Storing Essential Oils: Tree of Life Tackles a FAQ

You love your oils. Now, learn how to treat them with a little love. Get the most out of each bottle with our tips on the do’s and don’ts of Essential Oils storage.

A few quick tips to help you get the most out of your oils! 

A few quick tips to help you get the most out of your oils! 

The Don’ts

Heat & UV Light

Heat and especially UV light can break down the integrity of your essential oils. Don’t store your oils in cars, near windows or anywhere they’d be exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight. If an oil does get too hot, here’s a trick: wait until the oil has cooled to room temperature before opening the bottle. This can help save your oil and its effectiveness.


Plastics + Essential Oils = Big No-No. Many oils may break down plastic storage containers, which could pollute your oils or waste them.

The Dos

Room Temperature and Even

Cool temperatures with little fluctuation will protect your oils from the breakdown of even the most delicate constituents. Although not ideal, extreme cold will not freeze or destroy the efficacy of your oils.

Dark and Dry

To protect your oils from heat and UV light, store them in a dark, dry place. Cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen work well for everyday oils, but we recommend you buy an oil storage box for your growing collection. If you make your own blends, make sure to protect them from light with an amber glass or a stainless steel container.

Upright and Tightly Sealed

This might seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your oils upright and tightly sealed will ensure you won’t spill a single drop. Keeping your oils tightly sealed will also cut down on any evaporation. You may even want to transfer oils that are running low to a smaller bottle to cut down on oxidation.  

A Couple More FAQs

Thick Oils

Sometimes you do have to apply heat to oils. These thick oils, like Rose or Myrrh, can be gently heated by placing your bottle in bowl of warm water. Lids can also get sticky or oxidize with thicker oils. If this happens just put some coconut around the rim so it doesn't get stuck again. You'll be glad you did!

Citrus Oils

Once you open your citrus oils (lemon, grapefruit etc.), they are best if used within a year of opening for maximum effectiveness.


Young Living Essential Oils don't ever really expire. Woo Hoo! Just follow our tips for good oil storage and you'll get to enjoy them to the very last drop. Have more questions? Leave us a comment or contact us!

A New Beginning: 3 Tips for Getting Started with Essential Oils

I’ve been curious about a natural approach to wellness for awhile. From yearning for a chemical-free home to eating cleaner, I realized that using products that are straight from the earth have to be better than harsher, man-made alternatives.

And now more than ever, with a nearly two-year-old son (and a another sweet boy on the way), I decided it was time to start the shift in earnest. Enter: Young Living. Aptly enough, the process started organically. One of my fellow work-from-home moms in my playgroup happened to be Jaynelle Leek-Binns.

She knew I was a freelance digital copywriter and editor and asked me to help her start sharing the power of Essential Oils online. Thus was born. As the editor for all of the Tree of Life posts, I got to read (and reread) the stories and tips from people in her organization who loved and used the oils themselves and for their families.

Let’s just say, the blog works! I was quickly convinced that Young Living’s Essential Oils and products were exactly what I needed to help guide my growing family to greater, natural wellness. Soon enough, I had my very own Premium Starter Kit.

But how do you really get started with the Premium Starter Kit? Here are a few tips I’ve learned from the very beginning of my oily journey.

1. Go to a Class

Tree of Life leaders have classes going on all the time! Check out our upcoming schedule for an interesting one near you. 

Tree of Life leaders have classes going on all the time! Check out our upcoming schedule for an interesting one near you. 

Yes, I am helping Tree of Life educate people on the internet, but going to a real, live class helped me connect with my oils on a deeper level. I was able to smell each one, take notes and ask questions.

I also got to meet a few other people who were further on their journey to wellness than me. Check out our class schedule to see if there is one near you! I highly recommend the experience.

2. Get to Know Your Fellow Tree of Life Members

Tree of Life is all about community. So, when I text Jaynelle or another member with a question about an oil (which one would be good for healthy circulation? glowing skin? fill in the blank?), I know I’m not bugging her. I know that she’s eager to help me learn more about using the oils in my day-to-day life.  

You can also connect with the group on our Facebook page, for the feeling of family without having to leave your house. 

3. Find Reliable Sources

New to Young Living Essential Oils? Time to bookmark some trusted sources for those "What oil do I need now?" moments. 

New to Young Living Essential Oils? Time to bookmark some trusted sources for those "What oil do I need now?" moments. 

Texting is great, but not a 24/7 option. So self-educating is important, too. Here are a few sources that I’ve already found to help with those “which oil helps with immune support?” type of dilemmas. (That’s an easy one, of course...Thieves!). You’re already here, great! Check back often for the Tree of Life class schedules, the latest Young Living Promotions and great information from our leadership. Check out Young Living’s blog for everything from recipes to more info on your favorite products. In fact, bookmark it right now, I’ll wait. Need to look up how to use a product? Check out this fantastic Young Living-specific search tool. If you are interested in sharing the oils with your own website, check out all the resources available from a subscription here. A go-to place for even more books and resources. Never leave home without a few oily accessories. This site can help! Search no further for a treasure trove of information about essential oils.

Oily Apps: The next best thing to texting? An app on your faithful phone. Search iTunes for apps and never leave home without oily tips and tricks in your back pocket.

Next Steps:

I was also tasked by Jaynelle to make some easy how-tos for new members. So if you’d like information on How to Join or Young Living’s autoship program, Essential Rewards, they are all up on the site for newbies just like me and you.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to comment right on the blog or send them to Remember, asking questions is a great way to get started today! Talk soon!