April Promo Focus: Oola Grow & Dragon Time

April’s promo features some of our all-time spring faves: cleansing Tea Tree, fresh (and flavorful) Tangerine Vitality and, of course, Thieves Household Cleaner. Tackling spring cleaning with this trio is almost a treat.

But this promo doesn’t stop with oils that will help you clean your house. Nope, it takes spring cleaning to the next level by including two blends formulated to help you clear some inner clutter and help lift your mood. Oola Grow and Dragon Time are perfect for this season of renewal.

Let’s learn more about these blends!

Spring flowers make wonderful oils! Jasmine, the white flower, helps uplift and inspire mood in Oola Grow and the purpleish flower, clary sage, helps support hormones in Dragon Time.

Spring flowers make wonderful oils! Jasmine, the white flower, helps uplift and inspire mood in Oola Grow and the purpleish flower, clary sage, helps support hormones in Dragon Time.

Oola Grow

The best way to learn about a blend is to take a look at the single oils included. Check out all the goodness in Oola Grow! If you think you’re starting to notice a pattern of benefits, it’s because you are. Most of the oils help with emotional support, and that’s what Oola Grow is all about.

  • Ylang Ylang: encourages self-love, joy and peace.
  • White Fir: helps stimulate the mind.
  • Blue Tansy: helps support the nervous system.
  • Cedarwood: calms and uplifts.
  • Blue Cypress: helps support the endocrine system.
  • Jasmine: uplifts and inspires, especially in relationships.
  • Galbanum: supports mood and emotions.
  • Frankincense: grounds the mind during meditation.
  • Sandalwood: supports mood.
  • Lavender: helps promote love, peace, and a general sense of well-being.
  • Cinnamon Bark: warms and stimulates.
  • Rose: helps calms and soothes the mind, creating a sense of well-being.
  • Geranium: supports the emotions and lifts the spirit.
  • Coriander: calms and relaxes, even in times of stress.
  • Bergamot: radiates love.
  • Neroli: encourages confidence, courage, joy, peace, and sensuality.
  • Roman Chamomile: soothes and clears the mind.
  • Spruce: grounds the body, encourages generosity.
  • Rosewood: helps promote peace and gentleness.
  • Clary Sage: soothes.
  • Juniper: elevates spiritual awareness.
  • Idaho Tansy: encourages a general feeling of wellbeing.
  • Orange: uplifts.

Application Tips:

  • Aromatically: Diffuse or inhale this blend in the morning for a “bring it on” kind of energy. Not a bad way to start the day.
  • Topically: Dilute with favorite carrier oil, and apply 1–2 drops on location.

Safety Notes:

  • Pregnant and New Mamas: Avoid during pregnancy and nursing until you talk to your doctor.
  • Everyone: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use.

Dragon Time™

If you take a closer look at the oils that make up Dragon Time, you’ll notice this blend is all about hormone support. And maintained hormones help (you guessed it) support mood and emotions, no matter the circumstances. This blend can work well for both men and women, but was formulated with women's “Dragon Time” in mind.

  • Clary Sage: helps support hormones, cut down on cycle discomfort and support circulation.
  • Fennel: supports the liver, digestive system and hormone maintenance.
  • Lavender: helps reduce minor discomfort and soothe mood.
  • Marjoram: helps reduce head tension.
  • Yarrow: helps support the prostate and hormones.
  • Jasmine: supports mood while reducing minor discomfort.

Application Options:

  • Aromatically: Diffuse or put a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in an air vent in your home, office or car for mood and hormone support all day.
  • Topically: Apply around the ankles during the month while not on your cycle for support all month long. For extra soothing power, apply as a hot compress on the abdomen or lower back on an as needed basis.

Safety Notes:

Pregnant Mamas: Use caution during pregnancy.

Don’t miss out!

Find out how to earn the April Promo here. And how to earn points toward more of your Young Living favorites with the Essential Rewards program.

Have You Ever Been a HOT MESS?

I am not a young woman anymore. In fact, as a grandmother of six, one might suggest that I am a middle-aged woman. How do you know you are a middle-aged woman? 

Hot flashes.  Yes, hot flashes. 

Those unpredictable feelings of physical heat that cause your neck to heat up, your upper lip to sweat, and your brain to completely stop functioning…except to scream to your body, “TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!”

Hot Flashes: I’ve Got an Oil for That!

This pretty little pink bottle changed my life! Thank you, Progessence Plus Serum!

This pretty little pink bottle changed my life! Thank you, Progessence Plus Serum!

About three years ago, my hot flashes were consuming me, one or more per hour ALL DAY. They were so intense that people sitting on the same couch could feel the heat radiating from my body. One day, as I fanned myself during a church service, my friend leaned over and said those classic words, “I’ve got an oil for that!” 

Keep in mind that I had never heard of essential oils, so my mind immediately conjured images of cooking oil, spray Pam, and Crisco. Positive that my friend was completely crazy, I humored her by accepting her invitation to her essential oil class…whatever that was! At the class around the kitchen table, others discussed oils in cute little bottles. The smell was delicious. 

Finally, I spoke up and asked about hot flashes. My friend scurried off to another room and produced a bottle of oil: Progessence Plus Serum. She dabbed a little on my wrist and said, “Let me know when you have another hot flash.” HA! I started counting down, “ten, nine, eight…” Nothing. Nada. No hot flash the rest of the evening. I was sold! Four hours later, still no heat. I felt like a miracle in the flesh.

Just a dab will send hot flashes on vaca. Bye, bye!

Just a dab will send hot flashes on vaca. Bye, bye!

The next day, still zero hot flashes. It was like they were on vacation. By the middle of the third day, they returned from vaca, and it felt like they had brought an army of friends! Scorching HOT friends! I ran to my little oil stash, still in its packaging from two nights previous, rummaged through to find that pretty little bottle with the pink label and dabbed a bit more on my wrists. The smell was like coming home. Absolutely divine!

After consistent use, I noticed some changes. My family noticed those changes, too.  My hair stopped falling out, my monthly crazies were less crazy, my skin looked brighter, my weight stopped multiplying, my headaches were less frequent, and my sleep was deeper and more refreshing – all because of that precious little bottle of oil.

Oil Together Now!

Progessence Plus Serum changed my life! I will forever be grateful to my crazy friend for introducing me to the world of essential oils. May I introduce essential oils to you? May I help you begin a chemical free, life-changing journey? It would be my privilege to share my knowledge and love for essential oils with you. My Facebook page is Oil Together Now, because let’s face it, it’s more fun to learn and oil together! Contact me at OilTogetherNow@gmail.com for more information or visit my website. Happy oiling!