Young Living Beauty School: True Beauty

When I signed up for Young Living's Beauty School, I thought I would be learning about our beauty line and how to use each product more effectively. I couldn't wait to share all that I learned with the Tree of Life team....

Well, I was HALF right on the topics. I was pleasantly surprised that Young Living took some time to talk to us about TRUE BEAUTY. And today, I'm even more excited to share my new insights on how to maintain beauty inside and out. 

First Things First: What is TRUE BEAUTY? 

It's an age-old saying because it's true: true beauty comes from within. In my opinion, you cannot have outside beauty without inner beauty. When I think about all the people in my life who I believe to be beautiful, they have an inner beauty that shines through, that surpasses any physical beauty.

So, I'm thankful that Beauty School inspired me to adopt a new definition of beauty. One that rings true with my day-to-day experience: 

Beauty is a combination of outside beauty (health, youthfulness and complexion) AND inner beauty (personality, grace, charm, kindness, intelligence).

Beauty: The Holistic Package. 

So, when we talk about beauty, we actually need to take a holistic, inside-out approach. We should address the whole body -- from the mind and emotions to environment and outward appearance. In fact, the way a person sees things, handles situations and physically takes care of themselves has a lot to do with their outward beauty.

Holistic Beauty Quiz

Did you know? You are your face. And when you dislike your face, it is a pretty short step to disliking yourself. Wow. We don’t want to even come close to these thoughts, so here are some questions to make sure you are taking care of yourself inside and out:  

  • Are you stressed all the time?
  • Do you have a good attitude or positive outlook on life?
  • Are you talking positively?
  • Are you taking a moment for yourself?
  • Are you eating a healthy diet and staying away from toxic environments?
  • Are you taking care of your skin and outward appearance?
  • Do you have personal care products & household cleaners that are chemical free?

Main takeaway: how you take care of yourself as a whole affects your outward beauty. Is there some area for improvement in your holistic beauty regimen? 

Skin Smarts: As Within As Without

You might not realize that your skin is your largest organ and it reflects the happenings of our internal organs. When you look at your skin like that, you realize how important your skin is and what it might be trying to tell you!

Something that really stuck with me at Beauty School was "as within as without." It is a simple saying that reminds me that what I am putting in my body truly does reflect my outward appearance. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but down the road it will catch up! 

Chemical Reaction

We live in a synthetic world of chemical beauty. Chemicals can damage your DNA and disrupt hormones, while pollutants can accumulate over time in your system and cause all sorts of issues. It is believed by many that what we put on our skin can even be more important than what we put in our mouth.

Everything on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream and body (how do you think essential oils work?). The great thing is with Young Living we have an amazing solution for what we put on our skin. Our whole beauty line is chemical/toxic free and truly does what it’s supposed to do in a healthy approach.

Stay Tuned

So, some of you might be sad that I haven’t talked so much about the Young Living beauty products themselves, but I think we should start by redefining how we see TRUE BEAUTY. Once we have that down, product knowledge will support our holistic beauty routine.