Here's to Good Mornings (And New Blog Content)

It’s 2019 and like everyone else in the world, we thought it was time for change! New Year, New Blog (content)!

It’s obvious how much we all LOVE Young Living and our oils, but there is SO much more to our way of life that we decided to expand. In 2019 you can expect a mixture of lifestyle posts along with our tried-and-true oily posts! We can’t wait to share healthy recipes, toxic-free living how-tos, baby tips, workouts we love, mind and emotional wellbeing pointers and just good ol’ tips to make life easier. Sound good? If you have something you’d love to hear about, let us know! I’m sure one of us has experience with it.

Here’s to Good Mornings!

We are right there with you, Mr. Pug! Pass the coffee!

We are right there with you, Mr. Pug! Pass the coffee!

To start us off, let’s chat about mornings! I know some people can jump out of bed and start the day ASAP. News flash – that’s NOT me! But, I have learned over the years (especially after a couple of very energetic baby boys) about how to make my mornings a little better.

Be Kind to Your Future Self

One thing that has helped me the most is getting everything done the night before that I can. I think of it as present to my morning self. I make sure milk cups are clean, out and ready to go, the dishes are washed (they’re at least in the dishwasher clean from an overnight wash!), the kitchen is clean, the boys clothes are already laid out for the day and my oldest has a lunch packed for PreK. These things might sound silly to some but it makes my morning run a lot smoother while taking care of my littles. If things are organized and ready to go during my groggy moments of reaching for coffee and Ningxia Nitro (check out all of our Ningxia Nitro tips here), then I’m more likely to stay on task and time!

Gratitude is a Great Way to Start the Day (And So is Planning Ahead)

Now, what do I do for me specially? At my first moment of being coherent, I always try and think about my day. As I plan it in my head, I think about what I need to do as I give thanks for another morning. Giving thanks for my day and planning it in my head gives me a sense of gratitude and ambition to get things done. I work from home (Young Living full-time) so planning my day is super important. It helps me get everything done I need to without feeling overwhelmed.

You cannot change the past but you CAN mold your future. Do this every day and watch as your life transforms.

Diffusing for the Win

Current Diffuser Love: Northern Lights Black Spruce + Orange. Treat yourself to this little slice of heaven.

Current Diffuser Love: Northern Lights Black Spruce + Orange. Treat yourself to this little slice of heaven.

The next task: get that diffuser running! What I pick totally depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but this really helps wake me up. Our sense of smell is so stimulating so use that as your secret weapon for a good morning! For the last few weeks I have been all about Northern Lights Black Spruce and Orange oil. I use about 5 drops of NLBS and 4 of Orange. It’s a little slice of heaven on earth! BONUS: It helps keep my kids calmer and get along better!

Great Mornings: Condensed Version

So - condensed version? Get things done the night before and be thankful for another morning even if you’d rather stay in bed! Easy, right?

What are your tips for early mornings? I’d love to hear all about it! I’m soo open to new tricks.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you enjoy the path the blog is taking!