

Once enrolled, make sure you make your qualifying purchase through your Essential Reward Program Link. Again, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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