Christmas Season the Young Living Way

Alexis Peters has been learning about and using essential oils for about three years. When she’s not editing and writing for Tree of Life, she’s chasing one (or both) of her preschool sons.

At first glance, Christmas fueled by Young Living isn’t that different. There’re lights, trees, yummy food and presents. But as I slowly add more and more essential oils and Young Living products into my family’s traditions, I’m realizing that these little bottles make a big impact.

Since the season is all about sharing, here are a few small ways to take your time-honored traditions up a notch with a drop or two of your favorite essential oils.


1. Diffuse Christmas Spirit

This scent is nothing short of Christmas in scent form. Orange, cinnamon bark and black spruce team up to bring mood-boosting joy to any moment – from a holiday bash to a quiet morning at home. And, as we’ve shared before, you can (and should) diffuse this beauty year round! There’s no season that you couldn’t use a nice mood and immunity boost.

2. Party Perfection with Christmas Spirit

Make a pre-party air-freshener by combining 30 drops of oil and 2 cups water in a glass spray bottle. Shake and spray around your house as you party prep.

3. Clean with Thieves

Whether you’re hosting Christmas or cleaning before a big trip, Thieves Household cleaner is the answer for a holiday-worthy home. I love it especially at this time of year: Thieves’ spicy hints of nutmeg and cinnamon bark fit right in with the rest of the festivities.

4. Hustle-and-Bustle with Thieves 

Help keep your family’s immunity strong with Thieves Hand Purifier. These small but might bottles are powered by Thieves and peppermint to cleanse and purify your hands, even on-the-go.

5. Warm Up with Vitality Oils

The growing number of Vitality oils means you have a growing number of ways to ingest your favorite oils. Sure you can add some Citrus Fresh to your first glass of water each day, but when you really want to warm up, add a drop of Nutmeg Vitality to your hot tea, Thieves Vitality to your coffee or Peppermint Vitality to your hot cocoa for a special treat.

6. Festive Cooking with Vitality Oils 

You can cook with vitality oils, too! Try subbing a drop of Vitality oil for any herb or spice in your favorite holiday recipes.

Any essential oil-powered traditions to share? Tell us in the comments!