Essential Oils for Back to School: First Day Freebies!

Last week we shared all about the school-themed August Promo. This week (and for the rest of the month) we are offering a crash course on back-to-school essential oils. Today’s Subject: First Day Freebies. Yes, we thought that was an A+ subject, too;) So eyes front, pencils at the ready, time to study up on our favorite goodies from the promo.  

Back to School Essential Oils


Lemon Vitality

You can reach for this small and zesty bottle all day. It earns top marks for a fresh scent and invigorating flavor.

  • Diffuse first thing for a mood-boosting scent.
  • Diffuse after school to support concentration during homework time.
  • Add a drop or two to an after-school fruit dip or smoothie.


Another homework hero, Clarity is formulated to give you sense of clear thinking and alertness. Call on this energizing blend whenever you or your resident students need to focus.

  • Diffuse Clarity when starting a challenging project or studying for a big test.
  • Apply Clarity on the temples and the back of the neck before school or study to help support memory retention and mental alertness.


We are beyond thrilled that you can earn 5 KidScents blends with this month’s purchase! These pre-diluted oils are ready to use on your kiddos, straight from the bottle. They pass the Mom-Approved Test with a 100% in convenience.


Our first choice for first aid, Owie™ is an easy way to topically improve the appearance of your child͛s skin.

  • Keep on hand for those trips to the park.
  • Add to your first aid kit.


TummyGize™ is a relaxing, quieting blend that can be applied to little tummies.

  • Use after meals to support normal digestion.
  • Apply daily to promote healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.
  • Take on long car rides.


GeneYus™ is an excellent blend to diffuse for young minds that are focusing and concentrating on projects.

  • Diffuse while learning a new skill to help avoid frustrations.
  • Apply before sending kiddos off to school


SniffleEase™ is a rejuvenating and refreshing blend formulated to help kids when the sniffles strike.

  • Apply to the chest and bottom of the feet to support the respiratory system.
  • Apply under nose to promote clear breathing.


End the first day with a smooth bedtime routine.

  • Diffuse SleepyIze™ at bedtime for a peaceful aromatic environment.
  • Apply on the bottom of the feet to support restful sleep.

Raise your hand if you’re excited for school now! If you want to earn these First Day Freebies, check out our Promo Post for details. See you next week!

August Promo: Oily Back to School Shopping (Made Easy!)

Freshly sharpened pencils, crisp colorful folders and (last but not least) a new set of 5 KidScents Essential Oils make us think: school is about to begin. Enter the school year with oils that can help your kids focus when it’s time to focus, like Clarity and Envision, and celebrate when the work is done, hellloooo Citrus Fresh. Plus, keep after-school snacks healthy with a drop or two of Lemon Vitality.

Find out how to earn 5 KidScent Essential Oils and more this month as you stock up on your Young Living faves (anyone else loving Savvy Minerals?).

Oily mamas: we love how this promo makes checking off our favorite back-to-school oils easy! 

Oily mamas: we love how this promo makes checking off our favorite back-to-school oils easy! 

300 PV

Retail Value: $266.46

  • 5-ml KidScents Essential Oils: GeneYus, TummyGize, Sleepyize, Owie, and SniffleEase
  • 15-ml Clarity
  • 15-ml Citrus Fresh

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 5-ml Envision
  • 5-ml Lemon Vitality™

 250 PV

Retail Value $106.25

  • 15-ml Clarity
  • 15-ml Citrus Fresh

 Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 5-ml Envision
  • 5-ml Lemon Vitality™

190 PV

Retail Value $52.96

15-ml Citrus Fresh

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:

  • 5-ml Envision
  • 5-ml Lemon Vitality™

100 PV

Retail Value $8.22

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Lemon Vitality™

What’s your favorite back-to-school oil?

Young Living April Promo (and MORE!): Spring into Savings

The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Our kids can finally play outside. And that's not even all we're excited about this fine April. We've got 3, yes, 3 fun things to share with you today. First up, the April promo.

April Rewards

Prep for Spring Break the Young Living way by earning the Just for Kids collection with your qualifying order. And don't forget: To earn these great promotions, you must be enrolled in Young Living's optional and free auto ship program, Essential Rewards. Check out our Essential Reward 101 guide to get started!

300 PV Retail Value: $253.61 

250 PV Retail Value: $138.80

190 PV Retail Value: $99.66 

Spring Catalog 

The next big thing adding a spring to our step? The Young Living Spring Catalog! From Spring Cleaning to Mother's Day ideas, this fresh collection includes renewed favorites and brand new products. Start shopping

So many tempting options in Young Living's first ever Spring Catalog! 

So many tempting options in Young Living's first ever Spring Catalog! 

Spring Back Promotion

Another Young Living first! Renew relationships with your downline with this fantastic reactivation promotion. Check out the details below! Offer good April 1-30 for US members. 

  • Reactivation order must be at least 100 PV.
  • Only former, currently inactive members who have not placed an order since at least March 2015 qualify for the free 5-ml Frankincense.
  • To find out who has gone inactive in your downline, call Member Services or Leadership and request an inactive downline report at 1.800.371.3515.
  • The inactive account has to have been completely inactive since at least March 2015.
  • Members who placed an order in March 2015, are able to participate in this promotion after March 2016 commissions have finalized. Which is around April 20th, 2016.
  • The inactive member must pay with his or her own form of payment.
  • The reactivation order can’t be an ER order.

Get in Touch! 

Have any questions about Young Living's Spring Catalog or Promos? We'd love to help! Contact us today!